I Made $10,000+ From A Blog Post

Made 10000 From Teespring Article

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I published an article on November 24, 2013 that has made me over $10,000 in the past three years.

As a blogger, you are not usually overly concerned about making money from every article you publish. You just want to get your content out there so people will read it. Sure, it’s nice to make a few dollars from ads or affiliate links, but overall you just hope someone reads what you publish.

When I published my article about how I made $6,034.38 with Teespring, I did not expect it to make me another $10,000.

Make money online with Teespring

There are a few reasons I made so much money from this one article and I will outline them below. We’ll take a look at the article, the monetization methods I used, and the traffic it received. Will you be able to put together a piece of content that makes nearly $0.05 every single time someone views it? Let’s give it a try!

The Teespring Article

So, what is so special about my Teespring article that helped it generate all that revenue? Well, not a whole lot.

I started using Teespring to make money online a few months before I published the article. Teespring was not brand new when I first started using it, but it was not the massive company it is today. So, my timing on publishing the article was pretty good. I was able to generate a lot of interest in Teespring that wasn’t previously there because it was fairly unknown.

In the article, I basically explain how Teespring works and how I made money from it. Nothing mind blowing, but it was written well enough to draw interest from my readers.

At the bottom of the article I have a lead form where anyone interested in trying out Teespring can fill out the form and I put them in touch with my friends at Teespring. I have a personal representative from the company that handles my referrals. This is really the only added value the article provides that you can’t get from signing up at Teespring yourself.

There are only four links included in the article. Two of them go to Teespring and the other two go to FPTraffic.

In total the article is only 678 words long and probably took me roughly an hour to write (including graphics). So, where is the $14.75 per word I’m making coming from?

The Article Monetization

As I said at the beginning of this article, your intentions as a blogger are not usually to make money from every article you publish. My intentions with my Teespring article were to provide value to my readers by introducing them to Teespring, but I also hoped that by doing so and showing them how I was using FPTraffic to make money with Teespring, they would also see the value in trying out FPTraffic.

Prior to publishing the article, I had several calls with higher up employees at Teespring about my campaigns and my Facebook Pages. I had a few fairly successful campaigns and they noticed. Most of the people making money with Teespring at the time were using Facebook Ads and I wasn’t, so they wanted to find out as much information as possible – which I was happy to provide. In return, when I asked Teespring for a referral commission (knowing I was going to publish the article) they were happy to provide it. This is also when I asked for a personal representative from the company to handle my referrals directly and although my original rep has been promoted, I was assigned a new guy about a year ago and I’ve had one for nearly 3 years now.

Teespring referrals and FPTraffic subscriptions are my two main monetization strategies for the Teespring article and those two channels alone have generated nearly $10,000 in profit.

The article has been viewed over 200,000 times so when you factor in the ads displaying on each pageview my profit soars to well over $10,000.

On top of all that, I reply to each user that completes the lead form at the bottom of the article with a canned response (CC’ing their new Teespring representative and introducing them to him). Earlier this year when I saw how amazing Tee Advantage was I decided to include a link to it in my canned response to my Teespring leads. I have made an additional $3,000 from those referrals alone.

Fantastic, I’m making money, but where are all the people who are reading the article coming from? How they are landing on my blog to begin with?

The Article Traffic

As I mentioned, my timing on the article was pretty good. I published it before Teespring got really popular and when it did, my article started getting a ton of search traffic. To this day, Google accounts for over 50% of the traffic to the article. What are these people searching for that is landing them on my article? Primarily how to make money with Teespring. Just the person I am looking for!

Teespring Retargeting BannerI also ran a very successful Google Adwords retargeting campaign specifically for my Teespring article (banner shown). I targeted people who had visited my blog, but had not read the Teespring article yet. The campaign ran for over a year and the banner was viewed over 2,400,000 times. The cost for the campaign was just over $1,000, but I had over 100% ROI from FPTraffic subscriptions alone.

The last major source of traffic for the article is from my newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive. In the very first email sent in the follow up sequence for my newsletter (the introduction email), I link to my Teespring article. That email is read by nearly 80% who subscribe to my newsletter. Utilizing your follow up sequence for automated marketing of your content is a great way to make some extra passive income. It’s the reason I have stuck with AWeber for so long as my email management service.

In conclusion, I did not write this article to brag about making $10,000. I did not write it as another form of marketing for my content (although I hope you can see the benefit I will see from it). I am writing and publishing this article to encourage and motivate you to give blogging a try. I will make more money tomorrow whether you take action or not. But, will you?

Let’s make some money!

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29 thoughts on I Made $10,000+ From A Blog Post

    1. Not every campaign will be a home run. I just recently had a few crash and burn, but last night and today are going really well 🙂

  1. Great share man, I always open your mail, because I know, you always speak truth and meaningful , also you did not send me all the time affiliate post. You are the real hero, who really know, how to make your subscriber happy 🙂 Again Great share (y).

    1. haha, thanks KJ. I really need to get back into the retargeting game. Google decided they weren’t uber fond of that particular campaign after I ran it for over a year so I got to come up with a new retargeting strategy.

  2. Hey Luke, have the selling strategies in teespring changed since you posted that article in 2013? Could you tell us what is working now on:
    1. design
    2. targeting
    3. ads – ppe/ctw/wc
    4. retargeting – CA’s and LLA’s
    5. upselling
    6. best markets/niches

  3. Luke – I don’t understand this sentence in the post:

    It’s the reason I have stuck with AWeber for so long as my email management service.

    Are you referring to some special feature in aWeber? Or just auto-responders in general?

  4. how do you run google campaigns? what is the best way to get internet leads? i’m in real estate and looking towards internet activities to generate more cash flow. what do you think would get people in my city on my landing page?

  5. This is an outstanding example of great content marketing in action. The key in this example is you found a subject with legs and kept squeezing money out of it once you realized you had a winner. Exactly what I’m working to find right now for my new blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. First of all i want to say thank you Luke for the free, qualitative marketing education i have been getting from your blog over time. Your consistency ROCKS!

    Love your screenshots very much as well as the insight-full texts.
    Am an Amazon affiliate marketer from Nigeria.

    Really would love to know the tool you use for screenshot capturing. This is an areal i would want to improve. As for me, i use Tinytake screen capture software by MangoApps. But the problem is whenever i share screenshots online, on Facebook and my blog, it looses quality and fades a lot. How do i get around this. Any other person can suggest please.

  7. you write well luke and i love the fact that you were able to share this information frelly with people here, and thats impressive as we all learn from eachother daily… thanks buddy for the info… Great read it is..

    greetings from leXHansplaCE

  8. That’s a huge earning bro from one blog post. I’m learning CPA from my friends and experts. I will join Peerfly as soon as I complete my goals of training. 🙂

  9. Hi luke,

    As a bloggers i would like to Congrats for huge success, this is not an easy task to make $10,000 from a blog post. you are such inspiration for newbies.

    Kapil Heera

    1. FPTraffic is to help you grow your Facebook Pages so you can make money off organic traffic. It does cost money to build up a nice audience though.

  10. It’s really interesting how just a few dollars per day can add up over time. 10k over 3 years is not a ton of money, but when you consider it comes from a 600 word article you wrote in an hour, without any marketing gimmicks, then it becomes amazing!

    Always fun to read stories like this and it inspired me to write today!

    1. Thanks 🙂 You’re absolutely right. I have multiple articles on this blog and others that generate me a nice passive income. It doesn’t take much. Just provide value and you’ll usually get something back.

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