How I made $6,034.38 so far with Teespring

Make Money Online with Teespring

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As an entrepreneur I am constantly looking for new ways to make money. One of the best ways to learn different ways to make money online is to surround yourself with other people who are trying to do the same thing. Our PeerFly office is full of creative people, I get the opportunity to work with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of great affiliates every month, and my Skype is literally filled with people who want nothing more than to make their next dollar online right now. So, it should come as no surprise that I am always getting ideas for new ways to make my next dollar. Well, a few months ago my buddy Brian Johnson introduced me to my new favorite source of revenue, Teespring.

Brian and I are in a small Facebook Page mastermind group where we discuss Facebook Pages and ways to build and monetize them. When he first showed me Teespring I knew right away he had found a winner, but until I had launched my first shirt campaign I had not believed it would be as amazing as it is.

What is Teespring?

Teespring is a cool service that allows you to create “campaigns” for a shirt design, presell the shirt through their site, and as long as you hit a sales threshold (which you set) your shirt will be printed and shipped to all the buyers. The buyers are not actually charged for the shirt until you reach your threshold of sales and you are not paid for generating those sales until you meet your threshold (goal).

You can design your shirt and setup your campaign in just a few minutes. The minimum amount of shirts you can set for your goal is 10, but the higher you set your goal the more money you are paid per sale.

Teespring Shirt Designer

Teespring pays you via PayPal right after your campaign ends and shirts and printed. I have always received my payments within a day or two of my campaign ending.

Monetizing Facebook Pages with Teespring

Although Teespring is awesome, it’s really only part of the puzzle. You can design the best shirt in the world, put it on Teespring, and not make a penny if you do not generate any sales. Well, how are you going to get people to your Teespring campaign who might be interested in buying your shirt? I use Facebook Pages.

Using my FPTraffic software I am able to build and manage several large Facebook Pages. I have been creating campaigns on Teespring with shirts geared towards the niches of my Facebook Pages and then posting about the Teespring campaign on my Facebook Page. By doing this I have been able to generate over $7,500 in revenue (I have a campaign going right now) and been paid over $6,000 by Teespring!

Teespring Campaign Payments

The best part of all is that launching a campaign on Teespring takes very little work and then I use FPTraffic to schedule posts with my shirts linked in the description of the photo. I have probably spent 4 hours total on my Teespring campaigns and most of that time has been refreshing my stats!

Now, you can see from the screenshot above that not all of my shirt campaigns have been a huge hit. In fact, I have had a few campaigns fail completely. However, I have learned from those failures and have a better idea of what my audiences like on my Facebook Pages and I’m about to wrap up my third campaign that has generated over $1,000 in profit.

The other awesome thing about building large Facebook Audiences is that I can relaunch my Teespring campaigns every few months with the same shirts and still generate hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in sales.

If you have an audience in any niche I definitely recommend you check out Teespring. If you’re interested in learning more please complete the form below and I will put you in touch with my friends at Teespring (I have multiple account representatives I work with).

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276 thoughts on How I made $6,034.38 so far with Teespring

  1. Great share, Luke. Just curious: how big are your Facebook pages? I’m building my first page now with paid “likes” but the organic reach is blowing up! I have gained 300 likes in the past 24 hours, mostly all organic so I’ve found a decent formula for growth. I’m at the point that I’m iffy about monetizing. I don’t want to post too soon.

    Also, do you design yourself or pay a designer?

    1. I have a few Pages with 250,000+ Likes. The one I’m launching a campaign for tonight only has 60k, but they’re very active.

      I pay a designer to do most of my designs. I’ve done a few myself, but they didn’t do overly well πŸ™‚

  2. Great idea! I’d be interested in knowing how you market them on your FB page posts…As in what do you write to get the amount of minimum presells? Are you subtil, or straight to the point: “buy this shirt, we need 10 minimum!”


    1. I usually just post about how awesome the shirt is. Last week I did one along the lines of “69 sold, only 31 more before we can print and ship!” and that one did pretty well.

      The best post you can do is in the last hour. I always do a “LAST CHANCE!” post and it will usually generate about 1/3 of all my sales. I’ve had 2 campaigns that I’ve sold over $1,000 worth of shirts in the last hour πŸ™‚

      1. I’m curious about how much you spend on promoting your campaigns through FB. I see a lot of people using FB ads exclusively with TS, but not many people post how much they had to spend to get that “over $1000 on my last campaign”. Can you shed some light?

    1. It depends on what you set your goal at. With a white shirt with a custom design and a goal of 100 you can make around $8-11/shirt πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome idea! You designed the t-shirts alone (simple designs) or you put a graphic designer to make them more attractive? It will be good if you can share one t-shirt design with the fan page respectively.

    1. As you can see in the screenshot, I got my first payment on October 1st, which was about 2 months ago. I started promoting about 2.5 months ago.

  4. Looks nice and full of potential, but I wonder how you get away with making it for your own profits, since most of the t-shirts on Teespring seem to be for a good cause.

    Also, it would be nice if you could share just one design and campaign, to get an idea of how you approach it and how it converts. Is the CR 10%, 1%, 0,1% or closer to 0,01%?

    1. Teespring is used a lot by fundraisers, but it’s build to sell t-shirts, no matter how you want to do it. I’m going to be writing a complete case study including the Page posts and shirt with all the stats on FPTraffic starting tonight πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Luke, I appreciate what you are doing with this newsletter GREAT INFO. Just a few questions. How can I join your facebook mastermind team and also do you do any person mentoring? I am also with peerfly and I have a decent budget but I am having a mental block with all the info on getting a successful campaign going can you help?

  6. My guns4jesus tee got featured on the guns magazine blog, but alas, only six sold.

    This time I’m trying with one that’s been professionally designed. Even fiverr design is better than no design. See my shirts at

  7. Hi Luke, always exceeding my expectations.
    I am from Argentina, so the language is a challenge (sorry)
    but I knew of this strategy, but had no idea where to get the shirts
    and how. You’ve given me a great idea.

    1. I actually had my designer reach out to me by messaging me on my Page and thanking me for promoting one of his other shirts πŸ™‚

  8. It’s amazing this new source of revenue. How much money you invest in ads for facebook fanpage and what amount of fans you get with this investment? How many fans you recommend I get with facebook ads before I let the fanpage to go viral?
    Sorry if my English is not the best, but English is not my primary language.

    1. The best part about building Facebook Pages is that you own the traffic you generate from them. So, I earned all that revenue, but I only spent a bit on advertising and it was specifically for the shirt, not for my Facebook Page. My Facebook Pages continue to grow daily VIRALLY, which doesn’t cost me a penny πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Luke,

    Congrats man!

    And congrats on your Google Ad campaign; you are freaking everywhere I turn. Had to click through to learn more dude. Well done.

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Saw a Tshirt concept today on CNN and I realized I could extend it very easily but I suck at simple art. How did you find a designer, on Fiverr?

    1. It basically shows you how to build up your Page and then use content to grow it virally. There’s some information on Ads and different types of posts as well πŸ™‚

  11. thank you luke . so , i can create my facebook page and I’ll also start with FB ads to drive traffic to my page ,to promote my campaign in teespring ??

  12. Wow what a fantastic idea of ways to make money online! I never thought of this idea before. It’s great. Don’t think I could design a cool t-shirt that would actually sell but for those creative and graphic designers out there this is a great way to make money online.

  13. Hi Luke, just picked up FPTraffic, great little piece of kit, will be mailing out to my list. Good job on the teespring campaign, and great to go through your exact process.

    What would you say your ratio of posts to promo is? 90% – 10%?

    Also, where do you get all your quote image on the IASIF page? Do you make these or just find online or with FPTraffic?

    My gut tells me the a successful page will be part FPTraffic searched images, and part your own stockpile.

    Anyway, cheers

    1. Thanks Rob! Happy you like FPT. I usually will do 1 promo post every 2-3 days. I recently launched a website I’m driving traffic to through my IASIP page that technically is a “promo” because I’m making money off it, but the fans are loving it. I’ll be releasing a case study as a Guide on FPT about that soon πŸ™‚

      Most of the images I use on ALL of my Pages come from FPTraffic. I do have my own stockpile I’ve been building up in my Dropbox for the past 2 years for a few of my Pages, but those are pretty much all on FPT now too.

    1. Are you talking specifically about FPTraffic and how the tool works? Take a look through the Guides section and make sure you join the Facebook Group! πŸ™‚

      But yes, I need to improve the landing page with more information.

  14. Question,
    I know this was Brought up lightly in the comments but I can’t find any information on it after some rigorous searching so I thought I’d ask you since you seem to be a guru. The copyright laws should be having a field day with some of this stuff. I’ve seen straight up pictures even made from the companies put onto shirts and sold! How is that possible? Do you just try to avoid this? I know I could be successful just selling shirts pointed at show and sports but scared my door will be kicked in. Crazy how there really isn’t even info about it on the site that won’t last long. Would really appreciate the advice.

    1. Definitely stay away from copyright issues and you’re right, there are plenty of people that will try to “game” the system. I did receive a C&D on one design I had started a campaign on and I’d actually sold over 50 shirts when the campaign was taken down. I do everything I can do avoid any sort of issue like this because it’s a waste of time and money, but apparently that design didn’t fall within the guidelines for the company I received the C&D from. I wasn’t overly concerned about it because now I know (at least for that Page/Company) what I can and cannot do.

      I’m not a legal advisor so I’m not going to tell you what you should and should not do, but I’d say the best thing you can do is use common sense and try to make something original πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Luke,

    Awesome posts man! I have a quick question for you. I started a new fan page about 3 days ago and have almost 600 likes on it so far. When did you determine how to start monetizing? I know it’s still early for me and I don’t wanna just start blasting people but I’m curious on your thoughts. Also, using FPtraffic and it’s very handy so far.


  16. Quick question, how do you add a bunch of colors? Is there anyway to add colors to one I already have going? Have my first one up excited! Thanks.

    1. You can ask Teespring to add colors for you. Fill out the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll get you in touch with my rep πŸ™‚

  17. Hi I’ve stared my day with this post and very useful earning ideas shared, thanking you for this,

    I’ve few queries that you many answer.

    Basically Teespring is a mediator site that connect you to buyers and if they buy tees at your set level, you can earn some$$. Right?

    All we do is hiring a designer for awesome design and market the design (by FB pages), when people like that design and buying it, teespring will print the tees and ship to the buyer. That’s all.

    Correct me if am wrong. Thanks.

    1. You have to reach a certain goal (that you set), but as long as you sell that many shirts you’re paid for your sales. Everything else is correct πŸ™‚

  18. I just signed up for FPTraffic. Can you tell me where I need to go and find ideas for FB pages? I’d like to start something like this too with the power of FPTraffic.

  19. Thanks for this post.

    Is there anyway to track which traffic source (Fanpage post, Tab on Fan page, external website, etc.), resulted in conversions from within your teespring account?

    Examples: Fanpage post, Tab on Fan page, external website etc.

    1. You can add a Facebook tracking pixel to your Teespring campaign. Also, if you’re connected to a rep (fill out the form below) you can send a pixel to them and they can add it to your campaign. I’ve done this a few times when I’ve been running paid campaigns.

  20. Hi again,

    What’s a good way to get likes on the pages you made? Would you ever request friends with random people from your page? Little different then promoting a person

  21. Hi Luke,
    Great newsletter .I would like to ask how do you add your url for the teespring link in your your page .Is it you add in directly or indirectly ?Sorry this is my first time trying to do selling in facebook page .

  22. Sir Luke good day love your blog give me new ideas by the way sir luke i been doing fan pages for long time i have many pages does your FPtraffic can post to a many pages everyday? cause on my experience posting on many pages on 1 ip sometimes my account has problems. I’m availing your product today. sorry for my bad english sir

    1. Good to hear. With FPT you can post to as many Facebook Pages as you want throughout the day. There have already been over 75,000 photos posted since it launched πŸ™‚

  23. Luke, Did you get a print of your shirt to judge the quality, etc. ? Is it real deal printing and not that transfer stuff like cafepress, etc. ?

    1. Yes, I’ve ordered several of my shirts and I’ve been really happy with the quality. I’ve also emailed my buyers to get their feedback and got a TON of positive feedback. One girl said the shirt was a little “short”, but that she still loved it and wanted to order the next size up on my next campaign πŸ™‚

  24. hi luke i wanna ask about fptraffic.. if i want to create a page for a fan from a certain country such as malaysia.. can fptraffic help my with that?

  25. How do i add FB pixels manually on Teespring dashboard? Is there any way to do it by ourself without contacting and asking them ? Please help!

  26. Luke, Can you be more specific like where do i click exactly as i am not able to trace any link.. My campaign is in active state. Is there anything like i can’t add pixels in active campaign.. Thanks in advance

  27. Hi, I’m also not able to manually add my facebook tracking pixel… Can you give more info about this or did they remove this feature? Also which kind of pixel should i choose, there are different options (sales, registrations, leads, …), what is the difference? Which one is best for use with Teespring/FB ads? Thanks a lot!

  28. Nice idea. I’ve bookmarked your software. Hit facebook huge couple years ago and moved away
    after the fanpage crackdown. I may revisit this though and have some ideas

  29. Hello,

    I have just thought to tap into this big business.

    But I don’t know designing much, are there any Teespring Design kits or packages available? That could help me to design great shirts on my own.


  30. Hi Luke,

    Awesome post! Just wondering how big of an budget shoud I set aside to build a large enough fanpage and sell shirts?

    1. It’s really up to you. I usually will spend around $100 in advertising on a Page to see how it’s going to go. I’ll usually know before I reach $100, but that should get you a few thousand Likes to see if it’s going to take off πŸ™‚

  31. Also meant to ask, how many likes would you suggest waiting for the page to reach before trying to sell them t shirts? 50K? 10K? Thanks

  32. Hi Luke,

    Are you only using the FB PPC to get likes? Are you using targeting for these likes, or globalized settings? How much are you typically paying per click if using FB PPC?

    I started a FP that offers local marketing for businesses…should I still wait until I reach 10,000 likes? I don’t want to monetize with t-shirts, I want to marketing my own services…



    1. I use Facebook Ads to build a user base, but then I allow my content to build my Facebook Page organically for me. That’s where FPT comes in πŸ™‚

      For local marketing it’s up to you. I haven’t really done much with it myself, but my rule of thumb is to wait until my Page reaches 10,000 Likes before I monetize. You may want to lower that number for local.

  33. Great study, Luke. I have been hearing a lot about Teespring lately. Looks promising, many of my friends are already making quite a lot of money with Teespring by driving traffic from Facebook pages and FB PPC. Thanks a lot for the post man. Really helpful.

  34. Hello,

    I am trying to promote Teespring Campaigns with Facebook Ads (News Feeds Ads only). I got few likes on that post but I got no results. I ran ads for 2 Days and made no sales.

    Please let know how Ads should look alike so that I can generate sales πŸ™‚


    1. Just like with normal affiliate marketing, not all campaigns are going to be profitable. You’ll just need to test different variations yourself. I’m a member of a great group called that you might want to check out.

  35. Hello,

    I have filled the questionnaire to join the Group. Seems to be very promising group. Please if possible, ask the respective authority to take me inside the group.

    Filled the form from name: Akshay Jain.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  36. Just reconnected your FPT. But have some quesitons

    1. How posts scheduled via FPT can bring traffic to my FB pages? I guess I have to promote it via paid ads?
    2. Does FPT just a scheduling posts or pull viral content from somewhere for us?

    Thanks for your sharing.

  37. Hello Luke,
    I must say what an amazing piece it is, i am a designer and i have spent all my 10 years working online for clients worldwide, this is i am definitely going to try out…
    but What if one have no Facebook stuff or lets say only a profile with around 400 people in it ? i am now interested in making a Facebook page after reading this all lol but really need to know your words about this first …

    Thank you

  38. Hi Luke. Just found this website today after hearing a lot about Teespring recently and how you can make some decent money from it. One question though, before decide to sign up to your FPT. Could you not use Pinterest as a way of promoting Teespring T Shirts? Pinterest reaches a LOT of potential customers and, it is also FREE to post pics of your products. Why not use this site instead of having to pay for Facebook Ads? Thanks

    1. There’s a ton of potential to use Pinterest along with all the major social networks. I advocate using Facebook Pages because I’ve found them to be the most powerful. Of course, that’s with my audience. I also have large social profiles for my niches on the other platforms (Pinterest, Twitter, etc).

  39. I always want to get into this but the thing that is the barrier for me right now is fb page . I have tried many pages but i hardly have 300 likes in them .all content i write are orignal so why is my page not becoming viral . My reach for posts are merely 30 to 40 . Can i expect some help from ur side ?

  40. Wondering just how on Earth you can create a FB page and get hundreds to thousands of “likes” in just days like some people on here are saying. I’m going to starting a business in network marketing (not teespring) and wondering how to get traffic.

    1. Facebook Ads are key. Getting 100,000+ in days will probably take quite a bit of split testing ads to get the cheapest Likes, but I have a bunch of members getting such a high Like ratio that Facebook is actually showing $0.00/Like in their paid campaigns πŸ™‚

  41. I need this info and i got it here. Thanks for sharing this info on your blog. Can you please sharing other without money investment to sale the Teespring shirt.

    1. Good to hear. Most sales require money to generate. I also use Facebook Pages to generate my sales which doesn’t really cost me anything, but of course I had to spend money to build up those Pages.

  42. Luke, I am new to all of this, now can you tell me if I got this right, I can join Teespring, make design my own design and print them on a shirt and the more I sell, I get paid? If I am wrong let me know, thanks.

  43. Hey,

    I made a campaign on Fishing Niche. CTR is 2.6% and Social Reach 3K. But no sales generated as of now. Any tips?


  44. Hey Luke. I was wondering, have you had any fees when receiving payment through paypal with teespring? Haven’t seen this talked about and don’t want to cover 3% fee’s to get payment a bit earlier. Thanks.

  45. Also might as well ask, have you had issues of sales randomly disappearing throughout a campaign? Not at the tipping point where I am consistantly losing 5-10% of sales which I have come to expect due to people putting their cc# in wrong or forgetting to leave a balance for the purchase etc, but throughout the campaign.

    Although i am sure cancels happen, it is tough to swallow that I can go to sleep at 4am and wake up at 10am and see 3 sales gone. This has happened a few times (at different times throughout the day) through a few different campaigns and although i have to grin and bear it I wonder if others are seeing the same issues.

    As well, I dislike the fact beta stats are consistently not the same throughout the graphs. For example, a current campaign of mine has the t-shirt color sale numbers at 55, while my main campaign shows only 51 sold, as well as my (Views and Order Data By Referrer) stats showing 63 sales. I know its beta analytics but for numbers to always be off through different data sets is.. odd to me.


  46. Hey,

    So where can I outsource my designs? Do you have any link where I can order the designs. As I am not good in designing I don’t even know which seller to select.


  47. Luke,

    I am doing a case study as a complete newby on my blog at Niche Addictions. Talk about a test in patience!

    The beauty is that by learning to become laser focused in your marketing one can become a far better marketer in other areas of internet marketing.

    I am currently trying to build a fan page and will look at some of the tools you suggested. Thanks!

  48. Been pondering about teespring for a while now. Lets say ur starting a FB page now, how would you go about selecting ur niche?, your target audience who you know will convert for tshirts later.

  49. Did Facebook ban Teespring campaigns? They just retro actively rejected 100’s of ads I’ve had up for months. Paused and active campaigns from multiple niches. Even a shirt for teachers was rejected. Anyone else have this issue?

  50. Yup, Seems like they don’t want custom audiences used for Teespring. I say that because I have other custom audiences I use for E-commerce business I run and those are fine.

  51. Hey Luke, I have a ‘city specific’ design I am working on, is there a way to target by city name, zip code prefix, etc?

  52. Please tell me where do you start on the internet I only know how to google what is the first step I don’t know anything It all sound so easy until you sit in front of the pc It is just to much info and then it cost an arm and a leg and who can you trust Please answer me by email thanks Sandra (RSA)

  53. Hi Luke,
    First of all I want to thank you for these great information you post on your website and I want to here your input with these 2 scenarios, The first is, I will create a fan page about a specific topic – dogs, cats, …..and so on – then I will run a right hand side ad to get as much likes as I can and after a while I could monetize those fans. Or, I will run a dark post newsfeed ads to get clicks direct to my offer.
    Which option is better in your perspective?
    The first option will get me lots of fans for a little amount of money, but it needs more acting on the fan page to engage the fans, however, the second option will cost more money but I will spend less time in managing comments and all that stuff.

    Thanks. Hani.

  54. Great case study! iv been trying to get into fb + teespring but find it extremely hard atm, i have set up my ads + teespring tee shirts everything has been approved and live but facebook is not running my ads even though it states they are approved and active, within the last few days i have had 0 clicks or impressions! an no money spent! i have changed my budget from Β£10 per day per campaign upto Β£50 pdpc and nothing is happening?

    really dont know what to do?!

  55. Hi Luke, I read all the comments and your answers but couldn’t find the info about one thing… When using your FPT can I post images/text to all of the pages that I like/follow or is it limited to pages I create/own only? Thank you.

  56. Nice post Luke! Got a question: How can I track things like age, gender and time… using facebook’s conversion pixel with teespring? Like if there’s a checkout, can the pixel track the age, gender and time… so i can then narrow down the demographics of my fb ad based on the info given by tracking pixel?

    Any tips in this regard will be helpful!

    Thnx πŸ™‚

  57. Hi Luke.

    I heard of Custom Audience a lot.
    What exactly does that mean? & where can I get more info about CA?


  58. I am searching this information online and i go it on your blog. I am very interested to working on teespring and earn money from.Once again thank you very much!

  59. Very happy to see your success on teespring case study. I have got a very cool idea of earning money online and I want to thank you and your adwords program for bringing me into such a nice oppurtunity to earn money using affiliates of teespring and facebook campaign.

  60. Is Tee Spring still an option? I don’t know… I have never tried it. But if is still a viable means of making money, then you might want to check this out:

    Dave Guindon has always created quality products. If the Tee Spring model still works, this is probably something that you should consider.

    1. If you’re going to pitch a product with an affiliate link you should use it. If you have used it and you’re trying to get around the fact that it’s an affiliate link by saying you haven’t, then you’re making a HUGE sales mistake. Either way, I’m going to leave it. Good luck.

  61. Fair enough…. As I mentioned, I have used other products of his and I have been very happy with them. BTW, I intend to give it a shot. I’ll let you know my thoughts.

  62. Luke,

    Any updates about Facebook’s current attitude towards Teespring? Any new things we newbies about to launch our first campaign should be aware of? Facebook does seem to get touchy about certain types of offers after they become popular and widespread…

    I’d truly appreciate any tips and advice for June / July 2014. Thanks!

    1. Teespring and Facebook are still on good terms. Definitely a lot of opportunity there. A close friend of mine has profited over $40,000 already this month on Teespring.

  63. Been testing the waters with teespring after seeing a such success others had. Created a FB page, but it’s not a niche page, just a general custom t-shirt page. Had good success with an early campaign, selling 44 shirts. Generated $350 in revenue, alas I spent nearly 200 on FB advertising! Any suggestions? Should I be marketing even more in order to create and even better roi? What does your FPTraffic do? Thanks!

  64. Can you please send me your rep’s name at Teespring? My first campaign is at 73 shirts 1/2-way through (5 days left), but my 2nd and 3rd, also ongoing, are a flop. Would like to connect with a rep there. Thanks

  65. Hi Luke – Yes, people can make money on Teespring, no doubt – however my son is a REAL graphic designer that is how he makes his living – People are stealing his designs from his internet store and uploading and selling them on Teepsring – today there were 7 more of his designs – we have already contacted our lawyer – but the main problem is people are stealing the designs – if you can’t design then don’t be so low as to steal someone else’s work – according to teepsrings rules you will have to give the money back πŸ™‚

  66. Hey Luke, thanks for this great post. I went through all of it and signed up for FPTraffic, seems like a great tool, can’t wait to start using it. How are your Facebook Page + TeeSpring efforts coming along?

  67. i did not get any response , After doing many things. I have started campaign but face nothing. Never see any hope. Bad result wasting of time and money as well

  68. Hi Luke,

    Great to hear your success story. I have try several campaign on teespring and put them on facebook ads and the result is nothing. Don’t know because my graphic are not interesting or i could not optimize the fb ads. So i was wondering, what can do to boost my sales. I have others page too for business.


  69. hey luke, whats the url link thing on the actual page? does it have to be a link to a Youtube account?/video or can you use other websites. SORRY! newbie!!!!!

  70. Hi Luke. It’s been a year since you have started, how is it going now?

    If I understood correctly you use ads to get some likes and then you stop with paid likes and just post content and it is spreading on its own.
    If this is so, how many likes are needed before a group starts to spread on it’s own?

    Thanks in advance.
    I recently started with one page so I would really appreciate some help

    1. Things have been going well with Teespring. Over the past year I’ve made about $20,000 profit from my shirt sales and Facebook Pages. Not enough to quit my day job, but not too bad for the limited amount of time I’ve had to spend on it πŸ™‚

      I don’t really have a set number I wait to hit before I stop with the paid advertising. I usually just “feel it out” based on the engagement on my Page and how viral the posts are able to go. With Facebook’s organic reach decreasing I’ve been a little more aggressive with my paid traffic, but overall, my engagement is still very good on my Pages and I’m using that engagement to continue to build other channels like Twitter.

  71. Hi. Just recently became aware of teespring-type biz op and now researching how best to get involved. One question: Do the fans/pagevisitors/customers know that the item they are purchasing will not be shipped immediately? If so, how do they know? Do you state that fact in the ads, or do they find out when completing the order on tee spring site? For example, say that today is Day 1 of a 50 shirt minimum campaign. How does a prospective customer know that it might take days/weeks before the shirt is printed and shipped…or that it might never print at all?
    Thanks so much for your insights.

  72. Luke,

    Can I discuss potential ideas concerning growing FB fan pages and organic reach? Do you have an e-mail that I can submit questions too?


  73. Hi there, Thanks for the inspiration to give Teespring a try…I am wondering about the effectiveness of Fan Pages now that there is a lot of chatter recently about FB’s algorithm greatly reducing the reach of FB Page owners posts even though they’ve already paid FB through ads to acquire the likes to heir page(s). FB seems to be going in the direction of charging owners to “reach” their fans. It seems having a fan page is good to build trust, social proof and brand awareness for your main website but will no longer be effective in BEING your main website or portal to interact with customers. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. My Facebook Pages are one of my biggest assets. I can’t predict what Facebook will do, but I’m going to keep working towards building my Pages and increasing my reach until I see a reason not to πŸ™‚

  74. Luke, I really dig this post, your site, and I LOVE teespring!! I have a few questions. Is teespring still profitable for you? How much do you spend on ads to get the teespring clicks/sales? Is the FBTraffic software still a good way to build fan pages up? And, are there any masterminds that are still open? LOVE your site and your words!!

    1. I still push out Teespring campaigns once in awhile, but not as much as I was early last year. This is mainly because I’ve been busy with other things. FPTraffic is still good software and I’m always working to improve it πŸ™‚ I am in a few different Teespring Facebook groups. I recommend just searching on Facebook for “Teespring” πŸ™‚

  75. Hey Luke, I am a friend of Walker Williams, the CEO/founder of, since we were undergraduates at Brown University. I’ve been researching teespring for general knowledge and updates and saw this case-study. After reading/skimming your case study I have to give you kudos on being a really nice/helpful person for answering all those questions and complimenting teespring while doing so. I feel you may be interested in reading the following article that basically chronicles the very beginning of and how it all came to be…I graduated Spring of 2010 so wasn’t there when this all happened but here are the details from The Brown Daily Herald. The name ‘Teespring’ isn’t even mentioned in the article because it didn’t yet exist, but scroll down to “Mourning the ‘Co” section to read all about it πŸ˜€ Enjoy!

  76. HI Luke, I am interested in trying this program, I have one question, once I get into the program, and create the posts, do I need to pay for likes ? OR I will get automatically as I post quality content? And then teespring promotions after getting the enough likes.?

    Let me know .. Thanks

  77. What is the rev share with teespring? What percent do they take of the final sales? You said you sold 7+K and got about 6K in profit. Is that right?

  78. Hi Luke,

    I have a FB page which has 1.5 millions fans (learning English) and I would want to monetize it. But I’m too bad at internet marketing and doing with affiliate networks. Do you have any idea for such that Page? If you would have and would like to do something, I can leave the Page for “rent”.
    If you are interesting in a coordination or you have any idea, please kindly let me know. Thanks!

  79. Facebook sucks. buy mobile traffic from ad fly or you can get 1000 clicks for a buck screw facebook

  80. Hello Luke,

    I have a question to you about Tee spring Business. when i will start my Tee Spring campaign what i need before to startup? A Facebook page and Few Dollars and A Tee-shirt design to start . But The questions is here:

    When people will see that my Facebook page is totally new and i have only few likes and one post then I don’t think they will believe me or they will buy something from my reference.So, what you do or what you done when you was newbie and started your one Facebook page with Tee Spring first campaign

    1. The average person will not think twice about how popular your Page is. It’s all about the product πŸ™‚

  81. Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but how do you know whether your pop-culture idea for a t-shirt infringes on copyright law? I have a fan page for a hit TV show and am working on building a fan base. I want to market t-shirts but I’m not sure what’s legal and what’s not. Thanks!

  82. First just want to say I love what you’re doing here Luke. You are almost a saint mate! Question : What’s Teespring policy when it comes to plagiarism on the designs? What about those who design their t-shirt without hiring a designer, but only used Teespring’s templates. Is it still considered 100% his/her design? Thanks again!

    1. If someone steals your design then you can report it to Teespring and they’ll remove it. If you use Teespring’s templates I don’t know if it’s technically your design, but you can definitely sell it.

  83. I have a question. I am designing a certain t-shirt through teespring. Where are teespring’s design templates located? After filling in the text box info about the Tee shirt, I see no tabs within the website where to design it with choice of graphics.. Please help as I am confused.

      1. Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I looked all over the website, and still could not find any art tab. All I’m viewing is Create, Set a goal, and add a description tabs, along with the campaign duration, colors, and styles tabs. I’m at

  84. tΓ΄i Δ‘ang tΓ¬m hiểu cΓ‘ch để bΓ‘n mΓ  chΖ°a biαΊΏt cΓ‘ch luke cΓ³ thể giΓΊp tΓ΄i Δ‘c chα»© ? thanks luke nhiều !

      1. im beginner, can you show me step by step or you show me website that gets money from teespring ?

      2. I’m not quite sure I understand your question. However, it’s likely you’ll need to do that research on your own.

  85. Hi Luke,

    I am planning to start teespring and fb ads method and was wondering if i can advertise my teespring URL directly? I hear others that they use prettylinks instead of directly linking. whats your opinion on this?

    Also, whats with people saying Custom Audience with teespring no longer works and may put account in risk? What if i have a legit list from my online store.


    1. You can promote Teespring shirts directly with Facebook Ads. If you have a legit custom list from your online store then you will be fine πŸ™‚

    2. The people getting in trouble for Custom Audience campaigns are the ones scraping those lists instead of building them legitimately.

  86. Hey Luke,

    I have a page of about 40,000 highly engaged followers.

    Do you have a post that describes how to introduce t-shirts to them and how to find out what kind of t-shirt they would want to buy?


  87. So if you set your goal of shirts and do not reach it do the shirts still get printed? example if I set my goal to 12 and sell 5 shirts do the shirts still get printed and money get made?

  88. I have been considering Tee Spring for a while. I’ve done lots of research, but I’m still waiting for that “How Does Tee Spring REALLY Work article”. You know, the one that focuses on the downsides, particularly how much it costs upfront to get started with Tee Spring. I want to know how much I’ll need to begin. If my campaign doesn’t go well how much can I end up owing? I need clarity on the financial risks.

    1. The only money you’d lose is the money the design cost you (if you pay to get one designed) and what you spend on advertising your shirt.

  89. Great share!!!
    if anyone here need a design for teespring, you can contact me here dda.stnt (at) gmail dot com, Really thanks for sharing this!

  90. So if you don’t reach your threshold, then the people who preordered don’t get a shirt? Do you tell your audience that they only get charged and get a shirt if you reach a certain amount of sales?

  91. Peace be upon you brother.
    Can you/anyone provide me some autobot like followliker,ninjapinner with crack for traffic?

    β†’I have no money to buy those.

    β†’I believe you can assist me.

  92. Hello Luke really nice post, Teespring is doing a great job its a great income opportunity to earn from tee income. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Facebook advert. is a good way to get sales and good percentage of ROI

  93. Thanks for writing this. So if I set an x threshold and could not meet it DURING the campaign but I meet after it, will they print it?

    Also, when marketing, does it tell to users that you will get shirt If the requirement is met?

  94. Hello there Luke, does teespring protect your ideas? I mean talking about trademarks and copyrights? Because I don’t want others to steal my ideas and claim it was there’s. Also I don’t have Facebook, is it a cons?
    Thank you.

    1. Teespring has a great legal department that will help protect your designs. You definitely should get a business Facebook account to run ads.

  95. Wow Luke good to read how you clubbed Teespring with Facebook and started generating an additional income source. I have learned that you have 2,50,000+ followers in Facebook fan pages but mine are very very low. I need to have a good following in Facebook pages before I actually experiment on this project.

    You have said PeerFly office has good creative people. How many people work in your office? Sorry its an off beat question though, I was just curious to know…

    Thanks for this article though…

  96. Hi Luke,

    Do you really need a Facebook page to actually make this work?

    I ask because I have no luck with getting pages off the ground or past 100 likes regardless of paying for likes. I am starting to believe I just don’t have the touch needed to build an audience.

  97. Hi luk
    I have made several unsuccessful campaigns and lost my first account on Teespring
    I created a new account but the same problem failed campaigns so no one bought a single shirt to increase my enthusiasm for designing shirts
    So I’m campaigning to sell 3 shirts at least but without interest
    I do not have the money to create an ad
    Just advertise on Facebook pages
    I do not know if there is a problem with the designs or the announcement. I felt a big failure because I designed a lot to no avail until the design of the shirts without waiting for a sure result of the profit is a foil to design again
    I want to help me with some advice if you can
    This is my account link

  98. Nice job Luke! Most people struggle to make money with teespring because they overlook important things like the tshirt design which is really important to focus on and then after creating a good looking design they should focus on facebook ads and targeting.

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