Short Form Registration vs. Email Submit Offers

If you have read any of my posts that mentioned a PeerFly offer, then you know I am a big advocate of email submit offers. Email submit offers have been our “bread and butter” at PeerFly since we started, but as we continue to grow we’ve noticed more and more of our publishers are running our short form registration offers rather than our email submits. There are many reasons for this and as I outline them I think you will see that, although email submits are great converters and we’ve seen a ton of very profitable email submit campaigns at PeerFly, there is definitely reason to split test those campaigns with our short form registration offers as well.

What is a Short Form Registration offer?

A short form offer is simply a lead offer that converts with a short form (not many fields required). A short form registration offer converts on the 2nd page submission. The first page will look a lot like an email submit. Usually with just a single form field required (email or zip code).

Short Form Registration - First Page

Once the user puts in their zip code or email (as shown above) they will be taken to a page asking for their shipping information. This is the case with nearly all short form registration offers. If the user enters their information on that page and submits it you are paid for the lead.

Short Form Registration - Second Page

What are the benefits to running a Short Form Registration offer?

As you can see, the advertiser that owns the offer is getting quite a bit more information about the user that is generating the lead (who is interested in getting the product). With more information comes a more qualified lead and that means you are going to get paid more for that lead. Most of our short form registration offers pay $2+ and about $1 higher than the exact same email submit offer.

So, you’re sending the advertiser better leads and you’re getting paid more. Sounds pretty good right? You’re probably thinking, that’s great, but your conversion rate will decrease because more information is required of the user. Believe it or not, that may not be the case!

Let’s use our Apple iPhone 4 Verizon offer as an example. The email submit pays $1.30 and the registration version pays $2.00. If you have a 10% conversion rate with the email submit your EPC is $0.13. If you have a 7% conversion rate with the short form your EPC is $0.14. Depending on how well your ad copy is written and your traffic source, you could see a majority of your users completing that 2nd page on the email submit and unless you’re promoting the registration version of the offer you would never know.

Split test!

Everyone says test, test, and test some more and this is no different. If you’re running an email submit and it’s profiting or close to profiting you would be crazy not to split test a similar registration offer with that traffic. It does not need to be the exact same landing page. If you’re running an iPad email submit you will have no problem finding an iPad registration offer. This is the case for most niches. Also, if you were blacklisted on an email submit usually you can run a short form registration and won’t run into that problem.

We are working to get more short forms up on PeerFly so keep an eye on our new offers. These are great offers and for affiliates who love running email submits it’s a small change that can have large benefits. You’re going to get a higher payout and will be sending higher quality of traffic so if you are sending volume there will be more room for a pay bump. I’ve included a list of some of our top short form lead offers below. Take a look, let me know if you have any questions, and let’s make some money! 🙂

Top Short Form Lead Offers

Name Payout CR
2 Barnes and Noble Nook Color – Registration $2.00 23.53%
Macbook Pro (Premium) Short Form $2.75 18.18%
Apple iPod Nano (16 GB) with Multi-Touch $2.00 16.67%
HTC Flyer Tablet – Registration $2.25 15.38%
Keurig Brewing System – Registration $1.80 14.29%
Apple iPad 2 32GB and Apple Gift Card – Registration $2.25 12.50%
Clarins Restorative Gift Set – Registration $1.80 12.31%
Clearblue Easy Fertility Bundle – Short Form $1.80 12.24%
Nicorette Mini Lozenges Quit Plan – Registration $2.00 11.61%
Motorola Droid RAZR $2.00 10.53%
Apple Mac Mini 120GB $2.25 10.34%
Apple iPhone 4S Holiday – Registration $2.00 9.87%
Pink iPad – Registration $2.00 9.64%
Toshiba vs. Gateway vs. Compaq – Short Form $2.25 9.44%
Lockout is Over – NFL Jersey $2.00 9.40%
Apple iPhone 4 with Bumper Case $2.00 8.92%
Apple Macbook Air 13 $2.25 8.72%
Avon Anti-Aging Set – Registration $2.00 8.58%
Apple iPhone 4s Mobile $2.00 8.54%
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition with Nintendo 3DO – Registration $2.00 8.17%
$250 Gas Cards – Registration $1.80 7.97%
Samsung Galaxy Tablet – Registration $2.25 7.77%
Apple MacBook Air 11.6 $2.25 7.42%
iPhone4 (Premium) Short Form $2.75 7.27%
Apple iPad 2 with Smart Cover – Registration $2.00 6.75%
White iPhone & Macbook or Black iPhone & Macbook $2.25 6.65%
Apple iPad – 64 GB Wi-Fi, 3G, & iLuv Case $2.25 6.62%
NBA Store Gift Card and Jersey – Registration $1.80 6.60%
Apple iPod Touch 64 GB $2.25 6.25%
Star Wars: The Old Republic with $250 GameStop Gift Card – Registration $2.00 6.10%
Acer Iconia 6120 – Registration $2.25 6.10%
Will the economy recover? – Registration $1.80 5.99%
iPhone 4S – Registration [Exclusive] $2.00 5.68%
Playstation Move Bundle $2.00 5.44%
Apple iPhone 4 – Verizon Registration $2.00 5.26%
Halo 4 & $250 Gamestop Gift Card – Registration $2.00 5.06%
Motorola Droid X vs iPhone 4 $2.00 5.06%
It’s Linsanity – $250 Gift Card – Registration $2.00 5.04%
The New Apple iPad and iPhone 4s – REGISTRATION $2.25 4.92%
$250 in Sally Beauty Supply Gift Cards – 2nd Page $1.80 4.88%
Pajama Jeans – 2 Pairs – Registration $1.80 4.87%
Apple iPad 2 64GB – Registration $2.25 4.85%
Apple iPad 2 with $100 iTunes – Registration $2.00 4.51%
Apple iPhone 4S vs Motorola Droid – Registration $2.00 4.41%
NBA Lockout – NBA Jersey – Registration $2.00 4.02%
Kyocera Echo Smartphone – Registration $2.00 3.99%
Gamestop Gift Card with Console – Winter Theme $2.25 3.88%
Jersey + HDTV – Short Form $2.75 3.85%
Gift Card for and NHL Jersey $2.00 3.81%
$150 in YoVille Game Cards $2.00 3.76%


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