Twitter Announces Longer Tweets

Twitter increased tweet limits

Twitter has announced two updates that will effectively modify its current 140-allowable character limit in that only words will count. Historically, Twitter has limited tweets to 140 characters, counting every character towards the limit, including images, videos and URLs.

Media attachments such as images, GIFs, videos and will no longer count against the character limit. Currently, photos and videos take up twenty-four characters. Usernames will also be excluded from the character count when they are at the beginning of reply.

Frequently requested features are also being addressed. Users will now be able to tweet to all of their followers at the beginning of a tweet by using the “@” symbol. Previously, such tweets would only appear in the recipient’s feed.

While only recipients will continue to be able to receive replies, users can disseminate it to everyone by re-tweeting it. The new feature enables users to retweet themselves, allowing for certain replies to be viewed more broadly.

The higher character count is designed to enhance the usability of Twitter by providing users greater flexibility in composing tweets.


From an advertising compliance perspective, taking @names and images out of the count is perhaps even more significant. More space translates into the increased potential for representations to consumers that require disclosures. The changes effectively enabling increased brand exposure also have the potential to exponentially broaden the universe of consumers that might be misled by deceptive advertising content.

With all the recent regulatory attention regarding Federal Trade Commission advertising guidelines, including the design and implementation of robust disclosures, marketers engaging in online promotions and social media campaigns will have additional real estate to clearly and conspicuously convey applicable conditions, restrictions, limitations and exclusions.

The updates do not go as far as the drastic limitation changes previously considered by Twitter. Perhaps because it values the 140 character limitation, in part, so that Tweets can fit within 160-character SMS messages.

It is anticipated that changes will be rolled-out shortly.

Contact an FTC defense lawyer if you would like to discuss the design and implementation of compliant advertising disclosures.

Richard B. Newman is an Internet law, online marketing compliance, telemarketing compliance and regulatory defense attorney at Hinch Newman LLP focusing on advertising and digital media matters. His practice includes conducting legal compliance reviews of advertising campaigns across all media channels, regularly representing and defending clients in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorneys General, complex commercial litigation defense, SPAM law compliance and litigation defense, intellectual property transactional and litigation matters, advising clients on promotional marketing programs, and negotiating and drafting legal agreements.

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2 thoughts on Twitter Announces Longer Tweets

  1. I have been going on twitter almost every day for the past weeks but have no idea about this drastic change they have decided on. I am very delighted they finally realized 140 characters aren’t enough to express opinions and thoughts; simply cutting the tweets into 2 to 3 parts just doesn’t do it for me. I am looking forward to this upgrade since I’ve been a huge fan of Twitter .

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