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I have been pushing PPV hard to my PeerFly publishers. We have been seeing great results from all the top PPV networks to our offers and I keep hearing great things from my publishers so of course, I push it to anyone who asks me for a good traffic source. But, what are the top PPV networks? I have discussed LeadImpact before, but what are the others?

Media Traffic

Media Traffic PPV

Media Traffic is a very well liked PPV network by most PPV affiliate marketers. Their approvals process is a little bit of a pain. You have to print out, complete, sign, and send back your application. You also have to scan a copy of your ID (sound familiar?) and a front and back copy of your credit card.

However, once you’re approved you’ll find that the interface at Media Traffic is pretty good and easy to use. They require a $200 initial deposit and at least $100 on each refill.

The traffic quality is okay and they have quite a bit of it. One of the advantages to using Media Traffic over LeadImpact is that the pop up window size you get to work with is 1024×720, which is bigger than LeadImpact (775×400). Personally, I like LeadImpact more than I like Media Traffic, but I’ve had publishers do really well with Media Traffic and had campaigns absolutely tank on LeadImpact. As a beginner, I would suggest applying to either Media Traffic or LeadImpact and then as you get used to how the traffic works and getting your campaigns profitable move to both networks.



DirectCPV is the PPV network I typically suggest for PPV noobies. There are several reasons for it:

  • The minimum deposit on DirectCPV is only $100 and they typically have a promotion going where you can get some bonus money on your deposit. So, you might get a $25 bonus on your first $100 deposit.
  • They have less traffic, which means you are less likely to blow through your budget without generating any leads. It gives you more opportunity to work on your keywords and target URLs to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.
  • They use interstitial ads that display when the user goes to a page in their browser instead of pop ups like every other PPV network. The ads are full screen, which means you do not have to create your own landing page to optimize for the size of the window.

I believe all of the things I mentioned above are what makes DirectCPV the most noob friendly PPV network. If you’re just getting your feet wet with PPV or are interested in trying it out, I definitely suggest you sign up for DirectCPV and either Media Traffic or LeadImpact.

AdOn Network

AdOn Network PPV

I do not personally have a lot of experience with AdOn Network, which is why it’s the most least likely network I would recommend to anyone pushing PPV traffic. I have heard good things about them, but primarily it seems publishers like the other networks more. I do have some information on them though:

  • They have a $200 minimum deposit.
  • The window size is the same as LeadImpact at 775×400.
  • They have a decent amount of traffic (similar to LeadImpact and Media Traffic, but more than DirectCPV).

Like I said, I recommend the other three networks I mentioned over AdOn, but if you have a profitable campaign working on the others it might be worth a try to see if you can get it working on AdOn.


Trafficvance PPV

Anyone who knows anything about PPV traffic knows that Trafficvance is the king network of PPV. They are the top network with the most traffic and the highest quality traffic. Of course, that comes with a price. The minimum deposit is $1,000 and you are required to be referred by someone in the network who is spending at least $50/day with them to join.

Once you are in you will find that Trafficvance has the best customer service and user interface than any other PPV network. Basically, it is the PPV network to be a part of. The main issue is the high minimum deposit and the referral. However, if you are running PPV traffic and are interested in joining Traffivance please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than willing to be any of my PeerFly publisher’s referral if they have a proven PPV history with us.

Oh, and the window size for Trafficvance is 775×435.

Top 5 PPV Networks

Here is how I would rate which networks you should join based on my experiences, the experiences of my publishers, and what I’ve read on PPV forums and popular affiliate blogs.

  1. Trafficvance
  2. LeadImpact
  3. Media Traffic
  4. DirectCPV
  5. AdOn Network

This is the order in which I would suggest joining them:

  1. DirectCPV (great for beginners, low minimum deposit, low traffic)
  2. LeadImpact and/or Media Traffic (good quality, higher traffic, $200 deposit)
  3. Trafficvance (most traffic, $1,000 deposit)

Please feel free to post your opinions on the networks mentioned or other PPV networks in the comments below! I would love to hear about your PPV experiences.


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87 thoughts on Top PPV Networks

  1. Thanks for the LP dimensions for TrafficVance.

    I keep reading about different sizes and feel I am knit-picking and worrying too much about aspects of a campaign that aren’t crucially important.

    I’ll go with 775×435 as a benchmark πŸ™‚



  2. I’d like to point out that faxing a copy of the back of your credit card is highly insecure and illegal. Any company caught doing this can be fined big time. I went through this with a company called Broadvoice (VOIP) and once they received my email stating that I would report them to the credit card companies if I had to send a copy of my creditcard they quickly backed down and apologized.

      1. Hi, I just received a reply from DirectCPV that stated “We also need copies of the front and back of your credit card showing your signature” however I think it’s all about the signature and some networks being burned by spammers with “boosted” cards (no paper trail means they hole the bag). I’m going to blur out my CVV and give it a go, it’s still a bit awkward since they’ve already charged the card (and I always use my DMZ card account as I recommend to everyone I know and that will listen i.e. if it’s compromised it’s just annoying rather than devastating, I only keep precisely what I expect to be charged for on it, internet purchases etc).

        PS: PeerFly rocks πŸ™‚

  3. PPV is great, but what about CPC. Any luck with any CPC networks? I have a $100 adsense voucher i’d love to put to work but am not sure how effective it would be or what sort of offers to promote.

    1. Google AdWords has made it very difficult for affiliates to get their ads approved. You must create your own landing page/website around the offer if you want to get your ad approved.

  4. Luke, you give the wrong message , you never tried those traffic source youself .

    mediatraffic sucks , the traffic from mediatraffic is shit…

    1. I have gathered the information above from my own testing or from the 25,000+ active publishers that I work with. I’ve had many publishers who have seen a way better ROI using Mediatraffic than LeadImpact πŸ™‚

  5. Hi,Luke thanks for this article..but there are some questions I want to ask, is is one of PPV networks?Is it effective promoting with it?

    1. Yes, would be considered PPV. I’ve run some tests on it with decent results, but nothing too spectacular. You’d be better off using one of the networks mentioned above.

  6. Hi. I want to start promotion cpa offer via ppv and came to this post from search engine. You say Addon Network minimum deposit is $200? or $20 ? i checked their site,not sure,could u pls let me know,is it $200 or $20 ? Thanks

    1. At the time of the writing of this article it was $200, but I believe it is $50 now. You are welcome to contact AdOn and ask them.

  7. I am interested in getting traffic for new patients to come to my office, what is the best and most cost effective method?

    1. You’re conversion rate will fluctuate a lot depending on how your campaign, targets, direct linking vs your own lander, etc.

  8. Hey Luke,

    I’ve had much success with TV and LI, but I can’t get some of the oter platforms to work for me. Any more specific advice you can give me on KW building other than using GoogleAd, Alexa, etc.?

    1. I suggest targeting URLs over keywords and I typically gather those URLs with simple Google searches, Alexa, and Quantcast πŸ™‚

  9. Hi there,

    Does anyone know what networks are great to work with when it comes to CPA offers using them on PPV traffic?

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi Luke,

    Can we use any PPV networks? Or do you have a list of ppv networks that we cannot use in promoting peerfly offers? Thank!!!

  11. Luke,
    The force is with you! I wanted to ask, how do you think these PPV networks might work for getting traffic to local area businesses, specifically by targeting the keywords and urls of competitors? Here the question of traffic becomes relevant. There might be a lot less of it in a small midwestern town, for instance, but local businesses don’t need much to get their doors to swing pretty hard daily, right?

    Do you know anyone who is doing this in particular niches? Lastly, how is geotargeting with PPV? Robust? Or just a bust? I’m also assuming you can do dayparting for ad scheduling?

    Great post. Thanks for your reply,

    1. I don’t really think there would be a lot of traffic for you with doing local on PPV. I’ve never tested it, but I don’t think they quite have that large of a reach to do local marketing. Could always try. Geotargeting wise, I think they’re all by country.

  12. I would like to know in which network you recommend to run campaigns in South America, especially in Brazil? Have you ever tested PPV Networks for international traffic? Regards

    1. I haven’t really messed with international PPV traffic to be honest. I believe Trafficvance has some international traffic and possibly LeadImpact/Mediatraffic, but I’m not really sure. If anyone else knows, please comment πŸ™‚

      I’m running some international traffic on POF and Facebook Ads at the moment.

  13. I know this may make you guys laugh, but how do you use the affiliate link in your campaigns? Also, what are sub id’s and how do you find/use them. Yes, I am a noob. Gotta start somewhere right?

    1. You can just copy and paste your affiliate link from PeerFly into your campaign if you want to direct link or if you create your own landing page to presell the offer then you can use it as the link in your call to action button.

      You can add subids to your affiliate link to segregate your traffic within your PeerFly reports. For example, if you pass your keyword into your first subid you can see how many clicks/conversions you’ve gotten for each keyword in your PeerFly reports. As I mentioned in my Traffic Sources Based On Experience article, I suggest newbies start with 7Search and have a complete guide to setting up your campaign that explains all that πŸ™‚

  14. Luke wish I would have found your site before paying 67$ for this information through anthony morris. Listen though, where do you find your ads to market? I still cant find those. Grant it I have not spent too much time on any of the web sites such as perrfly, traffic vance CPVdirect…do you find the product list there?

  15. luke, love the article. i need your insight, do PPV networks have south African Traffic? and if so which network is best

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure, but if you email me I’d be happy to connect you with a Trafficvance rep to see what they say.

  16. seams leadimpact rise the price …. right now is 1000$ minim deposit.. and on media traffic i am from romania and they dont accept my country can you sugest other good ppv networks?

  17. Hi there namesake (although my name is in dutch spelling),

    Quick question. I run alot of ads on LeadImpact and when i saw your article I decided to also try TV.
    Now on their website i cannot find if i can target dutch audience (netherlands).

    Could you (or anyone else for that matter) tell me if this is possible since i mostly run dutch ads?

    thanks in advance

    1. I’ll forward your question to my friend at Trafficvance and she’ll be able to help you with this and any future questions you have πŸ™‚

  18. Excellent article, really enjoy your insights! I know Google does not and I think Bing has moved in this direction, but which other networks are disallowing direct linking? Especially the ones you are recommending, this would be great to know. Thanks!

    1. Most big sources don’t allow direct linking without some sort of redirect, meta refresh, or iFrame. There are still some good ones that do though which you’ll find on this blog (ZeroPark, 7Search, etc) πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Luke,

    I’ve been following your blog for a year and I have followed most of your advice.
    I’ve been trying PPV lately and already have MediaTraffic and LeadImpact accounts. I tried signing up for TrafficVance but they said I need a referral from someone who already has a TrafficVance account and spends $50 a day. Do you know where I can get a referral? Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi Luke,
    Can you, or anyone else, recommend PPV networks that target countries like The Netherlands and Belgium? I am already using LeadImpact, which does target NL and BE, but I’m looking to extend my activities. Halfway my subscription to Trafficvance I found out that they don’t have NL and BE in their network, and most networks target mainly on the US, which is not where my business is. Thanks in advance!

  21. what is all about offers which everyone are talking about?
    For Example : “PeerFly currently has 447 offers that allow ppv traffic. Here is a list of the top 50 converters”

  22. Hello Luke

    Is there any tutorial on how to run successful campaign on traffic vance, I signed up for it and I am ready to pay a deposit, but I wanted to know if there were tutorial you suggest on killer campaign on trafficvance, perhaps a live example

  23. Hi Luke,

    I am still waiting to hear if my application will be approved to join the Peerfly network, so maybe I am a bit premature asking for your feedback on this, but I was wondering what you thought of BuySellAds? I noticed it isn’t on your list. Is that because it is overly saturated with affiliates, the publishers aren’t great or both? I have had a little success with them on ClickBank, but felt it was a mixed bag with their sites.

    1. I’ve heard good things and done a few small buys myself. I don’t discourage trying reputable sources and they’ve been around forever πŸ™‚

  24. hey luke,
    i want to work with peerfly and already applied on peerfly by your reference but my application not accepted. i am regular reader of you blog and i am now using other company offers to promote, now i want to work with Peerfly. Can you help me?

  25. Hey Luke ,

    Thanks for the post. Can you please suggest me some networks other than traffic vance ., lead impact, media traffic, 50onred and 7search . I have tried them all . I would like to know if you can suggest me few other potential networks !

    Once again, thanks so much for your posts and responses

  26. Hi Lucas I live in Peru and want start in cpa bussines what you recomended for traffic start with cpv or ppc with 7 search y have offers of peerfly
    thanks and have nice days

  27. Hi Luke.. I’m new on this CPV thing.. notice that your article above was written in 2011.. Is it still apply for 2015? For someone new in CPV, with tight budget, would you still recommend Direct CPV due to its low budget? or maybe Media Traffic?

  28. Hey Luke , I want to advertise peerfly offers on Facebook . Please guide me The full procedure of Landing Pages and offer selection . Thanks

  29. Hi Luke,
    I have been reading most of your reply and comment on this blog.You are doing a great job for newbies in the PPV affiliate new to PPV marketing and find most of your recommendation of great help. Thanks.

  30. Hey Luke I want PPV advertise for adult/dating offers for which network I have to go ? traffic Vance have huge deposit of 1000$ will that work if I deposit ?

  31. Hi Luke Great Review,

    Please advise is that PPV and PPR is the same or different thing ?
    And do you have or someone that try WantsTraffic? please info if you have try it before.

    Thank You.

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