WordPress Plugin WPtouch is AWESOME

Today I stumbled upon a pretty awesome plugin for WordPress that I wanted to share. I know a lot of my PeerFly publishers are working with mobile traffic and are busy creating mobile optimized landing pages using jQuery Mobile for their campaigns, but today I found something that seems like it would probably be a lot easier.


So, what is WPtouch? It’s a plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly create a mobile optimized version of your blog within a few minutes and it requires zero coding or theme modifications! Sound too good to be true? Check it out:

wptouch example

It works amazingly well and is really easy to setup.

How to add WPtouch to your blog and make it mobile optimized

The steps to installing WPtouch is the same as any other WordPress plugin. Simply search for WPtouch in the Add New part of the Plugins section of your WordPress backend or download and install it manually from the WPtouch page on WordPress.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin you are pretty much setup. If you view your blog on a mobile device you will see the default layout of WPtouch. You can edit the settings and theme within the settings page to fit your needs. I simply removed the tags, show the entire title, and changed the icon for mine (screenshot above).

Create a mobile optimized landing page using WordPress and WPtouch?

So, here’s my thoughts. A lot of people use WordPress to create their landing pages for their affiliate marketing campaigns. Why couldn’t you create a blog to promote a product/offer and use WPtouch to make it mobile optimized and send traffic to it through AdMob or InMobi like you would any other mobile campaign? I’m not trying to generate a whole new epidemic of flogs, but if you have a legit WordPress blog you’re asking traffic to you might be able to get mobile traffic to convert as well if you had a mobile optimized version of it.

I am going to setup WPtouch on our PeerFly blog and suggest you set it up on your blogs too. The smartphone industry is growing and there’s a lot of traffic out there that’s really cheap to buy right now. Hop on board and start making money before everyone else does 🙂


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