Setting up a 7Search Campaign

setting up a 7search campaign

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7Search is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only.

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Yesterday I sent out an email to everyone who has joined my newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive, with a quick example and walk through of setting up and tracking a 7Search campaign. Today I am going to go into a little more detail on how exactly that is done, give you some example offers you should run on 7Search, and I have even included a screencast going over my example campaign. Later this week I am going to do a follow up post on how to optimize your 7Search campaign by finding and blacklisting losing sources.

Join 7Search and get $25 FREE!

Of course, before you can setup your 7Search campaign you need to join as an advertiser. Use the banner above or click here to join under my link. Once you create your account and deposit at least $50 you will get $25 added to your account for free.

Once your account is setup simply click the Create Campaign link on your Campaigns tab and you’ll be taken to the New Campaign form.

7Search New Campaign

The form is pretty self explanatory, but there are a few things I’d like to note. To insert the keyword that you are bidding on that the user has searched for in order to see your add simply add the variable ###KEYWORD### to your ad title, ad description, display URL, or destination URL. This can really help your CTR.

For your destination URL you need to pass 3 variables into your link so you can track everything properly. Those are:

  • ###KEYWORD###
  • ###AFFID###
  • ###RID###

As I explained above, the ###KEYWORD### variable will pass the keyword as a subid into your link. The ###AFFID### is the affiliate’s ID number from 7Search that you are getting traffic from. The ###RID### variable is that affiliate’s website ID that they are generating traffic from. Obviously, each affiliate has their own ID, but each affiliate can have many websites so each website has it’s own ID as well. It’s common to see that one website from an affiliate on 7Search may be generating conversions, but another may not. Later I will explain how you can blacklist a certain website an affiliate is sending you traffic from if it is not converting for you.

You will want to pass these variables into your PeerFly Affiliate Link as subids. I suggest passing them in the following order (this is what the end of your Affiliate Link should look like):


With those variables added to your link you will be able to see a subid breakdown for each click you get from 7Search on your PeerFly Reports and then track which keywords, affiliates, and websites on 7Search are generating leads and which ones are wasted clicks.

Finding Keywords

After you create your campaign you are taking to the page to add keywords. 7Search has a very nice keyword search tool with all their data built right in.

7Search Keyword Search

Type in your main keyword you would like to work with. For each campaign there should be a main keyword obvious. For the one I used in my example screencast above, that is scrapbook. So, I type in scrapbookΒ and 7Search returns suggested keywords with some very cool data:

  • The keyword
  • Estimated searches per month
  • Estimated clicks for the top position
  • The top 3 bids for that keyword

Using this data you can access how much volume is possible and how much it’s going to cost you. The actual keyword scrapbook gets about 200 clicks a month and it looks like I’m going to have to bid at least $0.05 to get some traffic. That’s not very much traffic at all and fighting for it at $0.05 a click doesn’t seem worth it. As you go down the list you’ll see there’s less and less volume available for those keywords and apparently zero clicks. This is a little disheartening, but I’m sure there are other keywords that I might be able to get some traffic on if I continue my keyword research. Just for example purposes, I am going to choose 10 of those keywords and explain in the video below how I go about bidding for them.

Place Tracking Pixel

The last step to setting up your 7Search campaign is placing the 7Search tracking pixel on the offer on PeerFly. You can find the 7Search tracking pixel by clicking the [Track It] link on your Manage KeywordsΒ page, the Conversion Tracking link on your Dashboard, or by clicking here.

Get 7Search Pixel

Just copy the pixel code and then place it on the offer on PeerFly. Placing the tracking pixel on PeerFly is easy. Once you get your first lead your tracking code will be “verified” on 7Search. No need to do this manually. By adding the pixel you are helping 7Search optimize your traffic for you.

With that information you should be able to setup your 7Search campaign and start getting some traffic. I will be doing a follow up post on how to optimize your campaign based on the traffic you have gotten. I will also be doing a case study from my own campaign.

I suggest to get started you run some of our top email submit offers.Β Please let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

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  1. Nice share,Luke.
    I’m new in CPA marketing,your posts are good for me to start my work.
    I think I should apply some CPA network first.


      1. Hey Luke I registered trough your link and I deposited 50 $ and I didn’t get any bonus.. Could you take a look since I am a bit worried….. anyways great post! I am looking forward for your response ! THanks :))

  2. Sorry, I know I will be THE odd ball for asking this question: Whats is 7Search for? Is this advertising using keywords? If so, how is it different from the CPV networks like directcpv who uses keywords for advertising?

    1. DirectCPV is pop up traffic and 7Search is search engine traffic. I plan to do a traffic source breakdown soon πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the link to $25. I used it the other day and it worked. I’m still testing. Not getting a lot of clicks… I’ll keep testing and hopefully I’ll be able to do an early payment and use Facebook again. I’m also making use of the SubID’s as well. I never really used them before. Thanks for all the great advice, Luke!

      1. i have no seo experience.
        there is other free traffic method to get good conversion to cpa offers????

  4. Great step Luke, let me ask you some – my little confuse.
    How to track campaign with p202 by insert all subid like


    coz on p202 we should insert [subid] again, im not sure about it.

    1. With Prosper202 you can simple put a dash between each variable as your one subid (##KEYWORD###-###AFFID###-###RID####), but I suggest just direct linking using your PeerFly Long Link.

  5. Thank you very much Luke!
    Just joined PeerFly today, thanks to your approval.
    Have started two campaigns.
    Signed up 7search and will be using your wonderful tutorials to launch
    my campaigns.
    PeerFly + 7Search = the best of the best!
    cheers to our fruitful partnership,
    Bobby Wan

  6. hello Luke thanks for sharing this Video . I have 2 questions . First is can I use that big link in the 7 search ,second question what is the meaning of “RID ” please could you explain .

      1. hello Luke still it is not clear to me . As I can see only the AFFID PFxxxx and then RID will be the 3604 something like this . Sorry to bother you with real example as it is still not clear to me . If you could send me an real example in my email just for tutorial purpose . As the long link that is Provided in the Offers already have those ID inbuilt . Then why to put it again ? Please if you could clear my doubts. maybe i am stupid . To speak you very honest your Blog is Jewel and I really Love & respect it lot .

      2. The AFFID and RID are for 7Search and should be passed using the subids (as displayed). DO NOT change anything in your link before the subid.

  7. Hello Luke thanks for your reply . If you not mind please could you send a sample link to my email . As it is still not clear . I wish to follow it need your help and guidance . I wish to start working in my campaign only waiting for your kind guidance.

      1. I don’t have a long link on my offer page. This setup must have changed since you wrote this article. I am totally confused and cannot understand how and/or what exactly to use as my default destination. Nor do I understand how to use the pixel tracking on 7 search. All that is entirely confusing to me, especially since we no longer have a built in long link to use on our offer pages. My e-mail address is listed below and my affiliate ID is PF-293331. I can use all the help I can get to being this initial campaign. Once I get the much needed help with this I should be good to go for all further campaigns using 7search. Thanks

  8. Hi Luke, I tried your link to signup for 7search. But it doesn’t working. I’m stuck at scripts/advertiser/v3/registrationwizard.aspx?step=1
    Nothing happens when i click Continue. It keeps refreshing the page

  9. Any luck with the “CF” keywords? I.e. “click free” keywords on 7search? I tried on a campaign and I got 166 clicks and 1 conversion which really ended up being a huge waste of money.

  10. Hi,Luke,

    Jason here,so happy you can approve my application,now i want to learn how to start using 7 search engine to promote your network email submit offer,will you be conducting a webinar to newbie in your network like me so we can successful promote your network offer as soon as possible,thank you very much.


  11. hey luke,
    Great article.
    One question; since “each affiliate has their own ID” , How and where do i get it? i mean how do you determine what that id is? -where do you get it-“each website has it’s own ID” -so i can place this into the 3rd subid form?… “The ###RID### variable is that affiliate’s website ID that they are generating traffic from” -ok,i would like to track where this traffic is coming from, but how can i know which website id that is before i get traffic from it? thanks! where do i find this id?

  12. hai luke,
    ur blog is excellent, i like a lot. i am newbie to the market. ur information is very good to newbies like me. luke be-lated happy birthday. sorry for the late i don’t know u at the time of july. keep roking and keep gaining friends. u hav a lot of friends and well wishers all over the world. i am one of them. thanks for the information.

  13. Luke,
    Where can I go to see the popup when I am in Canada. It keeps redirecting me and I can’t see if there is a popup?
    Jim Walker

      1. Thanks Luke. Another question I have is that I’m trying to track keywords to a 7search campaign I’m running for a landing page I have on my WordPress site. I have Google Analytics tracking the traffic, and I’m coming across clicks that are identified, for example, as “ / referral”. Can you please help me break this down into meaningful data? Is part of that info the affiliate ID and part of it the website ID? If this information doesn’t sufficiently tell me the subID information, is there another way I can track subID’s clicking to my WordPress landing page?

      2. Honestly, I am not sure how to do it with WordPress. It’s pretty simple if you create your own landing page from scratch and can pass the variables with PHP, but I’m not sure how to do it with PHP and Analytics.

  14. i have a very newbie question… after i read this posting, and i got conclusion with this campaign we do not need a landing page, we give a direct link, it is right? or i got wrong?
    thx alot

      1. another question… if there is no link for tracking pixel at advertisers tab tools, what must i do to tracking my campaign??

      2. hii its me again….

        thx alot for yours post in this blog… i generate around $20 for only 1 hours for 1 campaign… (its only cost not more than $2,5)

        Vegy Amalia

  15. Hmm I think it is time for me to step up my game from SEO/Google to using paid traffic. I have taken two gap years from university and want to make it big this time. Had multiple sites set up but never managed to get them all ranked nicely and ontop of that the Google Penguin slap. Making no more than 35$ a day at the moment =/ Getting really sick of SEO now, I want instant results! Tired of waiting to get to the top of Google to get traffic.

    Looks like your network and 7search is a good start for me, I just need to have a plan. Btw Luke do you have a pdf guide on using your network with 7search or something? Or is it best to go through your blog like this article? My goal is to reach 100$ a day so I can feel satisfied with the decisions I have made to pursue the IM dream.



  16. Luke,

    I see that you suggested to promote Email & Zip submit, but the top 500 KWs from 7search doesn’t fit these angles. Can you suggest some offers that currently convert with 7search?

    1. I wouldn’t promote an email submit using those expensive keywords. I would suggest finding cheap keywords for that. For the more expensive keywords I’d try whatever the vertical is. For example, we have some bingo offers that might work well with the gambling keywords.

  17. Hello Luke ….i am from india.Whenever i applied for peerfly they are rejecting me ..i am verfying all but also rejecting me i want to know what is the reason..i didnt have traffic methods are ppc, ppv and social ppc

  18. Do i have to literally write ###Keyword### or i have to remove the # and put the keyword I am using in 7search?
    And which AFFID i have to put here and I don’t understand the RID. Where do I get this RID ? Do I have to jus put ###RID### or I have to write some numerical figure by my self?

    1. How long ago did you sign up? The $25 is manually added to your account. Also, you need to use my link to ensure that you get the bonus. Please email me your 7Search username and I’ll check with 7Search on getting it added for you πŸ™‚

  19. Hi luke, I am really interested in joining peerfly but i have heard that it is difficult to get accepted, is this true?
    and what is the best way to get accepted?
    Many Thanks

  20. Hi Luke

    I have a question ,
    I use my own landing page …how can I track my conversion from 7search ?
    Is possible without direct linking to the offer?

  21. Hi Luke, I just registered with 7search through your link and deposited $100. I’m new in CPA marketing, your posts really provides good information for me to start my work. Will be submitting my application to Peerfly shortly. I am looking forward to make some money. Cheers πŸ˜‰

  22. Hey Luke..
    Thanks for all the awesome info’s..
    What are the requirements for applying to PeerFly? Is website a must? Just starting out on CPA (may be I’m late to the party?) Appreciate if you could break it down the application process.


    1. The application is pretty simple. A website is not required. We just want publishers who are interested in making money with affiliate marketing and have a good strategy πŸ™‚

  23. Hi Luke,
    I’m still a bit confuse how to get the ###RID### and ###AFFID####.
    In 7search, the id is the campaign id?
    Then how to get the RID?


  24. Hi Luke, thanks for your awesome info. I have three questions here:
    1. The following is a portion of my subid report:
    73232 112239-1552-27681
    73232 112239-1951-27681
    73232 112239-2172-27681
    73232 112239-2387-27681
    73232 112239-3028-27681
    73232 112239-3540-27681
    73232 112239-3573-27681
    73232 112239-895-27681
    I don’t know the specific format of RID should be but these RID all starts with the same first 6 digits. They indicate same website, different webpages. Is it right?

    2. How to tell clicks from your search traffic and display traffic?

    3. SubID 1 SubID 2 SubID 3 Unq Raw Conv
    80 Results 180 199 18
    KEYWORD AFFID RID 94 107 9
    XXXXXX 64436 n27381 3 3 1
    Could you please let me know where the numbers 94, 107, 9 are coming from?


  25. Hey
    I am new to affiliate paid traffic and wanting to get started. I just made my account on 7search and paid $50 into it under your link but didn’t received $25 extra as you mentioned above.

    Hope you fix this for me and btw I will be following your steps and if I have any more doubts then I will be contacting you for sure.

    Thanks for your help.

  26. Also in my prosper account sometime the keyword doesn’t show i don’t know why, to say it frankly most of the time it do not show a root keyword that come into my ad or LP it appear like blank info. Do you have any idea why.? Could you guide me to fix it?

  27. Hi Luke, I signed up for 7search under your link and funded 50 dollars yesterday. I haven’t received my bonus yet. I have mailed you my payment receipt. Please reply.

  28. I registered with 7search through your link but the 25dollars was not added after i funded my account. Are the coupon codes invalid?

  29. I’m thinking of jojning up Peerfly, and I see that there are some qualifications required so I wanted to ask where and what to learn before I sign up for a Peerfly, so I will be accepted.

  30. i registered as an advertiser through your $25 bonus affiliate link, and had deposited $50, but i have not got any bonus yet, i send you an email to your PF email addr, please comfirm it. thx.

    1. The $25 bonus will be added to your account in the next 24 hours or so. If not, email me and I can get it added for you πŸ™‚

  31. Before reading this, I already created 7search account. I created my account today on 3/27/2013. If I deposit $50, will I be able to get $25?

    1. Yes, it usually takes a day or so before they manually add the bonus, but as long as you deposit $50 you’ll get it.

  32. hi Luke..ithink i completely dont understadn where to get subid 1, subid2 and subid 3..
    this is really confusing! thanks

    1. Hi Abdull –

      Once you are a peerfly member all you need to do is click on the offer and there will be a section at the bottom for Affiliate Link. In there you can add 3 sub ids. In those three you’ll add the following:

      ###KEYWORD### > subid1
      ###AFFID### > subid2
      ###RID### > subid3

      Then you take the new affiliate link and you put that in your 7search campaign as the target or destination URL. That’s it.

  33. Thanks Luke for introducing me to 7search and Peerfly. I setup my first campaign a week ago and finally today I figured out the “secret sauce” to making some good money online with affiliate marketing. Really excited about the possibilities moving forward. Thanks again for the help in getting me started!

  34. Hi Luke.
    Just started with 7search, and I must say it looks promising.
    I’m using MaxBounty, and I don’t see any subid in the links I want to promote.
    So where should I add * ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID###

    Thank you.

    1. Well, I recommend using PeerFly, but if you’re going to use MaxBounty you should be able to pass those variables into the SubID field. Ibelieve they only have one.

  35. hey luke, Can you do a segment in your blog like this for bevomedia instead of prosper202, i would like to know how to use bevo with 7search and peerfly. thanks -love your blog.

  36. Hi Luke,

    Myabe I’m missing it, but you place the 7Search tracking pixel in PeerFly, but to get it verified in 7Search you need to give it a URL (which you have one in your screenshot). Where can I find this URL?

    Btw, I’m tracking everything in CPVLab, but I’m all for several tracking pixels all around πŸ˜‰

    1. You don’t really need the 7Search tracking pixel. Place your CPVLab one on PeerFly and you can track everything on that πŸ™‚

  37. I am having a difficult time setting up my conversion tracking verification on 7 search. Can you please help me. so that I can put the tracking pixel back in peerfly and some of my ads don’t have the TRACK it next to it so that I can do it.

    Can you please help

  38. Hi,Luke I want to make an account in 7 search,I want to know that is there any promo code for 25$ deposit?and may I get any bonus if I deposit 50$ in a existing account of 7 search? I want to deposit tomorrow.
    Waiting for your reply.

  39. Hi Luke, thanks a lot for this post, I’ve been looking for an alternative way to do PPC after receiving numerous account suspensions from Google Adwords ( for some cases I still can’t figure out the reason why ).

    I decided to join PeerFly after reading your post, but silly me I didn’t look at the top tab, so I missed your referral link ( sorry ). I registered to PeerFly on Thursday ( May 23rd ).

    And, I use my Yahoo mail to register ( habit ! ) instead of my email using the website domain.

    I’m just wondering : How long does it take for the approval ?Is it better to register directly, or through referral link ? And, is registering with Yahoo email OK ?

    Thank you for your sharing, Luke, have a great day.

  40. Hi Luke, I’ve got a response from them. However, they asked me to submit ” reference” from another CPA network to join them. But, truth is, I haven’t joined a CPA network before, so how can I come up with a “reference” ? And, if every network asks for “reference” to join them, how can someone become their member ?

    What should I do next, Luke ? Thank you so much

  41. Luke,thanks for your info.But still I am confused with ### . Can we make promotion without this or prosper202 ??

  42. Hi Luke,

    I deposited $50 through your link but didn’t get $25 bonus in my account.
    my signup details are

    Transaction ID: 0KH07546T2043042F
    Advertiser ID: 202784

    Please check i want to start campaign soon.


    1. The $25 bonus should be added soon. They manually add it and it can take up to 24 hours. If it’s not added within 24 hours please email me your 7Search username and I’ll make sure it gets added for you! πŸ™‚

  43. Thank you for the motivation boost, Luke. I’ve signed up with Peerfly recently and this gives me a great surge of confidence! I can’t wait to get to work!

  44. Respected Sir,
    I want to join 7search under you for my peerfly offers promotion. Has there $25 bonus till now if I add fund by $50?

    Sir, please help me to solve my problem below:
    As per instruction for my destination URL I need to pass 3 variables into my link in the following order:
    Please confirm how to make my destination URL i.e. adding your above code without changing anything? And as my affiliate link is
    So, my destination URL should be
    Otherwise please make my destination URL if my
    Keyword : Free NFL Jersey
    Affiliate link :
    AFFID : 120428 (is it right?)
    RID: ? (how to get my RID)
    Please clearly write my destination URL as per my foregoing information.

  45. I desire to join in 7search under your link to promote my peerfly offers. Pls. confirm is there $25 offer till now?

  46. Luke – Since I am doing affiliate marketing my URL is a link thru shareasale then to the store. So I can’t add a pixel or add ##keyword## and other parms. I can’t create a landing page with a redirect because it violates terms of my affiliate contract. I usually use banner ads but I am learning that text ads seem to get more/better response. I know my situation is a common one – what is the answer – i plan on trying 7search – Thanks

  47. I am confused on using peerfly, p202, and 7search together. I followed the guide and entered the peerfly link into p202 for my campaign like this:
    Now, what do I put into the box when I make my 7search ad? I would like keyword, AFFID, and RID tracked by separate variables. Is this how it should look?

  48. Hello Luke,

    In Prosper202 there is also a pixel when you setup the traffic source. Is it the same as the one you setup on peerfly? Where is the best place to put it?

    Great posts you have in here πŸ™‚

  49. Hey Luke your advice so far has been spot on. I also used your tips on my Bing ads set up. Do you have any points for the 7search Display network. It has a separate logon and signup then the standard 7search. They have 3 options for network traffic – 1st – Network
    – Distribute my ads on publisher sites according to my selected targets. 2nd – Partner Network
    – Distribute my ads on other advertising networks with my selected targets to increase the coverage of my market. 3rd – All Networks
    – Distribute my ads on both and Partner Networks with my selected targets. – Any experience of best targeted traffic or any recommendations one way or the other? Thank you

  50. What Am I doing Wrong? My Peerfly Reports are showing strange information for the SUB IDs.

    My 7search Campaign Display URL looks like:
    My 7search Campaign Destination URL looks like:

    My domain redirect at my hosting provider looks like this –>

    My Report Data Looks Like This:
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 46 minutes, 20 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 51 minutes, 7 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 51 minutes, 45 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 51 minutes, 53 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 51 minutes, 55 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 52 minutes, 43 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 52 minutes, 43 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 53 minutes, 3 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 53 minutes, 3 seconds
    6557 ###KEYWORD### ###AFFID### ###RID### US 53 minutes, 5 seconds

    What Am I doing wrong. Is this even enough information to help me with?

    1. You cannot have a redirect in front of your link if you want those variables to work. 7Search is not seeing ###KEYWORD### because it’s after the redirect. You would need to direct link using your link or setup your redirect to pass those variables.

  51. Hey Luke!

    First off I would like to thank you for all your wonderful information you put out. You have been part of the foundation to my paid advertising education. Used a lot of what i have learned from you to make profitable campaigns via LeadImpact. Anyway, I have a question about how you use 7search . I have an add with 10 different variations of this same ad i would like to test but so far cant find any easy way to test. According to 7 search you can split test by having your different variations running at different times of the day, or different days. This seems difficult and cumbersome, do you have some recommendations for split testing different ad variations. Thank You for you time and help!


    1. You can simply add a variable to your SubIDs for each ad and then you’ll know which of those ads is getting the clicks and conversions. I’m happy to hear you’ve found my blog helpful! πŸ™‚

  52. Luke, Iam just starting on CPA with PeerFly. I have an affiliate account with Peerfly and I just now signed up to 7Search using your link and put in $50. Iam not seeing the $25 bonus in my balance. How do i get it ?

  53. Evening Luke,

    I also did not receive the promotional $25 but from reading the above comments, I understand sometimes it is not instant. So no biggie there.

    I just setup a 7search campaign but unlike your how-to video, my keywords do not show a ranking or any bid competition. So initially, all of my keywords were set to $.05. Since enough time hasn’t gone by to monitor any traffic results, I clicked over to my balance and noticed it decreasing quite rapidly. I skipped over to my keywords and lowered all of my bids. I’m kind of “betting blind” at the moment though as I can’t see what my competition is bidding. Is this something that will fill in over time? The keyword ranking, etc. It seemed to be automatic in your video so I’m just curious if I missed a step.


  54. Hi luke im trying to track a 7 search ad campaign with tracker 202 but I really don’t have a clue as i’m a newbie, could you possibly help me out? i sort of copied the tracking code (that you get after clicking “track it” and pasted it onto the pixel box on tracker 202 on “set up campaign” but i don’t think this is correct as its not working

  55. Hey Luke, thanks for great tutorial. I can’t find “Rank” and “top 3 Bids” tabs in the table. Did 7search get rid of it? or I’m doing something wrong?

  56. Luke, thank you for your coaching on 7search. This is really helpful. I am already on 7search so I guess I don’t need to redo that, It’s unfortunate that I am missing the $25 bonus for subscription :). But I am interested in getting the tracking pixels. I am not sure if I will succeed but I will give it a try. Just a question: Can I set up the tracking for all the other offers sites that I am using? I will get back to you if I get stuck. Thanks for helping. Aoua

  57. Hello Luke, could you please give me your skype id? I want to discuss with you in private. Hope to hear from you soon!

  58. 7 search is great I had not discovered this traffic source until I joined The Peerfly Network. I am getting some great results. It isn’t much income, but I am in the positive with my ROI, and the cheap clicks are great. I have found that bidding .05 or higher has increased my impressions and my click thru. Don’t be scared to spend a little more money.

  59. Hey Luke,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your blog post. I sure did help me understand a little bit better about this whole internet marketing thing (still a long way to go).

    I have set up two different campaings in 7Search. It’s been only two hours, so I suppose it’s too soon to say anything yet.

    I have about 6000 impressions in both of them and no clicks. One thing that I would like to understand is “Avg Rank”. One is 9.3 and the other 2.8.

    What does this mean?

  60. Thanks, I actually removed two keywords that had very low visibility (they were 0.80 cents, so didnt want to pay all that) and my rank went to 1.8! Much better I suppose.

    By the way, I signed up to 7Search under your referral link. That $25, if it’s still on, would be nice πŸ™‚


  61. Luke, Where can I get the long link? I just see one link in my account.

    Also, I’m very new with this affiliate. With this sub &s1=###KEYWORD###&s2=###AFFID###&s3=###RID###
    Do I have to replace the KEYWORD, AFFID, RID with my own?

    Thank you

    1. Your trkur link is your “Long Link” on PeerFly (we made some changes). You just leave the variables the way they are and 7Search will replace them automatically.

  62. Hi Luke,

    How do I setup my tracking in CPVlab by insert all subid like


  63. HI Luke,
    kindly post a video, which shows how to use ###KEYWORD###
    with 7Search and Peerfly.
    As many people are confused what these things are including me.. πŸ™‚ And what is exactly Keyword. I am using many keywords for one campaign then which campaign I should include.

  64. Hi Luke, I just starting on CPA with PeerFly. I have an affiliate account with Peerfly and just now I signed up to 7Search using your link and put in $50. Iam not seeing the $25 bonus in my balance. How do i get it ?
    Thank you

  65. Hey Luke, question…I set up my bids exactly how you explained it in the video. It’s been almost 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten any clicks. My average rank is 4.5. Do you think I should increase my bid? And if so, by how much?

  66. Hi Luke, I was wondering if there is a way that I can utilize the tracking string &s1=###KEYWORD###&s2=###AFFID###&s3=###RID### with an external landing page? I would like to drive some traffic from 7Search but I don’t have any way to add that code to the landing page URL that I want to use. Thanks for all your great content! Macky

  67. Hi Luke, thanks so much for your help! I REALLY appreciate your great content and case studies. They are awesome! Thanks again for sharing… Macky

  68. Hi Luke, I signed up with 7Search using your banner above but it looks like I did not receive the $25 bonus. I’ve contacted their support, but thought I would also let you know. Thanks!

  69. Dear LUK,
    I made my first campaign in 7Search ( Display) with deposit $50 throw your link
    from 3 days but the campaign still pending ‘

    Sent a ticket but no response i emailed the Account Manager Erik also no response.
    It looks like they have very slow and inefficient customer care .
    Luke… can you help in such situation? my user name is Alipro
    thank you in advance

  70. Dear LUK,
    I have received a response from 7search regarding my first display campaign which i referred to in my previous post.

    The campaign has been rejected due to the following ” your recent campaign submission has been rejected. 7Search does not accept offers that attempt to intimidate, deceive, or otherwise force viewers into downloading software or games. ”

    So, how i can avoid making same mistake, and how exactly the offer intimidate and deceive the people and how we know what is inside for two obvious reasons 1) it does not show in my country 2) it is in Finish language ? and As you know the offer from PeerFly
    your commend will shed a useful light for every body

    Thanks a lot

  71. Hello Luke, great information. I will sign up to 7search tomorrow. I have a question. Do you recommend to use an iframe offer to my domain and use 7search to get conversions?

  72. Hi Luke, I signed up with 7Search using your link above but it looks like I did not receive the $25 bonus.After 2 days of signing up my username is lovlyman

  73. Hey Luke
    I still don’t understand what to put in the tracking id c1, boxes. I watched your vid but it was too fuzzy to see.

  74. Hey luke I’m just starting my first campaign in 7search but I can’t bid lower than $0.05 on any keyword, I think they don’t allow lower bid than this now, please reply , is this only happening with me?

  75. I tried but after setting bid lower then then 0.05(say 0.02) when I hit save button it automatically goes to 0.05 .
    basically I can’t set bid lower than $0.05 ( I have some problem with CC so I will try to lower the bid after funding my account)

  76. Ok I got this working now but it says minimum bid is 0.03 for some keywords and rest are saved, so now for ~30% keywords must have bid more than .03, is this happening only to me?

  77. Hey Luke I registered trough your link and I deposited 50 $ and I didn’t get any bonus.. Could you take a look since I am a bit worried

  78. Hi Luke, in your post here it says we sign up as advertisers. I’ve read on other sites that to do PPV and PPC we should sign up as publishers. at the start I don’t want to redirect to my site. I just want to be an affiliate.

  79. Hi Luke, I have started my first campaign with 7search and peerfly and tried to follow your instructions. I have a problem with verifying the conversion code on 7search. I did paste the pixel onto peerfly but to verify i have to paste the url of the page where I have installed the conversion tracking code. I assume the page is the destination url provided by peerfly…but that doesn’t work. Can you advise please?

  80. Luke, I’ve been having some problems using the URL with the subID’s. I’ve been copy and pasting them on to the destination URL box and I get an error that it’s not formatted correctly. If I drop off the subID’s then it will usually work. I haven’t been having problems prior to this weekend. I have 2 campaigns where I couldn’t put the subID’s in and one where I could. Also I went thru your link to join 7Search and am on my second deposit. Can I get the $25 bonus for using your link?

    1. I believe this is an internal issue at 7Search and they are working on it. Your bonus will be added once you deposit $50. It’s manually added. If it hasn’t been added and you’ve deposited the $50, let me know and I’ll have it added for you.

  81. Hey Luke,
    I have encountered the following perimeters for 7Search’s new PPC display ads. Looks like they’re not supporting the ###RID### and was wondering what you would replace it with, if any?

    The following URL data inserts are supported by the 7Search Display Advertising Network:

    [keyword] = passes the keyword that triggered the display banner(when applicable).
    [timestamp] = adds a Unix timestamp to the tracking URL at time click occurred.
    [msid] = adds unique website ID and network ID to URL; will include value on landing page URL when visited
    [nid]—– adds network ID to URL.
    [affid]—– adds unique website ID (no network ID) to URL.
    [cluid] = passes unique tracking ID used for tracking conversions. Must be used in order for our ROI Tracking (conversion) code to operate properly.

    Much appreciated!

  82. Hi Luke,

    I am a caricaturist, and I want to start my independent campaign of my services, tell you honestly, I dont know where to start, i dont even have yet my own website, i am just using some of the social media and other outsourcing company, but competition so high. I can compete of course, but i am thinking to be directly connected to the clients. So, any idea to start with?


  83. Hi Luke,

    Great post with valuable content! i would like to ask you the following questions:
    Do you suggest 7search tracking pixel or use a 3rd party solution like Adsbridge?
    Also, is there any a “barrier” of clicks to set so as to decide if the campaign is worth trying? I mean, 100 clicks are enough for an email/zip submit offer to check if it’s worth it or do i need more?

  84. Hi Luke
    Some offfer in tracking pixel

    This offer does not support the ability for you to place your own pixel. You will need to setup a postback instead.

    How to setup postback Please create one video tutorial for

  85. hello i don’t have a website and i don’t own a blog , how can i be part of your success and am from Nigeria , on what platform can i make the $50 deposit . can you please help me with the set up?

  86. Hey Luke,

    I’ve deposit $50 and I haven’t got my bonus, yet πŸ™‚
    Can you please help me on this.


  87. Hi Luke,

    I was trying to add the postback url for the 7search instead of Iframe.
    My setup is as follows,
    7search -> Prosper202 -> Offer

    For the postback from prosper to 7search, I have added custom variables in the traffic source section of prosper and have used the custom variables in the postback url.

    But I see that the conversions are not being sent from the prosper202 to the traffic source. I used the [[ … ]] as the place holder in the my postback url since it is the placeholder that is used by prosper202.

    Can you please tell me how to set up the tracking when using custom variables in the traffic source section.

  88. Dear Luke
    I have a question. I made my first campaign in 7search. this offer pay net15
    If I have conversions in this campaign that offer net15, how many days it takes to be in my account peerfly ??
    Thanks for your kind help.

    in my prosper account i dont see leads.. leads is 0 for 5 days in my prosper202

  89. Luke,
    Lot of thanks you. I’m new in CPA marketing, your posts is good for me to start my work but here is a problem before 3 days I create account on Peerfly.Aaffiliate manager repay to me “Oh snap! You have errors!” and The application for this account was denied”.Now what can I do now ? How to create another account on Peerfly? I am so interested business with peerfly and I want your cooperation and good suggestion.
    Please, mail me details.
    [email protected]

  90. Hi,
    I am just join Peerfly. I want to know when I have joined 7Search as an advertiser via your provided link then next it is asking for company or organization name and URL in the next data box after login. Please Suggest!!

  91. Hi..
    At last placing a pixel is compulsory or we can leave this step. I am asking this because many offers doesn’t support placing own pixel. Here what should I do to finalize the Campaigning and tracking process.. Suggest Please!!!

  92. Hi,,
    Luke can you tell more about the used Displays URL. I mean to say what exactly will be display URL used to convert the Visitor. And I want to check the landing pages tell any proxy site, so I can use to see landing pages!!!
    Neeraj k

  93. Hi luke i want to setup my first Campaign but in your video long link shown & in peerfly account only short link availiable.
    How i set up correctly help me ?

    1. You do not need to work about your conversion verifying on 7Search. Impressions don’t mean anything. All you should care about is clicks. If you don’t get any clicks, then you need to work on your keywords and ad copy.

  94. hi luke. I have run peerfly offer in 7search without tracking conversion. Is that the reason I am unable to earn? Because i got 47 clicks and since it requires email submit conversion there must be at least one single conversion. Can I earn money if someone simply sign up from my affiliate link?

      1. Can we earn without setting up postback url and tracking pixel. I mean just by promoting peerfly affiliate link?

  95. Dear Luke,

    Is it a 7search scam,
    I see there is no interesting service but you are still promoting 7search on your blog ,,

    thank you

  96. Hi Luke,

    I’m really new on affiliate marketing. Unfortunately 7Search is ceasing search operations and no longer accepting any new advertisers or publishers. Do you have any suggestions.

    Kind regards,

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