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Over the past month I have been really busy working on a bunch of different things, but I like to blog about random things I discover and last week I stumbled onto some cool changes that have been made with Twitter Ads since I first tested them.

I have a Twitter account in the entertainment niche that has been growing pretty steadily over the past year. I have not done any advertising, but I have made a script similar to FPTraffic that tweets randomly for me throughout the day from a database of tweets I made. The amount of tweets is pretty aggressive and it’s caused me to lose some followers, but I have also gained quite a few as well. My average tweet will get 30-50 retweets.

Anyway, I have a product I created for the niche my Twitter account is in so I posted a few tweets advertising the product and saw that they were generating quite a few sales. That lead me back to Twitter Ads and when I logged in I noticed two new features that I hadn’t seen before.

View your Twitter Followers Data

Once you login to your Twitter Ads account you can try to view your followers data by clicking on Analytics and then Followers. You might get a message that says “It may take up to 24 hours to display the data for this graph.” In the case you will need to wait before you can see the analytics. If you can view it you should see something like this:

Twitter follower stats

Pretty cool right? There’s so much awesome data here. I know my followers pretty well, but I was surprised by some of this. Now I know who I am reaching so I can use that data to decide what to try to promote to them.

Even more valuable than this follow data is your Timeline activity data.

Timeline Activity Data

Twitter Activity

You can find your Timeline activity data by clicking on Analytics and then Timeline activity. You should see something like the image above.

I have erased the tweets to help protect my account, but you can see some interesting data. You can sort your tweets by activity and you can also see how many clicks your links got. This is the only place that data is available.

One of my tweets on September 4th got 131 favorites, 340 retweets, and 29 replies! I recommend keeping a log of your most popular tweets pretty regularly so you know what kind of content your Twitter followers really like. I have actually created an entire landing page for based around the content of the most engaging tweet I have gotten over the past month. Guess what? It’s converting much better than my original!

You can also see a graph of new followers, lost followers, and mentions at the top of the page. I lost quite a few followers when I got more aggressive with my tweeting/marketing, but I’ve also gained over twice as many new followers without any advertising. In total I’ve probably made around $500 from this Twitter account in the past month. Not bad for something that’s pretty much automated.

So, if you have not signed up for Twitter Ads you definitely should! Even if you are not going to advertise you can use their cool Analytics feature to see what gets your followers attention and gets the most engagement. Of course, you may also want to try some paid traffic using Twitter Ads as well. I have not had very much success with affiliate offers yet, but if I do you can be sure I’ll post a case study!

Let’s make some money.


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