Tracking Keywords and URLs with DirectCPV

A lot of my PeerFly publishers are using DirectCPV right now and although I do not think it is the best PPV network, they do have traffic and there are some people running very successful campaigns with them. One issue they all seem to be having right now is that the pixel option with the new DirectCPV interface does not seem to work. It’s easy to see how this could be an issue when you go to optimize your campaign, but luckily there is another option that is just as good. Instead of placing the tracking pixel on PeerFly, you can simply pass their keyword/url variables into your PeerFly long link.

DirectCPV Destination URL

When you are setting up your Default landing pageย on DirectCPV they give you four variables that you can pass into your affiliate link. Well, just like when you setup a 7Search campaign, you can pass these variables into your long link and then when you view your Reports on PeerFly you can see a complete breakdown based on those SubIDs.

Default landing page on DirectCPV

The four different variables you can pass are:

  • $esc.url($query.keyword)
  • ${query.trafficProvider.key}
  • $esc.url($query.url)
  • $esc.url($matched.categoryName)

If you are looking at that and thinking, “well, that’s confusing”, I agree with you. I am not sure why DirectCPV decided to make them complicated variables when they could have done something as simple as %KEYWORD%, but they did. Luckily, passing these into your link is simple and you don’t even need them all.

With PPV traffic I suggest bidding on URLs rather than keywords. If you are bidding on URLs then you should pass theย $esc.url($query.url) variable into your first subid on PeerFly. If you are bidding on keywords then you should pass theย $esc.url($query.keyword) variable into the first subid. I suggest passing theย ${query.trafficProvider.key} variable into the second subid spot. I don’t really pay attention to categories, so I would ignore the last variable.

If you are bidding on URLs then the subid section of your PeerFly Long Link would look like:


Simply copy and paste that into DirectCPV as your Destination URL and you’re all set! Once you start generating traffic you can go to your PeerFly Reports page and see a complete breakdown showing you which URLs you are getting conversions on and which ones you are not.

Pretty simple right? Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to get a DirectCPV case study up done soon and I’ll be mailing it to my Affiliate Manager Exclusive subscribers. Make sure you get on my list! ๐Ÿ™‚


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