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76 thoughts on Tracking a PeerFly Campaign using Voluum

  1. Great post Luke! Can we measure the cost of TrafficVance? Or we only can measure conversions from peerfly without seeing ROI or cost?

    1. Yes, you can pass in the average amount you are paying per view and as long as you have your postback setup properly you should have a general idea of your ROI 🙂

  2. Thanks for the awesome article, I have signed up and let’s see how can I use it further. I had their beta account as well but I guess I am not able to access that. Will check. 🙂

  3. How can I use this with Clickbank products? Where do you add the postback URL from Voluum into Clickbank? $99 is quite pricey for a newbie like me just starting out anyways. Hummph!

    1. The NOOBIE plan is free on Voluum so you can at least use that to get started (up to 100,000 clicks a month). You can definitely track clicks to CB, but I’m not sure how their postback is setup.

  4. If you don’t set up postback in Clickbank, will the tracking still be accurate? How will you find out the keywords that actually made the sale for you?

  5. Hello,

    Do you happen to know anyone that has used Ero Advertising with Voluum? If so, I’m looking for some support on setting things up. The tech support is not very available to assist. Great overview on how to set a few things up in Voluum. This did clear up some questions I had :), Just have a few more.

  6. I just sign up in peerfly really cool CPA ^^ as you are great Dude Luke
    and about voluum I was using it a month ago,It’s totally perfect ^^

  7. Hey Patricia, we’ll be adding predefined traffic sources in the upcoming weeks. I know it can be tricky adding some traffic sources with all the tokens. Bear with us and it’ll be a breeze soon!

  8. Ehh…Luke, I got stuck while trying to add the Lander in Voluum. I’m not doing redirect. I created a redirect.html, is that what I’ll add as the lander and not my squeeze page? Thank you!

  9. Got ssstuck again…Luke, I don’t seem to know where to grab the link/code that I’ll add to my destination url over at Bing (my traffic source). Am I missing something here. I searched for it all over the Voluum dashboard, but nothng like that. I didn’t set up postback and using clickbank with my squeeze page.

  10. Thank you Luke for you post, just i want ask you , How can i set up Voluum With My Domain ?
    and another question , How can i use (50onRed ) ?

  11. Hey Luke, I just followed this guide with a Peerfly offer. It’s working – but I’m not seeing the conversions data (coming from POF). Any thing you suspect I screwed up if conversion data isn’t coming through correctly?

  12. I have use Voluum with ppv traffic (50onred) for track keyword. But in report Voluum I don’t seen. Please let me know voluum can be show keyword in report or not?

  13. Hi Luke,

    Great article thanks!

    I have previously used cpvlabs and just signed up to voluum to provide better tracking for my mobile campaigns, do you know if this is possible i can’t work out how to structure it in Voluum?

    1) Ads on mobile networks such as JumpTap
    2) Goes to landing page with aweber email optin (rotate 6 variations of the landing page)
    3) Sends them to a Thank You page – conversion pixel fires to voluum so we can track the conversion of carrier / handset etc for the opt-in
    4) On the Thank You page we will then also have 2 Peerfly CPA offers where we need to track conversions of those offers (rotate 4 variations of the thank you page)



  14. Just for your info – I worked it out!
    1) Direct Link campaign to your email opt-in landing page
    2) Landing page campaign to the thank you page with links to offers
    put image tracking pixel on thank you page for tracking conversions for campaign1
    Put URL for campaign 2 in the aweber redirection URL form code


  15. Hi Luke!
    Thanks for the unique post. I just have a question for more clearly:
    ” I added the ###AFFID###, ###RID###, and ###KEYWORD### variables from 7Search as custom variables -> where do we find these variables on 7search?


  16. Hi Luke- Have you ever tried running a campaign with Voluum and Traffic Vance? If yes, can you send me the list of various tokens to be used with Voluum viz-a-viz Traffic Vance.

  17. Hi Luke!

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    Ok, so I set up the campaign in voluum with a landing page and got the tracking link, but the link I got is for a landing page but what is the link that should put on the landing page buttons to redirect the lead to the offer? should i use the directly aff link from Peerfly ? Thank you

  18. If you would like full tracking and real ROI integration per keyword with TrafficVance and 50onRed you should look at our new FunKeyword PPV Keyword Bid Management SaaS. it is fully integrated with these traffic source’s API which means live cost per keyword, campaign setup, keyword adding, live keyword bidding is all done from within FunKeyword. It is also compatible with many affiliate network API’s which means instant access to all offers for tracking and advertising and bid management from within your simple interface. After account setup, adding an offer from clickbank, neverblue, w4, maxbounty, and all other cake compatible networks is a matter of a couple of clicks away (manual offer are possible as well). Propagating and deploying PPV advertising campaigns for your offer by traffic source/country and adding keywords is all done within the system. At that point you can manage you advertising keyword bids or let the FunKeyword algorithms do it for you while keeping you safe with user tweakable parameters and daily keyword bidding rules. Every advertiser has his account manager to help him through the process. GO ahead and play with a live FunKeyword account:

    Video Showcase:

  19. As always very informative for a newbie like me.. 🙂
    @Lino Curci
    3 have requested, make it 4… including me.. and sure many will benefit..please make a tutorial for 50onred and voluum…pleasseee 😉 Tia!

  20. As always you provide DETAILED INFORMATION to guide us that may lead to a profitable day. Your information is always great, Thanks For Being Their for ALL US NEBIES. GOD BLESS

  21. Hi Luke
    do you know how to set the tracking from 50onred into cpvlab, i realised now there is no domain when the visitor visit , i feel i am missing something (because last time i use leadimpact the domain is very easily being tracked from which site)

    not sure if i set the url tracking correctly


  22. Hello Guys,

    Was wondering if anybody could please tell me how to track file downloads using Voluum. I have offers from HasOffers and a HTML Mobile Landing Page Created for that. It’s an Anti Virus Download APK which start downloading when someone click Pop Lander/Pop-up. Everything is working fine and system is counting Visits and Clicks but no APK download which is essential condition to earn reward. Please let me know how to fix this. Is there any setting in Voluum or any code or Token which I need to enter in LP.
    FYI, here is the Lander:

    Thanks in advance!

  23. Thanks, great article! But you know, I use Voluum for quite a while but constantly find things I wish they’d fix. I have issues with stats and conversions too often. There was one time I needed to manually edit conversion in reports ‘cause I added it twice and couldn’t find the way to do it. I heard many had this problem. But voluum doesn’t do anything to resolve it. So do you another option for tracker to use with PeerFly?

  24. Hi Luke !
    i am newbie , i read this post and try use voluum , when i registered voluum , i need choose a plan to continue using voluum (min plans is $99 / month) , they deleted free plan ?

  25. Luke,
    thank you so much. You are very helpful. I appreciate that.
    What does the txid stand for in the Voluum postback url above?


  26. Thanks, this was really helpful.
    I have a question, in the ‘offer’ set up, where is the ‘?s1=’ taken from? could it be anything i choose instead?

    1. ?s1= is the SubID parameter from PeerFly. You have to include it with {clickid} after it in order for us to be able to tell Voluum what clicks caused your conversions.

  27. Hey Luke, can we input 2 postback URLs to our Global Postback: one for Traffic Source, and one for Tracking Software? If we can, what’s the separator? (comma, semi-colon, or a new line?)

    1. No, sorry. You can only use 1 postback on PeerFly. Your tracking software may be setup to allow you to setup your traffic source postback though.

  28. Luke thank you so much for this. I have an issue and I think it’s related to an incorrect postback. I had set up a postback which looked like this on your network…***95&payout=OPTIONAL&txid=OPTIONAL

    I replaced the first 3 numbers with asterisks to hide my identity. Anyway I recently replaced the postback with this…

    I have noticed that no matter what offer I attempt to view on your network, it is redirected to an offer which does NOT represent the correct offer. I would love to have the network reset my pubid and postback so I can begin to run offers correctly. I can’t believe I missed this and it’s costing me big time.

    Please let me know. Feel free to email me when you can so I can start making some money for both of us. A rookie mistake and it cost me days and $$$.

    Thanks buddy

    1. I should add this…Perhaps the network locked me out due to some testing I ran earlier today because I wasn’t ending up on the right LP I was testing. I noticed some positive callbacks and at some point the account showed a conversion for unknown reasons to me. The conversion I received would have required a signup and that is impossible since I never ran the ad on any sources. So maybe this had something to do with it? An incorrect postback? Scratching my head over here. Please please please help! I have an offer LP I made and it’s awaiting the network to start accepting my pubid again. 🙁

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