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SEO Rankings

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About 10-20 times a day I am asked what the best free traffic source is and my answer is always the same, SEO. SEO traffic (organic traffic) usually converts pretty well and most other “free traffic methods” are either spam or just too blackhat for me to suggest to anyone. I have mentioned before how easy search engine optimization is with WordPress, but once you begin building links and doing all your SEO magic, how can you track your rankings so you know whether all your work is paying off or not? If you have an iPhone I suggest using the SEO Rankings app.

SEO Rankings iPhone App

I have been using the SEO Rankings application on my iPhone for about a year now. I use it to track my SEO ranking efforts on a few different sites, but primarily for this blog. The application is very easy to use and a great way to keep an eye on your rankings.

SEO Rankings home

SEO Rankings Home

You can setup as many domains/sites as you want to keep track of. In the image on the right you can see I am tracking four of my different PeerFly projects.

I really like that they show the favicon for the site next to the name. This is a neat little feature that I definitely will be implementing in future projects where you have to submit your website.

Also, when you add a new site to track keyword positions on, you can choose which country search you want to check for those rankings in.

Once you add a site you can start adding keywords to find your rank for.

SEO Rankings keywords

Tracking Keyword Rankings

This is the fun part. You can add as many keywords as you want and then track your position daily. If your search engine ranking increases then you see a nice green circle with your new rank and how much you moved up. If your site position decreased then you get a red circle and how much you decreased. When I took this screenshot my rankings were only improving 🙂

As you can see, my search ranking didn’t move for a lot of the keywords I am trying to rank for, but the two that did move improved, which is great. Each day when you visit your list of keywords it will automatically update with your current rankings and any movement in the SERPS you’ve seen.

Graph Your SERP History

SEO Rankings graph

Another cool feature with the SEO Rankings app is that when you click on an actual keyword you are tracking your ranking position for, you are shown a graph of your SERP history. With that, you can look back and see how your rank has fluctuated since you start tracking it. In the image above you can see my rank for the keyword PeerFly has bounced around, but I’m comfortably in the 2nd or 3rd position 🙂

If you have an iPhone and do any SEO work, you need to download and install the SEO Search Rankings app. It’s available in the iTunes store and currently costs just $2.99. It’s a great, easy to use application that can come in very handy when monitoring your SEO efforts.

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