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There is a major difference between being an advertiser and being an actual marketer. Anyone can be an advertiser. You sign up for an ad network, deposit some money, copy your affiliate link for whatever offer is hot, paste it into the ad network, submit your ad, and wait for the money to start pouring in.

Most of the time, this method is not overly profitable. A majority of the emails sent to our Affiliate Managers at PeerFly are from people doing this exact method and complaining that they are not making any money.

A real marketer will take a look at the offer that is hot and try to find their own way of actually marketing it. What benefit can they expose to the people they are sending to their landing page for the product? What fear can they throw in the face of the visitor on their landing page that is going to have that person smashing their call to action and generating the sale or lead they need to badly?

I understand how hard it is to focus on your marketing. Over the past year I have hardly made any changes to the homepage or subscription page (the two pages in my conversion funnel). At the same time, I have spent thousands of dollars advertising FPTraffic trying to get conversions. My campaigns have been fairly successful, but now thanks to Ptengine I know some changes I need to make to increase my conversion rate so my advertising will really pay off.

What is Ptengine?

Before I go into how I have used Ptengine to increase my conversion rate on FPTraffic, let’s take a look at what exactly Ptengine is what what they provide.

Ptengine is a service that provides website analytics and heatmap data. Their analytics platform is similar to what you would find in Google Analytics, but a bit easier to navigate and analyze.

The heatmap is really what I have had the most use for and is what I really want to dive into.

Ptengine Heatmap

The Ptengine heatmap is an awesome tool that will show you what your website visitors are clicking and focusing on within each page of your website.

It is called a heatmap because it shows different colors based on what elements within your website have been clicked.

The data provided by the heatmap is absolutely critical in learning how to improve your conversion rate. First, let’s take a look at the subscription page for FPTraffic that I mentioned above.

Ptengine FPTraffic Heatmap

The elements of the page that are shown with blue and green are the ones that are clicked by most people visiting that page. The red elements red elements are the ones that are clicked the most.

You also see the percentages on the side. Those are the percent of people that are seeing that section of the page. You will notice that only 47% are making it to the bottom (right below the subscription button).

You will also notice that the menu is getting a ton of clicks. The menu has drop downs, which is why you see the clicks below the actual menu.

The My Account button is also getting quite a few clicks and there are a few people logging out immediately (they are taken to this page right after they login with their Facebook, which signs them up).

So, what can we learn from this?

Increasing My Conversion Rate

Well, the first issue I have created for myself that I am sure is killing my conversion rate is that when any link in that menu is clicked, they are taken back to this same page asking them to subscribe.

My visitors are interested in subscribing. I know this because overall FPTraffic has a pretty good conversion rate. But, a lot of them want to learn more about what the service can do. They want to be able to click around and see what tools are available.

To increase my conversion rate I need to make it so they can view those pages, but not be able to actually use them. For example, they may click that first option in the menu to take them to the Pages Dashboard, but when they are there see a notice at the top that they need to start their subscription to be able to actually manage their Pages.

The My Account page does not really serve a purpose for visitors of the subscription page so it appears to be just a distraction. Based on this heatmap data, maybe I should just remove it.

In fact, another option I may want to test based on this heatmap data is to completely remove the menu and just provide a bit more information on how FPTraffic works (a video maybe?) at the top of this page.

I could split test a few different options to improve my conversion and collect the data on Ptengine and see what works best.

Try Ptengine Free

The best part is that you can try out Ptengine just like I did and see how it could help increase your conversion rate for free. They have a free plan that allows you to track up to 20,000 page views a month on your website and use the heatmap.

Click HERE to try Ptengine

I would love to hear your feedback and how Ptengine has helped you. I am going to continue to use it and implement some of the changes I mentioned above. Hopefully I will have an update in a month or so on how Ptengine has helped increase my FPTraffic revenue 🙂

Let’s make some money! Heatmap

I thought it would be fun to include the heatmap for the top portion of the new homepage. Looks like there are a few tweaks I could potentially make here too. What do you think?

Ptengine LukePeerFly Heatmap


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