Finding Keywords with Ubersuggest

There are a lot of keyword research tools out there, but the one I have found the most useful is Ubersuggest. Prior to finding Ubersuggest, my favorite keyword tool was the AdWords Keyword Tool. Well, Ubersuggest is the AdWords Keyword Tool on steroids!

Simple Free Keyword Tool

One of the best things about Ubersuggest is that it is so easy to use. Simply type in your primary keyword and it will give you suggestions based on that original keyword. For example, here are the results I found when I did a search for PeerFly.

PeerFly keyword results

Easy enough. Those are actually some of the terms that I am already trying to rank for or already rank for (PeerFly login).

Build Your Keyword List

Building a keyword list with Ubersuggest is insanely easily. You can automatically take all the suggested keywords and have them put in a text file and download it just by clicking the txt box in the search.

keywords in text file

You can also go through and add keywords individually from the results. As you go through simply click the green + (look familiar?) next to the keyword and it will add it to a saved list on the right side of the page. You can then download that list once you have your complete keyword list built.

Get even MORE keyword suggestions

Another great feature within Ubersuggest is the ability to get even more suggestions. If you see a keyword in the results that you really think you could do well with you can click it and Ubersuggest will give you more keywords based on that keyword. For example, I am working on a Keurig blog right now (our Keurig offers just look too good to pass up) and one of my focuses is the Keurig b70. So, I click on the keurig b70 suggested keyword and Ubersuggest gives me even more suggestions based on that keyword!

more keyword suggestions

Pretty awesome right? This is a great way to find cheaper long-tail keywords for your PPC campaigns. If you aren’t using Ubersuggest in your keyword research you are really missing out! Check it out and let me know what you think.


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