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A few months ago I purchased the domain I did not really have any idea what I would do with it, but when I was researching some “Luke” domains I found it and the .am caught my attention because although it’s really the TLD for Armenia,  AM is also an abbreviation for affiliate marketing or affiliate manager. So, I threw down the $90 and registered it through GoDaddy. Earlier this week, I decided on how I was going to use it.

My Own URL Shortener

If you follow me on Twitter (@LukePeerFly) you know I am a pretty active Twitter user. I’m constantly posting links to different articles my own Twitter followers are posting or things I’ve found that I think will be useful. One of the guys I follow, Dukeo, created his own short link a few months ago and I always thought that it was pretty cool. So, after looking into it a bit I found out that he was using the script YOURLS. I set it up on and now have my own URL link shortener!

YOURLS lets you create your own url shortener in just a few easy steps. It’s very cool. They have a WordPress plugin so you can automatically create short urls for your blog posts and pages and it also has an awesome backend where you can track all the clicks going to your links. Here is an example:

YOURLS stats

As you can see, I created a short link which redirects to my IMGrind referral link and if I were to show you my “Traffic sources” tab it should tell you that the traffic was coming from Twitter.

If you generate a lot of traffic through social media I’d highly suggest setting up your own YOURLS. Prior to using YOULS I usually used and the problem with that is your data is then public. By using YOURLS and I am in control of everything.

YOURLS may also be a nice alternative to tracking your affiliate campaigns. Obviously there’s no pixel or anything like that, but for tracking your clicks, referrers, and traffic location it might come in handy.

I just thought I’d share how awesome YOURLS is. If you have a blog I highly suggest setting it up. It’s a nice, easy, and free way to help build your brand. If you need any help let me know 🙂


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