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I have discussed redirecting affiliate offers a few different times, but I still get questions about it frequently. If all of my publishers and readers would learn PHP, HTML, and JavaScript it would make my job really easy, but unfortunately that is not the case. Luckily, the most popular control panel used on the majority of the servers you would be able to get hosting on (including HostGator) has a built in feature that allows you to setup a redirect with just a few clicks of your mouse and zero programming or coding knowledge.

That being said, here is a quick demonstration on how you can set up redirects easily within your cPanel.

Important! In order to complete the instructions below you will need your own web hosting account with at least one domain name and cPanel account created. If you do not have those things I suggest you head over to HostGator and talk to their amazing support about getting them setup!

Creating a Subdomain Redirect

The best way to setup a redirect within cPanel is to simply create a subdomain and then have that subdomain redirect to whatever URL you want (including your PeerFly affiliate link).

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a subdirectory setup on your domain that can be accessed via a keyword at the beginning of your domain. That sounds confusing, but it’s really simple. For example, I could create the subdomain where track is the keyword used before my domain.

Subdomains icon

If you are familiar with cPanel then finding the subdomain section should be easy. You can use the Find box at the top (simply type subdomains) or you can locate the Subdomains icon (shown at the right) in the Domains table. Once you are at the Subdomains page it should look like this:

cPanel Subdomains

The screenshot above shows one of the subdomains I have setup on cPanel for the domain I will discuss why I have chosen that domain a bit more below, but for now let’s create your first subdomain.

Create a Subdomain

As I said earlier, you can pretty much choose whatever keyword you want to use within your subdomain. You can type in the keyword you want to use in the first box under Create a Subdomain. Once you have typed in your subdomain keyword simply click Create. After your cPanel create’s the subdomain simply click the Go Back button.

Subdomain Created

Now that you are back at the Subdomains page in your cPanel you can setup the redirect on the subdomain that you have created. Scroll down to the Modify a Subdomain section and click on the Manage Redirection link for the subdomain you want to create the redirect for.

Manage Redirection

Now, you can setup the URL/affiliate link you want the subdomain to redirect to! It is pretty simple and after you do it once or twice you should be able to do it without any issues. It can be really handy if you are setting up a bunch of campaigns on Plenty of Fish, 7Search, Facebook Ads, or any other traffic source.

The com- Domain

The domain I used in the guide above is At first glace this seems like a very odd domain to use, but as I showed above when you create a subdomain on that domain it looks pretty cool. Check out these examples I could create:


Pretty cool right? With Plenty of Fish and a redirect it doesn’t really make much of a different because it’s likely no one but the person approving your ad will actually see the domain, but with search or social media these domains can come in handy. I do NOT suggest being misleading or doing anything blackhat with a com- domain, but by setting up subdomains on them it’s a cheap way to create nice looking redirects.

If you have any questions about how to setup your own cPanel subdomain redirect please feel free to comment below or contact me. Let’s make some money!

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25 thoughts on Setting Up a Redirect with cPanel

  1. Great informative post. I was actually looking around the web to see if there is an easier method for redirecting affiliate links. My only concern/question is:- do we also need to no-follow/no-index this link within our site? If yes, what’s the best way to do it?

  2. I”m pretty new, i have a blog and a cpanel hosted with hostgator but i dont know how and where to begin, Hi Luke, could you help me?

  3. It can use on adcenter ? i ever see some ppc ebook use redirect from sub domain to sale pages from adcenter.

    Is it true ?

  4. Quick question. I learned from from someone how to use a php script to re-direct your URL to an offer which is used for Facebook ads. This is almost the opposite in the sense that the extension is put at the end of your URL. For example…lets say your domain is, and your promoting a dating offer. Your redirect would be Your method of subdomains would make this What is the benefits or reasons in using php re-direct apposed to a re-direct right form cPanel? One thing I can see is that your way you still have your actual site live and active. The other way you really don’t have a site since its being used only to re-direct. Basically it seems using your method makes more sense since you can still have a live homepage too. So why do people use php re-directs instead of this? Thanks.

    1. Both are fine. I like to use subdomains, but setting up a simple works too. It’s just a matter of preference 🙂

      1. Great tutorial I thank you for posting ! However, it is not only a matter of preference but also of costs. Buying domain, especially .com is not a cheap activity for those who plan to have 10s or 100s 1000s??? campaingns running.

  5. Hey Luke! And if you’re using a unique redirect with your link ( and you want to pass some variables like keywords or id’s. Will you add these id’s to this domain, like
    This works?

  6. Hi Luke
    After setting up the redirect should we be able to test it somehow? By going to the new subdomain URL and it should redirect us to the product landing page right?
    I tried to check it but my subdomain link goes to a 404 hostgator page (im using hostgator)…?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Hi Luke,

    I am dipping my toes into the waters of IM. Thought I would try FB Ads, I try to use subdomains but I seem to get the message of “You’ve entered a destination that can’t be promoted. Please choose a different destination”. All I have done is added a subdomain with a redirect to my offer. I even get this on a standard domain. Is it because I have only just set up these subdomains? They work correctly when I test from my browser.



    1. You should try a meta refresh or iFrame. Facebook is definitely cracking down on use of domains marked as spam, which PeerFly’s has been.

  8. Hey Good Day Luke,

    I’ve just started following your blog not to long ago, and I have to say I am blown away! Thanks much for all the value!


    If we we’re to setup redirects and promote our links on Bing Ads, how would we pass sub id’s? I’m basically wondering how would I track {keyword} conversions.

    Do we add the &s1={keyword},{matchtype} on the redirection link inside of Bing Ads, or would we add that information on our affiliate/redirection URL inside of Cpanel?

    Ok hopes this makes sense.



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