Stop Scrubbing Me!

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There are a million different reasons why your affiliate marketing campaign might fail, but the number one excuse I see as an affiliate manager coming from my PeerFly publishers is scrub. It does not matter how many different factors there are that could change the outcome of your campaign, the first thing that comes to mind every single time is scrub. Well, here are a few things you should consider before crying scrub.

How much traffic have you sent?

I have publishers that have sent 3 clicks total to a campaign and they’ll email me telling me that we are obviously scrubbing because they should have had a lead. Two things:

  1. We do not scrub leads at PeerFly unless they are fraudulent.
  2. The advertiser probably didn’t even notice your 3 clicks.

#1 is true, we do not scrub at PeerFly. Our conversion rates are proof of that. The only time you are ever going to have leads removed from your account is if we get feedback from the advertiser telling us that you were generating fraudulent leads, had duplicate leads, or something along those lines. If something like this happens you are always welcome to contact myself or Corey (Compliance Manager) for information on why your leads were removed.

#2 is also more than likely true. Our advertisers have a lot on their plate. We generate millions of clicks and thousands and thousands of leads. The odds that the advertiser even noticed your 3 clicks isn’t likely.

I will typically suggest that my publishers get a quality check after 50-100 leads. At 50-100 leads the advertiser will have a pretty good idea on the quality of your traffic and we can then work on getting a higher payout for your traffic specifically or at least have some feedback on the quality and possibly make some changes to improve it.

The more traffic you send the happier everyone is!

We all make more money!

Are you split testing?

If I have a publisher cry scrub and we can see a consistent drop in their conversion rate and they’re actually sending a decent amount of traffic, I will suggest they split test. Split testing is critical. If you’re running 3 similar offers and during that same time period we are seeing conversion rates drop across the board it’s obvious that we need to make some changes to your campaign/traffic source. Sometimes it can be as easy as changing up your banner.

Depending on the offer you’re running, we probably already have a few that you can split test. For example, let’s say you’re running a campaign promoting the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Offers

ID Name Payout CR EPC
4021 Apple iPhone 4S – Email Submit $1.30 12.04% $0.16
4047 Big-Giveaways iPhone 4S, MacBook Air, iPad2 $1.00 7.09% $0.07
4066 iPhone 4S [Exclusive] $1.30 6.01% $0.08
4022 iPhone 4S Registration $2.00 3.84% $0.08
3919 iPhone 4S Test and Keep – LP2 $1.60 3.70% $0.06
3550 BBR iPhone 4S – Social Link $1.30 3.30% $0.04
4023 iPhone 4S [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 1.96% $0.03
3912 iPhone 4S – Blue LP2 $1.60 1.72% $0.03
4068 Apple iPhone 4s vs Motorola Droid $1.30 0.00% $0.00
4072 Apple iPhone 4s vs Motorola Droid – Registration $2.00 0.00% $0.00

We have a few iPhone 4S offers you can split test. Of course, you’re welcome to split test our offers with some offers from other affiliate networks. I’m confident you will see the highest conversion rates with our PeerFly offers 🙂

So, that’s my affiliate manager rant on scrub. If you think you are being scrubbed and you are driving some traffic I’m more than willing to look into it for you. I have access to ALL of the traffic going through our offers on PeerFly and I am happy to use it to help build a case of scrub or against scrub for you. I work very closely with our advertisers and have no problem bringing this up to them as well. As I’ve mentioned before, we will do what it takes to keep your traffic with PeerFly and keep your campaigns profiting.

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12 thoughts on Stop Scrubbing Me!

  1. Hi Luke,
    I send an email to Corey questions about that topic.
    I’ve had on occasions, 20 clicks and 0 conversions.
    It may be that all people do not realize all of the offer.
    But a few months ago I had a test blog, and the conversion was high bastente few days, he received about 10 visitors and generated 3 or 4 commissions. What could be Luke? thanks

  2. Making a statistic from 10 or 20 clicks is silly too. It’s simply not unusual to get 10 clicks and no conversion, in particular with offers where you need to make a sale to convert. CR from 1% to 5% are pretty common. And even with a very high converting zip/email submit which converts close to 40% or better…it can happen there is one of “those days” where you get some clicks in a row and no conversions. compare your and your friend’s blog…so wouldn’t it make sense that the blog is a reason..because you say you got “visitors” and no conversions…maybe your friends page was simply better with a better pre-sell..and something on your blog distracted people or put them off to click in the first place.

  3. Hi

    As we speak I have 50 clicks on leads but no conversions. I know 50 clicks is not much, but it is still 50! No conversions No Epc no nothing. No I am not crying, and I will be successful with CPA marketing. But I can’t wait for my first conversion, just for the mindset.

    Talk soon.


  4. ha, it is so easy to say no i didn’t! but what other people say and the conversion rates compared to other networks can give you the real frame, pf is not the worst but….

  5. I love how people barely send any or even worse completely bad traffic, get a few clicks, and expect to be making conversions. I just don’t get how they reach that conclusion in their heads.

  6. You do scrub. I runned an offer with you for an entire month with not even a conversion. I asked one friend of mine to make a couple of purchases through my aff and nothing was tracked. Obviously I changed to another network and conversions suddenly showed up.

    1. It was not PeerFly scrubbing you. I would be happy to take a look and investigate for you to see if for some reason the converisons weren’t tracking properly with the client. Feel free to email me and I’ll take a look.

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