ZeroPark Review and Case Study

When I was in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet a lot of awesome new people. However, the guys from ZeroPark really made a great first impression on me. They had a nice looking booth and when I stopped and talked to Robert, the CEO and owner of ZeroPark, I could tell that he knew what he was talking about and within a few minutes I knew we were going to be working together.

ZeroPark is a traffic network where you can bid on traffic from domain redirects. Domainers (people who buy domain names to sell or to advertise on) “park” their domains with ZeroPark and then earn revenue every time someone goes to that domain. ZeroPark will then sell the traffic from those domains to advertisers on ZeroPark.

Zero-Click Traffic

The traffic from ZeroPark is called “zero-click” because when the user goes to the parked domain they are automatically redirected to whichever advertiser at ZeroPark has the highest bid for that domain. They do not actually need to click a link to be taken to the advertisement.

This type of traffic is similar to PPV pop ups, but from my experiences so far, it seems the visitor is more engaged with a domain redirect rather than a pop up window. ZeroPark recently added the ability to bid on pop up ads as well, which I’ll show below.

Over the past few months I have ran over 100 campaigns on ZeroPark testing every aspect of their platform, so let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Running Campaigns on ZeroPark

There are four different types of campaigns you can setup on ZeroPark.

  1. RON
  2. Keyword
  3. Target
  4. Multi-Geo

Each campaign type has it’s own settings and features that allow you to take advantage of different aspects of the ZeroPark platform.

ZeroPark Campaign Types

RON or run of network campaigns allow you to select a single country to bid on traffic from.

Keyword campaigns allow you to bid on specific keywords to get traffic from. Your traffic is coming directly from domains so the keywords must be associated with the domain based on category or the actual domain name. This was the least effective campaign type for me and I no longer use it.

Target campaigns are where you can optimize your campaign by setting up a campaign for the top performing target(s) from your other campaigns.

Multi-Geo campaigns are essentially the same as RON, but you can target multiple countries on each campaign.

Traffic Filters and Types

After you choose the type of campaign you want to run you will be able to select traffic filters and types.

ZeroPark Traffic Filters

With the traffic filters you can choose whether you want to receive desktop, mobile, or both desktop and mobile traffic. I have been running primarily mobile campaigns, but the desktop traffic at ZeroPark is pretty good too. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can select which operating systems you want to get traffic from with your mobile campaigns. This is great for iOS and Android affiliate offers.

There are two different traffic types: domain and pop up. The domain traffic is the zero-click domain redirects I have already discussed. The pop up traffic is full page pop ups ZeroPark has available. They have both traffic types available for mobile and desktop users.

I have tested both types and with mobile there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in conversion, but for desktop I like the domain traffic more. However, if you are already running PPV campaigns with networks like LeadImpact, then I recommend testing that campaign with ZeroPark’s pop up inventory too.

Campaign Tracking

One of the best things about ZeroPark’s platform is that they give you great optimization features and with those you can run some really profitable campaigns. Of course, to use those optimization features it is import that your campaign is setup properly so you can track the variables for each click you receive.

ZeroPark has four different variables you can pass into your tracking link to ensure you collect as much data as possible.

  • {target}
  • {keyword}
  • {match}
  • {cid}

{target} allows you to track the unique target (source) ID created by ZeroPark for each domain they are getting traffic from.

{keyword} will pass the exact keyword that is associated with the target that generated the click.

{match} will pass the keyword that you were bidding on that generated the click.

{cid} is a unique click ID from ZeroPark that allows you to track conversions on ZeroPark using their custom postback.

As I mentioned, I have not been running keyword campaigns lately so I primarily just use {target} and {cid}. With Prosper202 I will simply pass {target} as my keyword at the end of my P202 link. If I am direct linking my PeerFly affiliate link I will pass {target} into s1 and {cid} into s2 (SubIDs) and then place the postback URL from ZeroPark into the Specific Offer Postback option for that offer on PeerFly.

Setting Up Your Affiliate Link

ZeroPark Tracking Link Setup

Adding the Specific Postback URL

PeerFly Specific Postback URL

Campaign Optimization

Once you have created your campaign and you’re starting to see traffic come in you can begin to analyze and optimize your ZeroPark campaign.

In this example, I was running a mobile iOS offer targeting Canadians. First, I setup a RON campaign and let it run for a few hours. In my Prosper202 I could see that I had a few conversions from one source and only a few clicks, so I setup a Target Campaign for that source (domain) specifically and increased my bid.

RON Campaign

Campaign Optimization RON

Target Campaign

Campaign Optimization Targeted

As you can see from the screenshot above, my RON campaign received only a small amount of traffic to each source because I was bidding pretty low. However, ZeroPark has a great system setup where even if you set a low bid you can still get a small portion of the traffic to see how well it’s going to perform with your campaign.

Once I setup my Target Campaign and increased my bid, I started to get more of the traffic. The Available in the screenshots above show how many clicks were available while my campaign was active and the Bought shows how many I actually received.

Even though I increased my bid quite a bit, I was still charged a low amount. There are two different bidding types.

  • Auto
  • Custom

Auto makes it so that whatever your bid for the campaign is will be around what you pay per click. ZeroPark has an “average bid” system so the average amount per click that you pay will be around, but never exceed, what your campaign bid is. Some clicks will be more expensive and others will be cheaper, but the average will always be less than your campaign bid.

Custom bidding is your chance to capture more of the traffic. You can set a custom bid for each target you are getting traffic from and that bid is essentially what you are going to pay per click. I set the Custom bid on the Target campaign above towards the end of my campaign which is why my custom is much higher than my average bid.

As you can see from the screenshot above as well, you can pause individual targets you are receiving traffic from that are not converting. This is similar to being able to blacklist individual sources on 7Search.

So, how did this campaign do?

ZeroPark Campaign P202 Results

Really really well! To be clear, this is not a typical result. I was lucky and happened to spot this source on ZeroPark when it was getting traffic that converted really well. Since then, this source has pretty much dried up and the domain associated with it is not getting traffic anymore.

However, victor-ala did really well for me. My estimated EPC on Prosper202 is actually much higher than what I was actually paying (less than a penny) so my ROI is even better than what the screenshot above is showing. I really spent $3.84 and made $127.20. So, my ROI was actually 3212.50%. Not bad right?

Give ZeroPark a Try!

I’m sure by now you are ready to drop some serious cash and give ZeroPark a try. The minimum deposit to get started is $50.

You can run any of our offers on PeerFly that allow PPV, but be careful with download offers. Adware downloads are not allowed.

Give ZeroPark a try and let me know how it goes in the comments. Of course, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Let’s make some money!


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