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In April of last year I reviewed a service called SocialAdNinja. Since posting that review I have gotten a lot of questions about SocialAdNinja (the review was read over 17,000 times!) and how it differs from it’s competitors. It’s no secret, there are plenty of tools out there to help you maximize your affiliate marketing potential, but as anyone who has visited WarriorForum or any affiliate marketing forum has found, not all of them are worth your money. Well, over the past nine months a lot has changed with SocialAdNinja and I thought it would be interesting to do a comparison between them and one of their biggest competitors, Lots of Ads.

Although Lots of Ads has been around awhile longer than SocialAdNinja, SocialAdNinja is quickly becoming a favorite among affiliate marketers advertising on Facebook so I thought it would be interesting to find out why.

What they both have…

Two things that neither SocialAdNinja (SAN) or Lots of Ads (LOA) are lacking in are features or data. Combined the two services have around 1,300,000 ads (400,000 on SAN and 900,000 on LOA) that are searchable by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Martial Status
  • Ad Title
  • Ad Body
  • Ad URL
  • Days Ad Has Been Live

With each search you perform on both sites you are provided with the ads found on Facebook related to that search. The results will show the banner used with the ad title and body. Both services are pretty fast and have some great information you can use to setup your own profitable campaigns.

Another awesome thing both SocialAdNinja and Lots of Ads will do is they will add countries or specific profiles if a member requests it. They have quite a few profiles and countries to choose from, but there are certain demographics that you might want to try besides what is available. Support is fantastic on both sites and they are very responsive to making the changes needed for their members.

All that being said, here are things I like more about Lots of Ads.

What Lots of Ads has…

Lots of Ads

Lots of Ads is older than Social Ad Ninja so that is definitely an advantage in my mind. They have more experience in the market, but that does not always make you the best. They currently have more ads in their database than SocialAdNinja, but SAN is catching up pretty quickly.

Lots of Ads Search

Currently, Lots of Ads has ads for 33 different countries while Social Ad Ninja only has ads for 18 countries. This is obviously an advantage for Lots of Ads, but SocialAdNinja has been adding new countries just about every other week and they expect to pass Lots of Ads this year in both countries they have ads for and total ads in the database. LOA has about 500,000 more ads than SAN has, but they also count ads differently. If three profiles on Lots of Ads see an ad it counts as three ads in their system. With SocialAdNinja, if the same ad is seen by three different profiles then it is only counted as one ad (because really it is just one ad). As I’ll mention below, with SAN you can explore how the ads are connected to profiles, which is something Lots of Ads does not have. On average each ad is seen by at least 2.5 different profiles, so you could say that SocialAdNinja actually has 1,000,000 ads which means they have more than Lots of Ads has.

Lots of Ads Profiles

Lots of Ads allows you to mass download the creatives for the advertisements you find when searching and while SocialAdNinja does not have this feature, you can “bookmark” ads on SocialAdNinja within the member area which makes it easy to organize them.

Another cool feature that Lots of Ads has that SocialAdNinja does not have is the ability to automatically translate an ad. You can translate within Lots of Ads and while that is awesome, you could do the same thing yourself with Google Chrome or Google Translate.

What SocialAdNinja has and why it’s better…

Social Ad Ninja

Obviously I am a bit biased towards SocialAdNinja, but I am also a fan of innovation and a great user experience. SocialAdNinja has made great changes since I originally reviewed in nine months ago and the features speak for themselves.

One example of a feature I really like that SocialAdNinja has that Lots of Ads does not have is the ability to differentiate between ads that are linking to external URLs and those that are linking to pages within Facebook, which would be ads for Facebook Apps or Facebook Pages. I do a lot of Sponsored Stories campaigns linking to fan pages so it’s nice to be able to look and see what other people are doing with that type of advertising.

Probably my favorite thing about Social Ad Ninja is the amazing user interface. They have made a bunch of great changes over the past few months to keep the interface fluid and easy to use. The search is simple, the results are pretty, and filtering is fantastic. Here is a sample of some results I found with a search for mature:

SocialAdNinja mature ads

Looks pretty right? The filtering on the left makes it really easy to break down results and find just what you are looking for. Another awesome feature is if you click on any of the ads within the results you can see the different profiles that single ad is showing up for. So, not only do you have a database of ads, but you also have all the profiles those ads are connected to. If the same ad is showing for several demographic profiles then you get a better idea of how exactly that advertiser is targeting. Here is an example:

SocialAdNinja Profiles for Ad

Obviously, that ad is getting quite a bit of exposure to single males 20-55 that live in Germany. It could be being shown to people younger than 20 and older than 55, but we know for sure that it’s being displayed to the 20-55 range because of the different profiles that have seen it. With Lots of Ads you can not get this data without manually going through them all and finding identical ads. With SocialAdNinja you can also go to each user profile and see other ads that the user is being shown:

SocialAdNinja - Ads for a Profile

So, while SocialAdNinja is not quite as big as Lots of Ads yet, they are growing daily (adding 2,000+ every day) and have some fantastic features that Lots of Ads just does not have. They also have a nicer interface with an overall better user experience.

Okay, I’m sold, but what is it going to cost me?

I think you are doing yourself a favor if you decide to use either Lots of Ads or SocialAdNinja. Obviously, I am favoring SocialAdNinja, but either one should help you build more successful campaigns quicker. So, the final major factor should be the price.

Lots of Ads is going to cost you lots of money. The monthly subscription plan for all countries is $500. I like the service and I’d love to tell you it is well worth it, but SocialAdNinja is much cheaper.

Social Ad Ninja is just $147 per month. That’s less than a third of the price of Lots of Ads. Over the next few months I expect them to have more ads and all of the features that Lots of Ads has, so I am sticking with SocialAdNinja.


Not to sound like an infomercial, but I do have a pretty good deal for my readers. If you decide you want to give SocialAdNinja a try you can sign up and use the coupon LUKE15 and get 15% off your monthly subscription.

SocialAdNinja Coupon Code: LUKE15

I would love to hear what you think of the two services and which one you prefer. I’m hoping to do another Facebook case study soon and I’ll definitely be using SocialAdNinja to help in my research. Let me know if you have any questions and let’s make some money!


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