Using Sponsored Stories to Generate Blog Traffic

Sponsored Stories for your blog

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Facebook Ads are dead. That’s something I’ve been hearing from a few months now and while it may be getting harder and harder to get your affiliate campaigns approved, I have been seeing awesome results from Facebook Ad campaigns I have been running lately. You just need to be a little more creative and use the new features within Facebook Ads to your advantage.

One example of a Facebook feature within Facebook Ads that I have discussed before is Sponsored Stories. Sponsored Stories are special advertisements on Facebook you can use to promote your fan page or posts within a fan page. I am going to describe how you use Sponsored Stories to generate traffic to your blog. This will not only help you get cheap targeted traffic to your blog, but it can also help build up your fan base as well.

Create a Fan Page For Your Blog

In order to use Sponsored Stories you will need to create a fan page. If you are going to drive traffic to your blog I suggest creating a fan page for your blog. This is a good way to help build your brand and get free social media traffic.

You can post the links to new articles on your fan page to keep your fans and readers engaged and up to date with the latest happenings on your blog. By using Sponsored Stories you can target your current fans and also build a new audience of users by targeting interests and demographics with your ads. Setting up the ad is easy.

Creating a Sponsored Story for your Most Recent Post

Setting up a Sponsored Story for your blog is pretty simple. You set it up just like you would a regular Sponsored Story, but obviously choose your blog fan page and after choosing the Promote Page Posts option (top arrow) you can select to keep your ad updated automatically with your most recent post (bottom arrow).

Whenever you make a new post on your fan page your Facebook ad will be automatically submitted to Facebook for review and once approved your Sponsored Story will start displaying again right away with an ad to your new post. Unlike most Facebook ads pending review, the Sponsored Stories automatically submitted seem to get approved pretty quickly.

Sponsored Stories Recent Post

By using Advanced Options and Google Analytics you can create a custom campaign and track how engaged the visitors from your Sponsored Stories ads are. This is a good way to make sure you are getting your money’s worth out of your campaign. If you have a Google AdWords retargeting campaign setup you can also build your audience list and retarget the user’s coming to your blog from your Sponsored Stories campaign. All that sounds great, but is it really worth it?

Sponsored Stories Blog Traffic

I have been running the Sponsored Story campaign to my blog for a little while now and the results I have seen are pretty good.

Sponsored Stories blog traffic stats

  • 213,864 Impressions
  • 615 Clicks
  • 949 Actions
  • 0.288% CTR
  • $57.27 Spent
  • $0.27 CPM
  • $0.09 CPC

That CPC is much lower than the retargeting campaign I’m also running to my blog. On average users are spending 12.21% more time on my blog when visiting from my Sponsored Stories campaign and my bounce rate from those same visitors is reduced by about 9.05%. I have set a pretty low daily budget for my Sponsored Stories campaign, but it is performing okay so I have kept it running and will continue to keep it running.

If you are looking to increase your blog’s reach and readership you should definitely consider setting up a Sponsored Story with your latest posts. It’s a great way to get some awesome traffic to your posts and keep your users engaged. Give it a try, watch your statistics closely, and let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

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4 thoughts on Using Sponsored Stories to Generate Blog Traffic

  1. Thanks for the post. But personally I don’t have a comfortable experience with Facebook Ads as most of the time they tend to block our advertisement dashboard for simple reasons. Once I started an Ad for one of my foreign clients and used a credit card of my company which had an Australian address. Actually I started the ad from India and after running the campaign for few hours, they blocked the campaign saying that your location of starting the ad and the address mentioned on the credit card used for the ad payment are entirely different and hence we are blocking your ads. Really felt frustrated after hours of spending time with the marketing and designing team to get the ad lines and ad images created.

    1. You’ll find that a good CTR is pretty easy to get with Sponsored Stories. I’m targeting people from English speaking countries that have “affiliate marketing” as an interest 🙂

  2. Hi Like,
    How would you monetize your page?
    Since Peerfly doesn’t allow to direct link from the fan page to the offer what would you suggest?
    I tried link swiper but without any success…

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