Traffic Sources Based On Experience

Traffic Source based on Experience

Read this first about 7Search...

7Search is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only.

Read this first about LeadImpact...

LeadImpact is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only.

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There are a ton of different traffic sources out there you can run your affiliate marketing campaigns on and one of the easiest things you can do is completely overwhelm yourself by trying to run campaigns at all of them at the same time. I think it’s really important that you choose a traffic source, test a spread of campaigns on that traffic source, optimize your campaigns, and then scale until you hit a ceiling. If you simply setup campaigns on a bunch of different traffic sources all at once you are going to spread yourself too thin. So, what traffic sources do I suggest focusing on based on your experience as an affiliate marketer?

I’ve broken down your possible experience level into four different levels. Those levels are Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Here is an explanation of each level and one traffic source I suggest based on that level. Remember, these are simply my suggestions based on my experiences working with my publishers. You should look into different traffic sources on your own, but these are the ones I suggest.

Freshmen (“Newbie”)

There is a pretty large learning curve when you first start affiliate marketing. You will lose money at first and I think it is important that you learn as much as you can while losing as little as possible, which I am sure most people would agree with. The main concepts with any affiliate campaign are setting up, optimizing, and scaling. The traffic source that I think makes this the easiest and has the lowest barrier of entry is 7Search.

Setting up a 7Search campaign is really simple and the minimum deposit to get started is just $25. They have a great keyword tool that makes it easy to find keywords that you can get traffic from. By starting out using a search PPC ad network you are assuring you will get traffic to your affiliate links no matter what (well, as long as you’re spending money). Also, 7Search has a cool feature that will let you blacklist bad performing sources so you can optimize your campaign.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing I suggest “getting your feet wet” with 7Search. Once you have some experience setting up a campaign and you have a few profitable 7Search campaigns running then I suggest you give Plenty of Fish Ads a try.


Two of the most “affiliate friendly” ad networks are 7Search and Plenty of Fish (POF). One of the main reasons I like to use both of them is that you can easily create a campaign by direct linking using your affiliate link. Most traffic sources are getting strict and disapproving direct affiliate links, but 7Search and POF welcome them. So, within a few minutes you can have some traffic going to your affiliate link.

With POF Ads you are advertising on the Plenty of Fish dating website. They have millions of users from throughout the world. Before you get started advertising, I suggest signing up at and taking a look around. You will see banner advertisements throughout the website. By far, the best offers to promote on Plenty of Fish are dating campaigns. Once you’ve taken a look through POF you can sign up for their advertising service at

POF Campaign Articles

Plenty of Fish ads use banners to drive traffic to your links. You bid on that traffic using a CPM model. Basically, with CPM you are bidding per 1,000 impressions. It’s a bit different than the PPC model 7Search has, but it’s easy to get the hang of. You want to aim for a 0.1% CTR or as close to it as you can get it. At a 0.1% CTR your CPM bid is essentially a CPC bid.

You can get quite a bit more traffic from POF than 7Search and the quality of the traffic seems to be much better. You can scale your campaigns bigger and make more money as well. POF is a great traffic source for a moderately experienced affiliate marketer. Once you have a grasp of the CPM bidding platform and have some successful POF campaigns going I would suggest doing some research on PPV traffic.


One type of traffic that I have seen great results with for years now is PPV traffic and the source that I have seen the most consistent results with is LeadImpact. LeadImpact is a PPV network that serves ads through pop ups which are displayed to users who install their adware. I have more information on how PPV works in my LeadImpact review. The reason I like LeadImpact over similar networks is that they are pretty quick to respond to questions, have a moderate minimum deposit, decent traffic volume, and pretty good quality. You can get their traffic to convert and it’s easy to scale not only on LeadImpact, but by copying your campaign over to other PPV networks you can get extra traffic that way as well.

PPV traffic is fun to work with and can be very profitable if done right. You’re paying for every single view and your CPM will end up being a lot more than what you’d pay on POF, but you’re guaranteeing yourself “clicks” and with a good offer or landing page, you can see a great ROI.

Senior (“Super Affiliate”)

If you have mastered the methods listed above then I suggest making way to into the king of traffic, media buying. I have discussed media buying before and although I do not have a lot of experience with it myself, I have helped guide my publishers into producing some very successful media buy campaigns. You can do your own media buy on basically any website, but the network that I suggest for running your initial campaigns through is SiteScout. The minimum deposit to get started is just $500 and they have a very large inventory of websites you can run traffic on using a ton of different banner placements. If you’re at this stage of your affiliate marketing career you should already have done some research on media buying, but I suggest signing up at SiteScout and giving it a try!

Based on your experience in affiliate marketing, those 4 different traffic sources should help get you driving some traffic you will be comfortable with. Each traffic source is a different “traffic method” for the most part. 7Search is Search PPC, POF is considered Social or Banner Display traffic, LeadImpact is PPV or Pop Ups, and SiteScout is specifically Banner Display. Being able to work with a range of traffic sources and methods is what is going to allow you to make the most money possible and the ability to do that is completely dependent on your experience.

So, setup some campaigns, run some traffic, and let’s make some money!

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98 thoughts on Traffic Sources Based On Experience

  1. Thanks Luke, just the kind of post i’m looking for. Nice to see the progression hopefully I will be doing media buys soon! Time to make some bank with PF and POF!!

  2. Great topic and article Luke!

    PPV/CPV is tricky. You can get banned by a vendor for sending low quality clicks. It happened to me. Ask Corey 🙂

    SiteScout: probably the best media buy platform. But it can cost you quickly an arm and leg. It’s crucial to experiment with extremely low amounts (like $25) until you get your banners right … it’s easy to pay a fortune per click if you get it wrong (like $7).

  3. This is a fantastic post, and you have a great blog, Luke. I appreciate so much what you are doing to
    help us get going. Entering this market has been a long drawn out struggle for me, as I had a lot to
    learn. I am happy to say that I have studied long and hard to get to this point, and you have been
    most encouraging. I am convinced that you are the best affiliate manager anywhere. You are truly
    appreciated. I believe I have now acquired enough knowledge to have a decent chance at success.
    No matter what, I love what I am doing, and you should be credited a lot for my enthusiasm in regard
    to CPA marketing.

  4. hi Luke Yet another great post cramed fill with great info and link urls just what I need but more importantly you explain why you chose them as your traffic source and your own user experience Luke this is why your the CPA marketing industry affiliate manger of the year I am booking marketing this page as i do with just about all your blog posts.
    regards and thanks
    peter mcgrath

  5. Great post Luke, thank you! Question: Will you recommend Adcenter PPC traffic for Peerfly offers? If so, for which experience level do you think will be more appropriate?

    1. Yes, Adcenter (BingAds) is a great traffic source that I’m hoping to cover in an article soon. I’d say anyone within the Freshmen/Sophomore experience levels should be comfortable setting up a search campaign and I usually suggest my 7Search advertisers move their campaigns to Adcenter/BingAds once they get something profiting. Right now on BingAds we’re seeing the best results with our biz opps and financial offers (Payday too) 🙂

  6. Hi. Luke. Please make post of some FREE traffic sources what you suggest… This 7search traffic is totally crap and everyone know that… If you can earn couple bucks there then you are happy 😀

    1. I don’t really push free traffic sources simply because they are very unreliable. I’ve done some posts about blogging and organic traffic is really the only free traffic I’d suggest. I’ll look into it more and see what I can do though 🙂

  7. Luke, have you used Bing ads for gaining an e-mail list? I wonder if I should use them for my site (you can click on my name for the attached link) Also, I wonder if there should be a specific page that I should make for gathering a e-mail list from the Bing ad. What are your thoughts?

    1. Driving traffic to a squeeze page through BingAds sounds like a good strategy to try. I’m hoping to setup a BingAds campaign soon for a case study.

    1. I left out Facebook because of its difficulty to get approval. Otherwise, it would replace POF as my “sophomore” choice. POF is more affiliate friendly.

      1. Yep, i knew it, I heard they were getting more strict on affiliates. I was thinking of trying out again, but nah, trying out pof, since i had some profitable submits on 7search.

  8. Luke when using CPV traffic and looking for international traffic (Spanish speaking countries in particular), which network would you recommend with the most traffic for Spanish speaking countries? LI, DirectCPV, Mediatraffic, others? Thank you.

    1. Hey Frances, for spansih language I recommend Facebook. It is insanely cheap for spanish spoken language.
      For instance max bid CPM 0.02 extremely low. But they might get trouble getting approved.

  9. Thanks for this info
    what about Looksmart
    and adult media buys like Jucy ads and traffic junky, i think they’re pretty straight foward and very newbie friendly dont you think?

    1. I’ve heard great things about Looksmart. Haven’t pushed much adult traffic, but I’ve heard excellent things about JuicyAds and Exoclick.

  10. What are good offers for PPV traffic? I’ve noticed that making money online is not a good one… im trying out dating and lose weight campaigns now with my own landing page

  11. Hi Luke, great post and thanks for all the fantastic info. I am new to CPA Marketing and joined Peerfly about 2 months ago. I have been going through your posts regularly. I noticed on this post that you have not mentioned Facebook for newbies, is there a reason for that? And how would you rate Facebook as a traffic source to start with?

    1. Great to hear. Facebook is pretty finicky when it comes to approving affiliate campaigns, which is the main reason I choose not to suggest them to new publishers. POF is more user affiliate friendly which is why I suggest them.

  12. Hi Luke, great information, thanks.
    I have a question, is it possible to promote download offers on 7search ?, I ask because most download offers are not permitted on PPV networks like Lead impact .

  13. hey luke, what would suggest for newbie to start with ? ppv or ppc ?
    according to your post ppc is more newbie friendly !!!

    1. Welcome Luke!
      My name is Alexander. Newbie Internet earnings. Began working with peerflay. Young single-blog I am.Affiliate with peerflay.Affiliate I posted in the sidebar.Affiliate on the blog post where I am right? Google vaguely says to place the affiliate only in the sidebar. Google has examples for horizontal positioning affiliate with pictures. Answer, the places where you can place on your blog affiliate? How many parnerok allowed to post on the blog?
      Thank you Alexander

    1. That would work for anyone with experience researching/matching demos. I’ve always had a hard time getting responses from smaller site owners, but if you have a good method for it then I can see that being a great source of QUALITY traffic 🙂

  14. Hi Luke, I’ve been your blog and really congratulate you for all the information you have inside, I’m working for some time with clickbank and now want to enter other CPA networks PeerFly I will get started with, there are very good referecncias both the network as I have to get training from you just a little to make a successful career and I count on you and now you count on me …


  15. Hi Luke, thanks for all the great info.

    Please keep us informed on the BingAds-Adcenter article so we can optimize and learn how to use this source of traffic profitable.

  16. Hi, if i may ask (most likely a stupid question). On peerflyoffers you can see “allowed country:us” for example. Does that mean that we have to be in us or our target viewers? Thank you

  17. Great post Luke. I have been wondering where to begin from but this post has given me a clue, i would like to see more of this. Many thanks.

  18. Hey Luke, great post. I’m running a campaign on pof right now and wanted to know how many creatives should I be using and what size? Thanks for your help. I’m a noob and am running a Peerfly dating campaign by the way.

  19. Nice article. I have a question. I have a niche dating offer doing pretty well on POF. It’s a mobile registration offer. How do I scale on that offer on POF (or to other traffic platforms)? Some platforms don’t have the specific targetting I need, but i guess I could use text on my banner to narrow the target. Thanks.

  20. Really good information for begginers! Traffic can sometimes be a headache if you don’t have a clue about it. I’ve been using adtomatik for the last two months and got excellent results, higher fill rates and best ecpm than others ad networks.

  21. Hello Luke, that is a great post! What other PPV network (that have Pop -over) would you recommend other than Leadimpact, Mediatraffic, and TV?

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Hi Luke, MANY Thanks for your solid n completed info. There are tons of info on net, i found u are the most sincere one. Is your aritle above still apply to 2015?

  23. Thanks Luke – Great info on where to start. I hope Lead Impact has a more affordable deposit than TrafficVance. TVs deposit is a hell of a commitment if you’re not 100% confident in what you’re doing.

  24. Why I didn’t read this post earlier, I regret that I read this post so late 🙁
    It’s really helpful to me, and I believe that it’s so lucky that those newbies can actually come to this posts and reap the massive benefits.

    Thanks, Luke. Keep doing what you are doing. We are always support you…

  25. Hello Luke,
    Where are you? I see Yousaf asking a question… then I wonder where is everyone else? ATTENTION PUBLISHERS!!! I need to see more of you here, with lots of questions and that wonderful spirit of “I CAN DO IT”.
    Wake-up and smell the coffee! —– I need answers —- Thank you,

  26. Hello Mr. Luke,
    It was not supposed to be rude at all… the intention was to be funny and step in as this was my first time addressing a community.
    I am sorry and I promise it would not happen again, this is my second time typing in here and maybe the last time I tried to be funny.

  27. Hello there. I’m an affiliate noobie from Germany. First of all: Great work, great blog, very on point. Much to my surprise, you frame affiliation only as a campaign-based online business model. Would you please provide at least some evidence that this is preferable to affiliation on self-owned websites, blogs,… First, that is what most coaches advice. Second, not everybody likes that bet-and-win-approach (or bet-and-lose). Third, don’t you have a ridiculous disadvantage compared with direct sellers?

  28. I’m still kind of fresh with promoting CPA offers want to know what the easiest way to get start while learning the ins and outs.

  29. Nice post! It’s great to see people giving useful information on affiliate marketing.

    I think affiliate marketers have kind of created a bad name for themselves over the past few years due to people abusing them and creating spammy websites that do everything they can to deceive the consumer.

    I think the biggest thing to be taken from this post is sincerity. If a product or service isn’t good then an affiliate marketer should be honest with their audience and say that. And the same goes the other way. When you love a product (like lead pages), be sincere about it.

    There’s definitely still room for affiliate marketing, as long as you take an honest angle on it. Serve, don’t deceive.

    We’ve just created this free 5-day course on affiliate marketing as a part of the launch for one of our client’s own affiliate programs. It’s a big plug but it might be useful to people wanting to get started:

    All the best out there!

  30. Hi Luke, Great piece of information. This is very useful for starters like me, i would like to ask one question, what kind of offers are good for newbies. At least to get some motivation at initial stage.

  31. I joined a CPA Network (peefly) this year and I wanted to be sure of all their rules before fully promoting their offers. Although I am not new to affiliate marketing. This article is quite beneficial.

  32. Hi Luke
    Some great info here for a newbie like myself.
    Is there any way you can do an updated article for newbies 🙂 seeing as 7search and leadimpact has closed down?

  33. Hi Luke,

    Can you please clarify following

    If allowed traffic method is banner in such case can i create landing page and place provided banners there so visitors can visit offer page thru those banners. It must be noted that on this landing page traffic will be driven thru Google/Bing/7search ads.

    We can take example of following offer.

    “ Lead – Pay Per Sign Up (35745)”

    Allowed Methods: Social, Banners, Contextual

    Not Allowed: NO Incent, NO Classified Ads, NO SMS, NO Email Marketing, NO Search, NO Co-Registration, NO PPV/CPV

    Above mentioned 3 allowed traffic methods are associated with many offers on Peerfly.

    Looking forward for your response

    1. No, that would not be allowed because the offer does not allow search. If your website is specifically built for advertising the offer, then you cannot promote the offer using any of the restricted methods.

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