What is working with mobile traffic?

Mobile traffic is all the buzz in the affiliate marketing world right now. It seems like everyone is testing mobile traffic with AdMob, InMobi, or one of the other mobile ad networks, but what seems to actually be converting with that traffic? We have had thousands of publishers sign up for PeerFly who are exclusively developing mobile campaigns to test. I am not going to out their campaigns, but I will explain what we have found to work and what we have found absolutely will not work. To start, lets take a look a what will not work.

Product sales through mobile campaigns

We have found that it is very hard to generate a product sale through your typical landing page using mobile traffic. When I say typical landing page I mean that is not mobile optimized. Most of our product sale offers at PeerFly, such as our As Seen on TV offers, do not have mobile optimized landing pages. For the most part they have will look absolutely fine on the users mobile browser, but it seems people are not willing to go through the trouble of completing a long sales form on their phones. Also, I do not believe people are comfortable yet putting their credit card information in a form on their phone yet either.

Create your own mobile optimized squeeze page

Something that I have been pushing my publishers to do and something we have been seeing pretty good results with is creating your own mobile optimized squeeze page. Mobile traffic is pretty cheap, so if you can create a decent mobile optimized squeeze page you should be able to get some e-mail opt-ins pretty cheap. It’s important to create your own banner graphic and make it as relevant to the user and the niche you’re targeting as possible. Once they click your banner they’re going to expect a page with more information and that’s when you hit them with some information and an opt-in form. I suggest using Aweber to build and maintain your mailing list.

Direct linking e-mail/zip submits

We have also experienced some success with direct linking e-mail and zip submit offers. If you are going to direct link an offer it’s important to check to see what that offer will look like to the user on the mobile phone. You want to make sure that you pick a landing page that has a large field where you expect the user to enter their information. The page is not mobile optimized, but you can increase your conversion rate by choosing a landing page that make it easy for the user to see the field and call to action button.


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