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The following is a paid review of SocialAdNinja. Although I am getting paid to write this review, this is my honest opinion of the service and I would not write the review if I did not think it would be helpful in some way to your affiliate marketing or attempts to make money online. Enjoy!

Facebook is growing at a rapid pace and with nearly a billion users and a $100 billion valuation it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s been a great traffic source for affiliates for years and although the price to advertise has gone up, there are still great opportunities and a lot of money to be made advertising using Facebook Ads. I’ve discussed promoting PeerFly offers on Facebook and even posted a case study, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions you probably have about advertising on Facebook. What offers work best? What ad copy works best? What banner images get the highest CTR? Well, all of those things can be answered using one service, SocialAdNinja.

What is SocialAdNinja?

SocialAdNinja is a service that allows you quickly and easily search through thousands of Facebook Ads on many different Facebook profiles. One of the main benefits to advertising on Facebook is the great targeting, which makes it so your ad is being viewed by people who are the most likely to click it and engage in whatever your call to action is. So, if you open your Facebook you are probably being bombarded by ads about marketing, advertising, and so on. If you’re setting up a dating campaign, you don’t have a lot of examples of what your competitors are doing in that space on Facebook unless your single and actually are getting dating ads displayed to you. SocialAdNinja can solve that problem. They have a huge database of over 100,000 ads being displayed on Facebook to about 50 different Facebook profiles from different countries, ages, genders, marital statuses, and interests.

Here are some of their great selling points:

  • Massive Ad Database
  • International Ads
  • Search by gender, age, martial status, and location
  • Search by keywords in ad creatives
  • Interest targeting
  • Smart internal connections between ads and profiles
  • Custom profile suggestions for new niches
  • Affordable price
  • Fast search interface
  • Constant support
  • Profitability factor
  • Tutorials and case studies to help you make money

SocialAdNinja Features

The interface once you are logged into SocialAdNinja is pretty easy to use. They have 4 main features:

  • Ad Search
  • Profile List
  • Target Profile Suggestions
  • Tutorials and Case Studies

Ad Search
The Ad Search page allows you to search through the 100,000+ ads SocialAdNinja has in it’s database. They have some great search options so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

SocialAdNinja Ad search

With just a glance at that screenshot you can see the opportunities this tool provides. For example, if I wanted to setup a Facebook campaign for our Mature Dating 40+ offer on PeerFly I could simply type Mature in the search on ad title and body, select United States as the location, and it returns some great ads other affiliates are using to advertise offers similar to Mature Dating, if not the same one. Here are some examples of ads returned:

Mature Dating ads from Facebook found using SocialAdNinja

If you click on the ad title for any of the ads shown in the results you can see the profiles that are displaying that ad (probably a good demographic to start in your testing) and how long it’s been showing on the profiles for SocialAdNinja. I don’t suggest completely stealing campaigns, but this information could definitely be helpful in setting up your own.

Profile List
As I mentioned, there are about 50 different profiles that SocialAdNinja is monitoring. You can sort and look through those on the profile list page.

Profile list on SocialAdNinja

If you are looking for a specific demographic and they do not currently have a profile that covers it, they are open to suggested and willing to add new profiles for you (see below), which is great! The support provided by SocialAdNinja is one of their selling points and from my interaction with them I can see why. They are very responsive and helpful.

Target Profile Suggestions
This is the page where you can submit suggestions for target profiles. You can view profile requests by other SocialAdNinja users and create your own target profile suggestion.

Target Profile Suggestions on SocialAdNinja

Tutorials and Case Studies from SocialAdNinja
SocialAdNinja is a tool that was developed by Facebook marketers for Facebook marketers, so it only makes sense that they would provide tutorials and case studies on ways you can improve your Facebook marketing. As the site and community of marketers continues to grow so will the case studies and tutorials, but they have a few good articles setup on there now that may be helpful. Unfortunately, I can’t share their content so if you want to take a look you’ll have to pay for it 🙂

SocialAdNinja Coupon

One of my stipulations for doing this review for SocialAdNinja is that they give me a coupon code for my readers to use. In my opinion, the price of the service is a bit high. However, with my 15% off coupon it’s well worth a look 🙂

SocialAdNinja Coupon Code: LUKE15

By using my 15% discount code, LUKE35, you can get your monthly subscription for $124.95 ($22.05 off). They also offer a weekly subscription, but I don’t suggest it (view Membership options). If you’re a serious Facebook marketer the $124.95 to try it out for a month would be well worth your investment. I’ve found some very interesting information just based on a few searches that I think I could use to put together a pretty solid dating campaign.

I’ve embedded the video that can be found on the SocialAdNinja homepage below. It has a lot of great information and also walks through some of the features I mentioned above. Check it out and let me know what you think. Let’s get some Facebook campaigns up and make some money!


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