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I have quite a few WordPress plugins I use on this blog, but the most important ones I have found are the ones I use for SEO. WordPress makes SEO really easy, but the plugins available make it almost impossible to mess up. I’ve included a list of the plugins I currently have installed and why. If you have a WordPress blog I highly suggest you at least check these out.

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is an all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress. There are a few plugins out there that do what SEO Ultimate does (including All in One SEO Pack), but I have decided to try out SEO Ultimate for this blog. You can see a list of the features in the image on the right, but the best part is that the plugin automatically does everything mentioned. There really is not much work to be done on your end.

One of the main things I like about SEO Ultimate is that it has a feature that will optimize your post slug. The slug is the custom part of your permalink. For example, the slug for this post isย seo-wordpress-plugins. SEO Ultimate will automatically optimize that slug by removing common unneeded keywords.

Of course, that’s not the only feature. There’s a lot to explore. I highly recommend it as your all in one SEO plugin.

Download SEO Ultimate

SEO Smart Links

I have been using SEO Smart Links for awhile now. I know there are several other WordPress plugins out there that do exactly what SEO Smart Links does, but I’ve been using it for awhile and it’s never let me down so I continue to use it. The plugin will allow you to setup keywords and they’ll be automatically turned into links within your posts and pages for you. For example, one keyword I use on this blog is PeerFlyย and as you can see it’s automatically turned into a link to the page I setup on my blog about joining PeerFly.

This plugin comes in really handy for affiliates. If you have a niche blog you might want to setup your keyword so it automatically links back to your blog or maybe to your affiliate link for a product/affiliate offer.

Download SEO Smart Links

SEO Friendly Images

Making the images on your blog SEO friendly can really help improve your overall SEO. Having an ALT tag on the images within your blog and websites is critical and an important part of search engine optimization. This WordPress plugin will automatically create an ALT and Title tag for your images if you haven’t already supplied one. This can also help you get traffic for image searches like onย Google Images.

Download SEO Friendly Images

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap

This is one of the most important plugins you can install to help your WordPress SEO and if you are not using it you are really missing out. With Google XML Sitemaps you can automatically generate an XML sitemap for your blog with all of your posts and pages and have it automatically pinged to the different search engines (and Pingler, mentioned below).

Pinging your sitemap is a great way to quickly get your posts indexed by Google and the other search engines so you can start getting some organic SEO traffic. The sitemap generated by Google XML Sitemaps is perfect and generated automatically so it really doesn’t get much easier.

You can also benefit from your sitemap by signing up for Google Webmasters, adding your site, and submitting your sitemap.

Download Google XML Sitemaps


Whether you should ping your blog or not is something that a lot of people debate, but I have always pinged by blogs and I have never run into any issues from doing it so I support it. Basically, you can ping your blog posts and search engines will pick them up by the services you are pinging. Obviously, the more services the better change you have at getting your blog post indexed. At this point I have a search engine spider on my blog nearly every minute of the day, but I still ping my posts. The plugin I use to ping is Pingler.

Download Pingler

RSS Footer

You may be wondering, how does a plugin called RSS Footer possibly relate to WordPress SEO? Well, the reason I downloaded and installed the plugin is because people keep stealing my articles from my RSS feed and using it on their auto blogs. With RSS Footer, you can automatically add a link to the footer of your RSS feed. So, if someone does steal an article from your blog you can make sure there is a link at the bottom of the post that links back to your blog. It’s a backlink so at least you’re getting something from the user stealing your post.

Download RSS Footer

If you want to start getting some organic SEO traffic to your WordPress blog I highly suggest you check out the plugins I mentioned above. There are hundreds of great WordPress SEO plugins, but the ones I mentioned above have proven to work really well for me.

I have a bunch of other great plugins I use and I will be featuring most of them over the next few weeks. What SEO plugins do you use on your blog?

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13 thoughts on WordPress Plugins I use for SEO

  1. thanks for helpful articles, I used them all but I don’t know if there is a plugin to get backlink from our rss that people steal from our content, so I know the plugin to get backlink from it. thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’d like to install the RSS Footer but this plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, is it still working? Can anyone suggest me for another one?

  3. Thanks for the tips Luke, going to try RSS Footer.
    For SEO i have changed all my sites over to WordPress SEO by Yoast [free version] Takes a bit of setting up but well worth it.
    If using google XML Sitemaps delete this as will conflict with WP SEO.
    Always install on every site Jetpack plus Jetpack Lite so i only get tracking, visits etc.
    Got sick of hackers trying to get into sites so now install Wordfence Security [free version] is mighty.
    Can now put controls / remedies in place to at least make access more difficult for these pricks.

  4. Nice List Luke!
    Every place I look for wordpress SEO plugins, I find recommendations for SEO by yoast and some other paid premium wordpress SEO plugins like SEOpressor.
    But you have something really helpful. Talking about Affiliate marketing, it is very important to get your webpages ranked on google or other local search engines. And without perfect onpage, Offpage is useless totally.
    I already use SEOFriendly Images and XML sitemap plugin and will use Ultimate SEO plugin from today.
    Quite Impressed with your blog. Thanks a lot sir.
    Glad that I landed here.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers Have a nice day

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