Setup your PeerFly Campaign on Prosper202

setup your peerfly campaign on prosper202

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This article was published 5 years ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.

I am not a big advocate of Prosper202, but I know a lot of my publishers and affiliates throughout the industry use Prosper202 to track their affiliate campaigns so I thought it only made sense to do a post series explaining everything Prosper202 has to offer and how you can use it with your PeerFly campaigns. In this guide I am going to explain how to add a traffic source, category, campaign, get your postback link or tracking pixel, and generate your tracking link.

In the guide below I am assuming you already have Prosper202 setup on your own hosting server. I may do a post soon explaining that process, but for now only continue if you already have Prosper202 setup and ready to go!

#1 Traffic Sources

Add Traffic Sources to Prosper202

The first step in setting up your affiliate campaign with Prosper202 is adding a traffic source. In this example, I am going to use 7Search as my traffic source, but you can add any traffic source to your Prosper202 and if you have multiple accounts within that traffic source you can add those as well. It is useful to be able to break down your campaign by traffic source if you are running the same campaign on multiple sources and if you’re running within multiple accounts on that traffic source (although some ad networks do not allow this).

When you go to add an an account with that traffic source you can also add the pixel code for that source. So, if you’re running a campaign on 7Search you will place your 7Search tracking pixel within your Prosper202 and then when you get your pixel or postback URL (step #8) from Prosper202 you would place that within PeerFly or whatever affiliate network you are working with.

Now that you have your traffic source setup it’s time to add a campaign category.

#2 Categories

Add categories or affiliate networks to your Prosper202

Your campaign category is mostly used to track different affiliate networks you are running campaigns with. You can also enter what niche/vertical the campaign is in, but I always use it simply for the affiliate network I’m running the campaign with, which is always PeerFly. However, if you’re split testing among multiple networks, you can add each network on your Campaign Category page and then create a separate link for each network so when you’re running your campaign you can split test among them.

#3 Campaigns

Setup affiliate campaigns in Prosper202

Okay, now we’re getting to the fun part. Adding a campaign is simple, but this is where a lot of affiliates will mess up when setting up their campaign on Prosper202.

First, choose the affiliate network (Campaign Category). Once you’ve selected that (hopefully PeerFly), enter your campaign name. For the campaign name, I like to simply use whatever the campaign is named on the affiliate network. This will make analyzing your statistics later less confusing. So, if you’re going to run offer #6349 on PeerFly I’d put the offer name PrizePagoda – Six Flags Email Submit [Exclusive] (6349), which comes straight from the offer page on PeerFly.

I usually do not rotate URLs so I’d select No for that. The next part is the most important part of setting up your campaign on Prosper202 and it’s likely where you get messed up, your Affiliate URL.

Affiliate URL

You must enter your affiliate URL properly or your campaign will not work. With PeerFly, head over to the offer page for the offer you want to promote. Once there, go down to the Add SubIDs section of the page.

You will need to add the placeholders from Prosper202 as SubIDs in your PeerFly affiliate link. There are 5 placeholders available from Prosper202, but we are only going to use the first 3:

  • [[subid]]
  • [[c1]]
  • [[c2]]

Once you type those 3 placeholders into your PeerFly affiliate links it’ll look something like this:

Prosper202 PeerFly Affiliate Link

If you’ve added the placeholders in your SubID slots simply copy and paste your affiliate link into Prosper202 as your Affiliate URL. It’s not that difficult to do, but it’s also easy to mess up so double check your link after you enter the placeholders to make sure everything looks right.

Next, you will enter the payout you’re getting on the offer. You can find this on the PeerFly offer page under Payout. Finally, you can choose whether you want to set up your link for cloaking or not. This off by default, but you can turn it on if you’re having a hard time getting your links approved at different traffic sources like Facebook Ads.

#8 Get Postback/Pixel

Get your postback or pixel from Prosper202 for your affiliate campaign

In order for Prosper202 to be notified when you generate a conversion you will need to setup your postback URL or pixel from Prosper202 and place it on your affiliate network. Some affiliate networks only offer pixel placement, but I have found that a lot more are moving to postback URLs for tracking purposes. With the pixel, it may not fire properly all the time, but the postback is a server to server connection so it works more consistently. With PeerFly, both pixel placement and postback options are available. You can choose to track your campaign either way, but you should not use both.

Simple Global Post Back URL

I prefer to just use the Simple Global Post Back URL option with Prosper202 to track my conversions. We have a global postback page within PeerFly where you can place your postback link from Prosper202 once and then you’re all set. If you choose to add a pixel you will need to add it to each offer you want to promote.

To add your global postback URL to PeerFly, head over to our Global Postback page. Once there, copy and paste your Simple Global Post Back URL from Prosper202 into the URL box on that page. It should look something like this:

In order for PeerFly to know which SubID you generated the conversion on (which we are passing into our PeerFly link using the Affiliate URL instructions above) you will need to add the %subid1% variable to your postback link after subid=. You can also pass the payout of the offer after amount= with %commission%. With those two variables in place your link will look something like this:

Whenever you get a conversion PeerFly will ping your postback URL and Prosper202 will show your conversion.

Pixel Placement

We also allow you to place your own tracking pixels within the PeerFly interface. Prosper202 offers 3 different pixel options, but I suggest using the Universal Smart Pixel. This is the iFrame pixel and it is the only one that will fire your ad network pixel, which you can add to your campaign when setting up your traffic source (#1 Traffic Sources above). I have a guide to placing your tracking pixel on a PeerFly offer, read that guide and place your pixel from Prosper202 using it.

Now that you’ve setup your postback URL or pixel you are ready to get your new Prosper202 tracking link.

#7 Get Links

Get your Prosper202 tracking link for your affiliate campaign

There are quite a few options when generating your tracking link, but they’re all pretty simple. First, choose your Affiliate network (again, hopefully PeerFly). Then, select the Campaign you want to generate the link for. Choose your Method of Promotion (most cases, Direct Linking). You have the option to turn Cloaking on for this specific link, which you can do if your campaigns are getting disapproved. Choose your PPC Network, PPC Account, and Max CPC.

For your Max CPC simply enter the amount on average you plan to pay per click for the campaign you are setting up. With PPV traffic you would enter your cost per view. If you are bidding CPM, you will need to know your average clickthrough rate or the clickthrough rate you hope to accomplish. For example, my goal with POF campaigns is to get 0.1% CTR so I’ll put my Max CPC as the CPM I am bidding. You can adjust your Max CPC later, but in order to get a semi-accurate ROI to show up in your Prosper202 stats you want to be as close as possible.

If you followed my instructions on inserting the SubID and “c” variables into your affiliate link you have 2 optional Tracking IDs you use with your link. I will usually use these to track individual ads or demographic IDs (example: male24-30). They are not required, but they can help you segment your traffic within Prosper202. Generate your link and you’re all set!

So, that should explain how exactly you can setup your affiliate campaign on Prosper202. Prosper202 can be pretty beneficial when you are trying to analyze your data from your traffic and can definitely help you optimize your campaign. Please let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

Prosper202 Campaign Setup Video Guide

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95 thoughts on Setup your PeerFly Campaign on Prosper202

  1. Nice one Luke, a really detailed walkthrough setting here. One thing before deciding on using Prosper202 I think is important to mention is the hosting environment. Don’t use Prosper202 on a shared hosting plan. You don’t wanna lose clicks ($$) because of slow load times.

  2. When I test my prosper202 destination link it goes to my lander but immediate redirects to the offer? I have the tracking javascript for both: is it suppose to do that? Automatically redirect when they hit the landing page?
    Here is what is before the /body tags on the landing html:


    if (readCookie(‘tracking202outbound’) != ”) {
    } else {

    function readCookie(name) {
    var nameEQ = name + “=”;
    var ca = document.cookie.split(‘;’);
    for(var i=0;i < ca.length;i++) {
    var c = ca[i];
    while (c.charAt(0)==' ') c = c.substring(1,c.length);
    if (c.indexOf(nameEQ) == 0) return c.substring(nameEQ.length,c.length);
    return null;

  3. Hey Luke,

    Well done for the tutorial and video!
    You said you are not a big fan about prosper202,what tracing tool do you use may I ask?
    P.S I just signed up peerfly…


    1. I usually setup my own little script to track everything, but I’ve been hearing awesome things about CPVLab and might give them a try (kind of expensive).

    1. We recently changed the link setup and now only have one link. I will update the article with this change as soon as possible 🙂

      1. I’m waiting for that too. It’s kind of confusing. Also, it would be great if you could go back to the 7search campaign posts and edit them too to reflect that. As a beginner in CPA, I’m finding it a little confusing. Thanks

  4. Hi Luke, after trying to find some documentation specifically related to PeerFly, 7search and Prosper202, I have finally come across your videos and posts. I have to admit you did a great job on explaining everything step by step. Thank you! There is just one thing that I’m not sure about, namely “step #7 Get Links.” Once I click on “Generate Tracking Link” am I supposed to place generated code somewhere or just leave it there? On the top of the page it says it is used in my PPC advertising. Does it mean I place it in 7search? Please, let me know. By the way, I’m working on a campaign that uses direct linking. Thank you.

    1. Yes, you would need to use the tracking link generated when promoting the affiliate offer in order for Prosper202 to be able to track your clicks/conversions. You’re basically replacing your affiliate link with that link.

      Appreciate the great feedback! 🙂

      1. Hi Luke, I’m still a bit confused. Could you, please, let me know where specifically I should place that code, should it be on 7search or on PeerFly?

  5. I just installed Prosper202 on my hosting and got all that setup. But the reason I looked into Prosper202 is because I want to be able to track 6 subids. I’m doing Mobile CPC and in order to fine tune a campaign into being profitable I need to pass data on 6 parameters and from the example on this page Peerfly only allows 3. What can I do? God bless!

    1. You can pass 2 of each parameters into each SubID on PeerFly. So, your SubIDs could be:

      Prosper202 only allows 4 SubIDs (c1, c2, etc) and the keyword. Either way you’ll need to group at least one.

      1. Cool! This will work! I didn’t know you could group two IDs, that gives me a total of 6 which is exactly what I’m looking for. God bless.

  6. Hi Luke,
    I wanna ask which one better for using VPS or enough using share hosting like h0stg4ttor or others hosting for using prosper202. What do you advice ?

    Thanks Luke

  7. Hi Luke – for the subIDs, can you please explain how to setup Peerfly’s subIDs with Prosper202’s [[subid]] [[c1]] [[c2]] and 7search ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID###

    I’m confused as to how these 3 parties are supposed set up to work together. Would be great if you can give example.


  8. Hi Luke – howcome you’re not a fan of Prosper202 – is there something you recommend instead or what? Thx for the helpful articles!

      1. Hi Luke, thanks for the valuable tutorial. I am promoting a Peerfly offer using LeadIMPACT as my traffic source. I am not directly linking with the offer page as the LeadIMPACT pop up window size will restrict the page. So I decided to send traffic to a landing page which then points to the offer page. On offer page, user enters the email and a lead is generated. The offer is breaking even, I have tested the offer with $6 and it generates almost the same amount. I am sure that after optimising and scaling it up, it will be profitable. To optimise, I need to understand how I track the keywords. I need to know the keywords that generate the leads so that I can weed out the non-converting keywords. Could you please advise how can I track the converting keywords. I have just installed Prosper on Beyond hosting VPS which appears fantastic but can’t figure out the keyword tracking. your help will be much appreciated..thanks

  9. Luke, at the end the link did not generate – is that because you were using a dummy account?

    So I would assume… you would take THAT link and put it in your search campaigns (7search, pof, etc) as the offer link, right?

    In the midst of setting up p202 on my HG VPS – the on-site tutorials tracking202 offers are a bit confusing, so I appreciate you going through this for us.

  10. Great tutorial Luke, would the setup be exactly the same to setup a direct linking facebook ad campaigns on peerfly? I’m a little confused about the sub ID’s though. Lets say I want to target males, 20-25, from USA for a facebook campaign, where would i enter them demographic details in? Would I enter them in step 3 (replacing the dummy variables) above or in step 7 in the tracking ID fields or both? Also I see in the video your 3 sub Id’s are called [[subid]] , [[c1]] , [[c2]] but in the tracking ID fields in step 7, there is no input field for [[subid]], only c1,c2,c3&c4, can you explain this? Thanks mate

  11. Hello Luke & everyone
    is it possible directcpv charged us lumpsum traffic of over $600.00 in 5 minutes when campaign activated in about 5 minutes only? but we have capped that for only $5.00 per day! when i view report in peerfly it’s only show only 3 clicks!! please help..i am new to directcpv. i am using paypal, will it still auto charge me???

  12. Hey Luke, great guide. Quick question about the post-back URL, could you pass more than one subid (using prosper202) like this …static/gpb.php?amount=%commission%&subid=%subid1%&c2=%subid2%&c3=%subid3%

    This would track conversions per AFFID and RID? Let me know if i’m wrong, thanks

    1. You only need to pass the one %subid1% and then within Prosper202 you can see the c2 and c3 variables under Overview -> Group Overview

  13. hello Luke i have a question for you. I live in Canada , Montreal.I have an offer that is for the United States but the problem is i cannot see what the offer looks like because when i try to open the page due to the fact that am in Canada it redirect me to another offer that is for Canada therefore i cannot see my offer. How can I solve this problem ?

  14. Hi Luke,
    I got some conversions from a certain offer from PeerFly, I want to know which keyword or subid made the conversion?

  15. Hi. Thanks for all those post. but i have a problem with setting up all 3 sites (peerfly, 7seach, prosper202. my problem is with the affiliate links on 7search. i followed a post that you made that said to add ###keywords### ; ###AFFID### AND ###RID###. So which links should i put in prosper202? do i put the peerfly affiliate link with subid or the link from 7search?

  16. Thanks for this helpful article and video. I am starting out with Bing (not 7search…) How do I pass the keywords between the offer, tracking202, and Bing?

  17. Thanks for that. Just to be clear, the code for the keyword (%%keyword%%) is the same? Is that because it’s really a tracking202 code, not a Bing or 7search code.

  18. Hi Luke,

    While getting destination url, to track our traffic source from 7 search, would we write ###AFFID### and ###RID### in tracking id c2 and tracking id c3 in prosper 202? I am really confused about this one. Thanks for the help.

  19. Please sir Luke, people always say that is not advisable to install prosper on a shared host because of lost traffic, and i want to be using pof and fb to promote my cpa offers, so can i still install with a sub domain that i shares host ? will it be effective? whats your advise?

  20. Hey Luke, awesome guide. One quick issue i’m having, when I track by direct linking everything is fine, but when I use the simple landing page option and create a landing page, I get [no ppc referer] in my prosper202. I’ve created a landing page from scratch, added the javascript and created the redirect.php. Double checked all my links, they’re going where they need to go. but I can’t quite figure out this [no ppc referer] issue. I’ve followed your tutorial and watched it over and over.

  21. Hello Luke,

    I am using PeerFly as my CPA Network. Also, I am using Prosper202 for tracking and using POF as my Traffic Source. So let me know how can I setup the conversion tracking and notification on Prosper202?

    Thanks! 🙂

  22. From your article:
    “In order for PeerFly to know which SubID you generated the conversion on (which we are passing into our PeerFly link using the Affiliate URL instructions above) you will need to add the %subid1% variable to your postback link after subid=.”

    so, the questions is: %subid1% or %offer%? without %offer% you don’t know which offer pinged the url (converted), do you? besides what is %subid1% going to tell you? is it [[subid]] from p202? how’s this [[subid]] defined then? I do define c1, c2 and so on variables in p202, but what’s [[subid]]? thank you

    1. Prosper202 uses Click IDs ([[subid]]) in your link to determine what offer the conversion occurred on. You do not need to pass the offer into your postback because the each click only has 1 offer 🙂

  23. Luke, thanks. I have another, maybe a little strange question though;) Can I set up more than one Global Postback on Peerfly? eg. for two different tools? The point is I am giving a try with p202 and another tool, just to compare things. I set up a Global Postback with p202 already and I am running campaigns through it but I also want to try another tool at the same time. I was thinking about setting up an individual Postback URL but on PeerFly’s blog I found out it’s not recommended to use Global and individual postbacks at the same time. so can I just use just 2 global postbacks?

  24. Why are the SubID placeholders required for the campaign to work? I think I may be having this problem, since I am using no placeholders, but having traffic go to the offer. No conversions at all so far according to Peerfly reports and Prosper202

  25. Hi Luke,
    I am using CPVlab and I would like to check with you on the postback pixel.
    Am I right to say using this format as below :
    “” and place it in the global postback and I do not need to always create the postback pixel for every offer since it is a global postback pixel ?

    And this configuration will be able to send the information back to cpvlab right ?

    Thanks in advance

  26. Hello luke, I’m doing all these steps, but when I go check the link generated by prosper202, he forwards to a survery and not for my promotion, I tried several options and have not had a result. help please

  27. All this time, I had a loading symbol next to my ‘category’ field in later steps. I changed hosts, switched to a powerful SSD VPS, etc. I couldn’t figure it out! I tried SO much! I found this, and it didn’t fix it!
    All this time, it was uBlock Google Chrome extension.
    Be sure to disable that guys!

    It works, and is amazing. My VPS (hosts my blog and a few other projects soon) didn’t even load 0.01 from P202. I thought everyone said it would never work on shared hosting? This works on my VPS without even touching the CPU!

    I opened 26 windows on an affiliate link, it hit the CPU to 2% without even touching load average.

    Anyhow, I got my problem fixed! So happy! For months, I couldn’t figure it out.

  28. I want to use prosper202 with 50onred.. This is how i did it:

    Added [[subid]], [[c1]], [[c2]] on peerfly offer page. Got my link and added in prosper.

    Then in last page of getting links [inside prosper], i made the following link:{target}&c2={domain}&c3={bid}&c4={country}&t202kw=

    Is this correct? Also I feel that the c3 and c4 will not work as I have not added them on peerfly offer page [peerfly only offers 3 sub-ids]… Please guide me ;(

  29. Same as Umer but I’m just getting started with ppv. I will use p202 at 50onred, Confused with SubIDs. What is the correct subid placement if I want to track the domain? Please advise.
    Btw Luke I subscribed to skrayp.. Tia

  30. Hi there Luke,
    when you say – If you are bidding CPM, you will need to know your average clickthrough rate or the clickthrough rate you hope to accomplish. – so the number on Max CPC is something close to $0.43 or exactly that number, since that’s the number i am using to bid on PoF.

  31. Hi again, thanks for the response: I’ve followed the steps as strictly as possible, but something went wrong somewhere, from the PoF banners i follow the prosper link to the LP, and the link is working cause it shows on prosper. Problem is at the redirect page, i put the php script in a new page and saved it as instructed in the same folder as the LP, it took time to realise where exactly to put it, cause i am using a theme on wordpress, i was no sure if it was in the right place or not, then i saw the php file on the WP editor. Good.
    Then i made sure that the buttons would be linked to the redirect page, and they were, but there was no redirection whatsoever… 🙁 the buttons send me to the redirect page cause i see the name of the LP followed by – .php – but it stays there and it’s not redirected to the offer. I’ve tried to change from php to html, but same problem.

  32. Hi Luke,
    I need some help about Prosper202, more specifically on this section: ClickServer – Setup – #3 Campaings – Rotate Urls.

    I chose the PeerFlay offer that has 3 landing pages, and I want to rotate them to see which converts best.

    My questions are:

    1. I just put my 3 affiliate links under “Campaign URL”, “Rotate Url #2”, and “Rotate Url #3”. Is this correct?
    2. Do I have to put tracking placeholders [[subid]], [[c1]], [[c2]] after each link or only after the first one under “Campaign URL”?
    3. I’m not sure how “Rotate Urls” works. What I mean is, if you can define somewhere the number of times each page will be displayed, or is it all automatically and randomly selected?
    4. I’ll use 7Search for my traffic source, so when I generate a tracking link under “#8 Get Links”, the last part of the link should look like this: …&t202kw=###KEYWORD###&c1=###AFFID###-###RID### …Is this correct?

    I would really appreciate your answers.


  33. Does anyone know where can i get Spanish help about those things? Even if i can read English all becomes easier on my native lang. Thank you.

  34. Hi Luke.

    I’m running a Peerfly campaign on 50onRed and Prosper202.

    Do you have any setup example for the above mentioned?

    I’m still confused on these subID thing and what it does. If I want to track domains instead of keywords, what should I do.

    An example showing will be good.

  35. Hi Luke

    Great article (as usual). Could you please explain the difference between a Global postback vs an offer specific postback?

    One more thing; I noticed that the image /Prosper202-PeerFly-Affiliate-Link.png isn’t showing up in your post after the text “Once you type those 3 placeholders into your PeerFly affiliate links it’ll look something like this” in # 3 Campaigns. You might want to check that out.

    Many thanks

  36. Great content, Luke!

    When you create the postback URL, what is the benefit of including “cid=%offer%”? What does that track and what can that data give me?

  37. Hy luke

    If it is on offer at the peerfly does not support tracking pixel: This offer does not support the ability for you to place your own pixel. You will need to setup a postback instead.

    What should I do?

    and if I should be setting up a postback, how should I fill in the column amount (on prosper202)

    1. That is not the correct way to test your link. You need to do a conversion test with your actual Prosper202 tracking link. Your postback appears to be setup properly. If you would like to email me, I can help you.

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