Why was my request for approval to run a PeerFly offer denied?

We have over 1,000 active offers at PeerFly. Of those 1,000+ offers, about 5% require manual approval. What doe this mean? It means you have to request approval to run the offer before you can run it. We have to have this system in place for some of our advertisers who are more strict on the quality of traffic that is sent to their offers. We like to think that all of our publishers will send high quality traffic to our advertisers and we will never run into issues with fraud traffic, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. So, in order to ensure that we will not lose an offer that our 35,000+ publishers would like to run because of one jerk, some offers require manual approval.

PeerFly Corey

What does it take to get approved?

There is actually only one thing that we can really use to ensure that you are going to send quality traffic to an offer. Can you guess what that is? Your traffic history. In order to be approved on the offers that require manual approval you need to have a traffic history with us. If you have been paid on the regular net30 payment schedule than you stand a good chance at being approved, but not always. If we have a lot of red flags on your account (blacklists, scrubs, etc.) then you may not be approved. The final decision is up to our traffic manager, Corey Englaender.

Things you can do to help get yourself approved

With that being said, there is something you can do to help get yourself approved. Send Corey an e-mail (his e-mail is listed above or you can e-mail him directly from our Contact page) and explain to him how you plan to promote the offer and any proof on how you have promoted similar offers in the past (screenshot or affiliate manager reference). If you can send high quality traffic we want you to run our offers. However, we have to take precautions to help prevent fraud from hitting our offers.

So, if your request to run an offer was denied don’t worry! We probably have a few similar offers that do not require approval (<plug> you could always check PeerFly Offers </plug>) and once you get a solid traffic history with us you will have no issue getting approved. If you have any questions please ask.

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