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Last year I wrote an article on how to find popular affiliate blogs using affiliate marketing news aggregates affbuzz and affdaily. Well, this past weekend I launched an aggregate of my own that I think should easily be able to compete with affbuzz and affdaily because it is more user friendly, innovative, and goes the extra mile to help you find the most recent and relevant affiliate marketing news being published.

The affiliate marketing industry is constantly changing. Many refer to it as a roller coaster because things will be going smooth and then all of the sudden you are at a high peak or you are quickly crashing to the ground. With all these changes constantly happening it is important that you stay up to date on what they are so you can use them to your advantage rather than allowing them to hurt you. Well, my solution to that problem is affposts.

What is affposts?

Affposts is a website that allows you to easily see all the latest posts from around 100 different affiliate marketing blogs. It is centered around usability and functionality. screenshot

User Friendly

I really like the concept behind affbuzz and affdaily, but I just do not think they are very user friendly. I wanted to make a similar site with a clean user interface that was easy to use and easy to read. With affposts, each blog has it’s own box that’s clean and easy to read. Each time you click on a post it’s tracked and the link color changes so you will know next time you come back whether or not you have already read that post. The latest posts box at the top makes it easy to see any new posts that have been published possibly since you last visited the site and even shows how long ago they were published with how many times they have been viewed by other people visiting affposts.


As I mentioned, I want affposts to be as user friendly as possible, but at the same time I want to provide a more innovative experience. The main issue I have with both affbuzz and affdaily is that the blogs do not move on the page. For example, on affbuzz the second blog listed is Mr. Green’s blog. I am a huge fan of Mr. Green and have read nearly all of his blog posts, but he hasn’t updated his blog since last October. Affposts shows blogs based on how recently they have been updated so Mr. Green is at the bottom of the pile. Next time he publishes a new post he will shoot right back up to the top and you will know it’s worth reading!

A small feature I have included with affposts is the “infinite scroll” that you might have seen on Facebook and Twitter. Basically, the blog posts load as you scroll down the page. I created this feature because I plan to continue to add as many relevant affiliate marketing blogs as possible and I don’t want them to have to all load on the page at once. Imagine if affbuzz or affdaily had twice as many blogs listed as they do now…it’d be a huge page!

The Newspaper

The feature that I am most excited about on affposts is The Newspaper. When you first head over to affposts you should get prompted by a box that looks like this:

the newspaper

The Newspaper is a daily email newsletter that is automatically sent out by affposts with the top posts published from the day before. I call it The Newspaper because it works a lot like your tradition newspaper would. The news is a day late, but you still want to know what happened in case you missed anything. This is the perfect solution for those of you wanting to stay in the loop, but may be too busy to check affposts or any other affiliate marketing aggregate daily. You can unsubscribe from all those Feedburner subscriptions and just subscribe to one email daily from affposts!

I have a lot of plans to keep improving on affposts. I am very excited about this site because I know how much I will use it and I think anyone who has found there way to this article would really be able to benefit from it as well. I will continue to try to find great relevant blogs to add. If you have any suggestions for blogs you would like to see on affposts (including your own) leave a comment below with the link so I can take a look.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear what you think of the site and the newspaper. Let’s make some money!


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