Running Mobile Traffic To Your Own Landing Page

I think most affiliates are aware that mobile is the future of affiliate marketing. Sure, people will still have computers and your traditional website traffic is only going to continue to increase, but overall, the smartphone market is increasing and pretty much everyone is using the internet on their phone now as well. For example, Facebook now has 425,000,000 active mobile users monthly, which is about 40% of their traffic. Not everyone is as comfortable on their phone as they are a computer, but we are quickly getting to that point. So, how can you take advantage of all this traffic? If you are on my mailing list (Affiliate Manager Exclusive) then a few weeks ago you received a list of my favorite mobile ad networks.

Mobile Ad Networks

These networks have a ton of mobile traffic and the prices are pretty cheap. Currently I am pushing traffic through InMobi and their minimum CPC is $0.05 ($0.06 suggested). With a $50 minimum deposit and a $10 minimum budget per ad, you can get quite a bit of data really cheap. I am going to give you a nice tip to get started though and this is something my buddies Ruck and Ryan over at the IMGrind also suggested. Prequalify your mobile traffic with a mobile optimized landing page.

prequalify mobile landing page jquerymobile

Mobile Optimized Poll/Survey

This is something I have been testing for quite awhile and I am pretty happy overall with the results. In the example to the right, you can see I have built a pretty simple mobile optimized landing page using jQuery Mobile and the jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller. This lander has not been my best, but it has performed relatively well. So, what am I trying to accomplish by using it?

With this simple landing page I am trying to get engagement from the user. They clicked my ad while visiting some mobile website or app, but that doesn’t mean they are actually interested in helping me make money. I am putting a poll/survey in front of them to gain their interest. People enjoying giving their opinion on things so I ask them about something they can relate to, eating out for dinner. As I mentioned, this page is built with jQuery Mobile so it should display pretty well on nearly any device, but especially well on Android phones, iPhones, and iPod touches. I have a short intro paragraph, header, three options, and a submit button. Simple is critical when you’re working with mobile!

Once they submit their answer I am redirecting them to an email submit. The nice thing about building a mobile lander and presenting them with that first is if you get engagement from the user you can then push something that isn’t mobile optimized and although it may not convert quite as well as a mobile optimized offer, it should still convert. I’ve tested direct linking to your typical email submit landing page and it almost never works out well. With something like this though you are much more likely to see a nice return.

With my mobile campaigns I have run about 200,000 clicks to various offers from different sources and using different landing pages. With this testing I have learned a few things that will definitely help you along the way.

Mobile Promotion Tips

  1. Use a mobile optimized landing page to presell or prequalify the visitor.
  2. Target smartphones.
  3. If you’re sending the visitor to an email submit after your mobile optimized lander, make sure it has a simple landing page with a large form field and call to action.
  4. Building your own mailing list using Aweber and pre-popping on the “Thank You” page works.
  5. Split test multiple offers.

This information should help push you in the right direction. There are quite a few really great threads on IMGrind about pushing mobile traffic so if you’re a member make sure you take a look through their mobile forum. If not, you should read my IMGrind review and sign up!

Please let me know if you have any questions and let’s make some money!


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