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Over the past few months I have been working on a new project called Skrayp. I’ve been running PPV traffic and noticed that there really wasn’t a good way to find good URLs and keywords to target without going to Google. The process is time intensive and the programmer inside of me was telling me it could easily be automated and made much more efficient. So, I started working on a PPV scraper.

I created a very ugly, but functional prototype and started testing it out. I was scraping hundreds, if not thousands of new keywords and URLs every day and adding them to my various campaigns. Using Prosper202, I could see that many of the new targets that I was adding to campaigns I had been running for weeks were starting to convert!

I offered to let some of my publishers at PeerFly that run PPV traffic a chance to try out my prototype. After about a week I started to get good feedback from them on things that needed changed/improved and that’s when I decided to create Skrayp.

How does Skrayp work?

If you aren’t familiar with PPV advertising then you are probably really confused on what exactly a PPV scraper is. Basically, with PPV ad campaigns, you bid on URLs and targets that are related to whatever you are trying to advertise. For example, if I am setting up a PPV ad campaign for my Facebook Pages tool, FPTraffic, I would want to target competitor URLs and Facebook Page keywords. So, I may target the URL and the keyword Facebook Pages Admin. Skrayp makes it easy to find the good URLs and keywords to target.

Scraping URLs

I have had the most success (ROI) on my campaigns where I am targeting URLs. Keywords are great and usually they can provide a lot of volume (clicks), but URLs are more targeted and you know exactly what the user was looking at when your ad popped up on their computer.

Skrayp makes it really easy to scrape hundreds of URLs at a time.

scrape URLs PPV

You can choose from 58 different countries and languages to improve your targeting (lower bids, higher ROI). Because some networks like 50onRed only allow domain targeting you also have the option to only return the root URL. You can also choose how many URLs you want Skrayp to find (from 50 to about 1,000 at a time).

Once you’ve scraped a list you have a few different options available:

  • Export the list to a CSV and download it.
  • Remove the Alexa rank from the list (only available for URLs).
  • Email the list to yourself.

Exporting the list is a good idea, but your search history is saved on your account so it’s easy to bring up previous lists you have found. I also like to save things in my email so I made it so you can have the list and a link to it sent to your email.

hotel URL list emailed

You can email keyword and video lists as well!

Scraping Keywords

I wanted to create a keyword scraper because they are a great way to get volume and do it for pretty cheap. So, the Skrayp keyword tool will find you tons of keywords related to any keyword you search.

scrape keywords PPV

You can also click on any keyword found to find keywords related to that keyword!

Scraping Videos

YouTube marketing doesn’t always have to involve creating your own video. Instead, I recommend searching for videos related to the offer or product you want to market and target those YouTube links with PPV traffic!

Skrayp has an awesome YouTube tool that returns up to 500 videos for any keyword you could search for. The videos are sorted by popularity and they are great to target with your PPV campaigns.

Scrape videos URLS youtube PPV

As I mentioned, there’s also a search history where you can easily look through your recent searches to find more targets to improve your campaigns:

Skrayp search history

Alexa Top Site List

Anyone who is a member of FPTraffic will tell you I am constantly working to improve my products. Last week a pre-launch member of Skrayp asked if I could get them a list of the top 50 sites for a few different countries. I thought it was a great idea, so I created it!

Alexa Top Sites

You can scrape hundreds of URLs to the top visited sites in the world. I don’t recommend targeting the very top, but the lists are great places to brainstorm popular targets.

Top US sites PPV Alexa

But, that’s not all…

I am very proud of the work that I have done on Skrayp so far and the feedback has been fantastic. However, I plan to continue to develop and improve the tool as I get more members and recommendations on how we can all use it to make more money with our PPV campaigns.

I have created a few different subscription options based on the request of the pre-launch users. Sign up and start one of the following subscriptions:

  • Monthly: $19.99
  • Quarterly (billed every 3 months): $49.99
  • Yearly (BEST DEAL): $149.99

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. We also have a member’s only chat where you can ask any questions you have about Skrayp once you’re logged in 🙂

Sign up for Skrayp today!

Let’s make some money!

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23 thoughts on Scrape Awesome PPV Targets with Skrayp

  1. Hello thanks for the post, i would like to know if this services is better than aeatools this is the old platform affportal and have good tools for keyword campaigns

  2. Hi Luke. Great tool. I have a quick question though – which networks have you used the youtube links on, and have you managed to convert off them at all?

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    1. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now. I’m going to have to find a better way to get the Alexa rank apparently 🙂

  4. HI,Thanks for sharing this.Can you tell me Which Traffic network is best for dating traffic which convert Well..Traffic vance,leadimpact or 50onred?I’ve used media traffic that useless.

  5. Hi Luke,

    I wonder if there is any PPV network that allows targeting

    I tried LI with some traffic, no traffic from 50onred and zeropark

    Do you know if mediatraffic, adon network, or any other network that allows that?


  6. Hi there – in PPV, how is ROI affected by the number of targets you have? What I meant to say is, if you are only paying a certain amount per view then that is not going to change, is it? What I have found with 50onRed, for example, is that a very few targets provide 99% of the “hits”… Thanks!

    1. Very few targets may provide the traffic you’re receiving, but the more profitable targets you have, the more money you’re going to make 🙂

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