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I am keeping this article for historical purposes, but is no longer live. We merged with PeerFly and now incentive offers on 🙂


Last month PeerFly launched a new incentive based affiliate network called On the day of the launch and the following weeks one of the common questions I received was, “when is there going to be an”

Over the past 2+ years my PeerFly publishers have grown fond of my offer search at When I originally launched PeerFly Offers I assumed it would only be used by people that found it doing Google searches or people who were not approved yet by PeerFly, but what I have found is that a lot of affiliates still use it after they’re an approved PeerFly publisher. I often use it myself rather than the PeerFly offer search and last year there were over 300,000 searches performed on so I know I’m not the only one.

So, with the launch of I knew I needed to put together and after a few short weeks of programming and tweaking code, I officially launched it yesterday! Offers

Search Offers

The cool thing about and is they have the exact same structure just like PeerFly and and they work the same, but obviously with different offers. With you can search through the 500+ incentive affiliate offers that are available at The search bar at the top of the page will search each offer’s:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Offer ID
  • Country
  • Vertical
  • Banner Sizes

It has a nice autocomplete (search as you type) feature as well. Offer Lists

You can also use Incently Offers to view various offer lists. These include:

  • Top Converting Offers
  • New Offers
  • Top EPCs
  • Down Offers
  • International Offers
  • Worldwide Offers

and the top offers for each marketing method allowed:

  • Cash Incent
  • Point Incent
  • Virtual Currency
  • Content Locking

There are also lists for each offer vertical available on You can use these lists and offer search to find the best available offers to run for your specific incentive traffic. Offers

Each offer found when searching Offers has it’s own offer page as well. On that offer page you can find all the details available for that offer. This includes offer description, vertical, allowed marketing, restricted marketing, banners, similar offers, and conversation rate history. is the only place you can find each offers conversion rate history!

So, what do you think? I am planning to keep improving on PeerFlyOffers and IncentlyOffers. It should be easy to apply any new features or updates to both sites. If there’s anything you would like to see added or updated please let me know.

Let’s make some money!


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