Skyrocket Your Twitter Traffic with Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards

Earlier this month, I completely revamped one of my viral media sites and one big change I made was setting up a Twitter Card. Since implementing the Twitter Card for the site two weeks ago, I have seen a 444.92% increase in traffic from Twitter!

First, I want to explain what a Twitter Card is and then I will show you how you can setup your own Twitter Card for your website and increase your traffic from Twitter.

What is a Twitter Card?

I published an article about Twitter Cards back in 2013 shortly after they were released by Twitter. A Twitter Card is basically a piece of media you can attach to your tweets when your website is tweeted about.

Here is a sample Card of a link to my most recent post on my blog that I tweeted earlier yesterday:

Twitter Card Example

This Twitter Card is called a Summary Card with Large Image. You can see the big image, title, and description of my link. The link is actually removed from my tweet by Twitter and replaced with the Card.

The reason I am getting so much more traffic from Twitter after adding Twitter Cards to my sites is because the large image takes up way more space in the Twitter feed. People who follow me are more likely to see the image and click it.

You can add your own Twitter Card to your website or blog by adding a few lines of code. These lines of code are called meta tags.

Setting up your Twitter Card

So far, I have setup Twitter Cards on my WordPress blogs and, as I mentioned above, on my viral media site. With the WordPress blogs, I simply installed the right plugin and did the Twitter Card verification. With the viral media site, I had to manually install the meta tags. Here is how you can do it both with WordPress and the meta tags.

Twitter Cards with Yoast SEO WP Plugin

I use the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin and I highly recommend that you do too (if you don’t already). In my opinion, this is the best SEO plugin available for WordPress. It has the fringe benefit of being setup for Twitter Cards by default as well.

If you have Yoast SEO installed, your blog is already ready for Twitter Cards. To activate your Summary Card with Large Image, all you have to do is validate it using the Twitter Card Validator.

Twitter Card Validator

Now, when you post a link to your blog on Twitter (or anyone else does), you will see the giant Card instead of just the link in the tweet!

Twitter Card Meta Tags

If you need to manually install Twitter Cards on your site, there are 6 different meta tags that I recommend you add to the head of your website to create your Twitter Card.

  • Type
  • Title
  • Description
  • Site
  • Image
  • Creator

Here is the code so you can just copy and paste then replace the dummy text (Your Title, Your Description, etc) with your own.

It’s that easy! Once you have added the meta tags, copy/paste the link to the page the tags are on into the Twitter Card Validator and you’re all set.

Twitter Cards have made a huge difference in the traffic I am getting from Twitter. If you don’t have them setup yet, you need to do it now. It takes very little effort (as shown above) and can more than double your traffic.

Give it a try and let me know how much more traffic you get. Let’s make some money!

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17 thoughts on Skyrocket Your Twitter Traffic with Twitter Cards

    1. Twitter Cards are a pretty big deal. Sorry you aren’t interested in them. Hopefully you find the next post more useful 🙂

    1. You can setup Twitter Cards without setting up Twitter Ads. I am talking about organic traffic from Twitter, not paid ads.

  1. Well I thought it was an interesting post Luke. It’s in line with your regular subjects, so I don’t see how they think it lowers your Blog.

    Twitter emails me every now and then telling me to use cards but i never really got what they were for.
    So Thanks.

    1. Thanks Rod 🙂 Twitter is probably emailing you about using them as ads. I recommend setting them up so you can get the organic traffic too!

  2. I thought it was a helpful article as I did not know that you could use Twitter Cards outside of ads. I’m setting mine up right now. So, thanks for the post.

  3. I think it jut might make an impact. When I am on twitter the first thing that catches my attention is the image quotes and other large images. I will give it a try and see how it affects my overall numbers on Twitter.

  4. Great article luke, I started working with twitter from last month and I got great result. most of the things I automated to grow my account organically. I never used twitter card before, but I’ll try it for sure.

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