Tracking Conversions with Google Analytics

Although I do not recommend using it for your affiliate marketing campaigns, Google Analytics can be a very powerful tool for tracking the traffic on your website or blog. I have Google Analytics installed on all of my websites and check my statistics every day to make sure all the hard work I am putting into those sites (including this blog) is paying off and that I am actually seeing an increase in traffic. One cool feature that not a lot of people who use Google Analytics know about is the ability to create Goals and track conversions.

Just like with affiliate marketing, when you are generating traffic to your website there should be some sort of conversion you are hoping to generate. If you are just sending users to your site without any sort of goal in mind, you are wasting your time. For example, with this blog my ultimate goal is to get you (my reader) on my mailing list. I know that for each user on my mailing list I will generate X amount of dollars each year. I also know that having you on my mailing list means you will be a return user to my blog, generating more traffic which means more money. So, let’s take a look at how exactly you can create Goals within Google Analytics to track conversions.

Creating Goals within Analytics

In order to create Goals and track conversions with Google Analytics you will need to have it installed on your website. I am not going to explain how this is done if you haven’t already, but with a few Google searches you should have no problem getting it setup.

Finding the page that allows you to create a Goal within Analytics is not as easy as it should be. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can find and create Goals.

Login in Google Analytics, select the site you want to create the Goal for, and then click Admin at the top right of the page:

Create a Goal in Analytics - step 1

You should be at the Profiles page for that site:

Google Analytics Profiles page

Click the site name ( in the example above) and it’ll take you to the Assets page. Once there, click Goals:

Google Analytics Goals

You can create 4 different Goal Sets. Click + Goal under the first Goal Set. You can name your goal and choose what type of Goal to create. Setting up a goal within this form is really easy. For example, if I wanted to track my new newsletter subscribers, I would just enter:

Create Opt-in Goal Analytics

Once you save your goal Google Analytics will now track every visitor that hits that page and tag them with your goal (conversion). Then, within Google Analytics, you can see how many people are converting for you. I use this to see how many of my retargeting visitors and visitors from my fan page Sponsored Stories campaign are actually turning into subscribers of my Affiliate Manager Exclusive newsletter. This is pretty easy to do with Custom Campaigns on Analytics.

Goal Set on Custom Campaigns

Being able to track conversions is important with any type of marketing. Although Google Analytics does not make it really easy to find where to setup your site for conversion tracking using Goals, once you do get it setup it’s easy to track where your traffic is coming from and how well it’s performing for you. For example, I know that one of my best converting traffic sources for this blog is users coming from They are much more likely to opt-in than my average reader.

I hope I have opened your eyes to conversion/goal tracking with Google Analytics. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or email me.


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