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I started using Twitter way back in August of 2007. A lot has changed on Twitter over the past six and a half years, but one thing that has not is that I am constantly looking for new ways to make money using it.

I started making money off Twitter almost immediately after signing up and starting to use it. I have operated thousands of accounts and generated millions of clicks. Unlike most marketers, it’s probably been my most profitable traffic source overall.

Well, when Twitter started displaying images within user timelines I knew they were opening the doors for more opportunity for extra exposure and potentially even more money!

Take a look at the following screenshot of my Twitter timeline and think about which tweet stands out the most to you.

Image tweeted in Twitter timeline

Was it the first tweet shown from Forbes? I doubt it. Now, imagine you are scrolling through your friends tweets on your timeline and all of the sudden you see my tweet from the image above. It’s probably going to catch your eye not only because there are not a lot of images being tweeted by users yet (at least not the right size) and even if there are images, how many have a giant red bar at the bottom with an alert icon? I am going to assume none.

Twitter Preview Image Size: 600×300

The best size I’ve found for images posted on Twitter is 600×300px. Really, any 2:1 ratio pixel image should work, but I just stick with 600×300 because it’s easy to remember. Adding a red border to the bottom is pretty easy with Photoshop or pixlr. You can find free alert icons (or any icons really that you’re looking for) at Iconfinder.

Images are great, but we want clicks!

Capturing the user’s attention as they scroll through their Twitter timeline is only part of the formula to tweeting images for extra exposure. Most of the time your goal is not going to be to get the user to view your image, but rather, to click your link!

A trick that I use to help increase my link’s CTR (clickthrough rate) is that I add an arrow (<–) and some text after it. The text after my arrow is what I consider my CTA (call to action). If I want someone to sign up for a dating site I’ll say something like Click here and sign up. This also helps separate your link from the link for the actual image you tweeted.

I recently published an article on how to view your Twitter Analytics. Check out that article and split test a tweet with no image and a tweet with an image and see which one gets more clicks. It should be no surprise once you see the stats if the tweet with the image generates more traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot and let us all know in the comments how it goes for you! 🙂

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11 thoughts on Tweeting Images for Extra Exposure

  1. Sorry for off-topic. What’s happened to your free iframe hosting, Luke? It’s gone now. By the way, Facebook can now detect the wrapped links created using it. You might need to update it. Thanks

    1. I’ve taken down my iFrame tool for now. It was being abused by spammers and I’m planning to launch a similar paid service.

  2. hey luke is this a good way to mask affiliate links to work with facebook? place that into a index.php and then away u go facebook doesnt slap the domain name

  3. Hi Luke,

    Which would you recommend more for a beginner to intermediate marketer, he The Dojo from AffiliateFix or the Screw95 course you reviewed? Thanks

  4. Images speaks more than a hundred words and one simple and informative image attract thousands of eyeballs. Instead of blindly tweeting all the time, we should depict the things by images.

    Thanking you.

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