Prosper202, CPVLab, and Bevo Media Conversion Tracking

Using a 3rd party tracking system is one of the milestones to becoming a more serious affiliate marketer. Most affiliates start out simply direct linking using their favorite affiliate network’s links, but as you grow as a publisher you find that using your own tracking software has many advantages. You will be provided more data, you’ll have easier access to all that data, and you will be able to track clicks and conversions across multiple offers and networks easier.

The three most popular tracking solutions that I have found affiliates using are Prosper202, CPVLab, and Bevo Media. This post is not to sell you on which one I think you should use (although if you’re new you should check out my Prosper202 articles), but instead I want to show you how to setup your conversion tracking properly on all three platforms. It’s common for this to be really confusing for someone new to the technical side of affiliate marketing, but if you follow these simple instructions you should be able to get your conversions tracking pretty easily.

Each tracking software creates its own “click ID” that is generated when someone clicks on your tracking link from that software. This is created so that the tracking software knows which click is the click that generated a conversion when you get a conversion. For example, let’s say you click on my affiliate link and it generates a click ID of 12345 and appends that to the SubID of my affiliate link. That click ID is saved so if you generate a conversion my postback URL will be fired with the click ID 12345. Now, my tracking software knows information on both your click and the conversion you generated.

Sound confusing? First, let’s take a look at how his works with Prosper202.

Prosper202 Conversion Tracking

I have a complete guide on setting up your PeerFly campaign on Prosper202, but here’s a quick guide on how to setup your link so you will be able to track conversions. It’s really pretty simple. There are 2 things to keep in mind.

  • Click ID Placeholder: [[subid]]
  • Post Back Query String: subid=

When you setup your affiliate URL in Prosper202 you need to add the Click ID Placeholder, [[subid]], to a SubID in your affiliate link. I recommend using the first available SubID (with PeerFly it’s s1). Once you pass [[subid]] into your affiliate URL you should start seeing numbers in that SubID in your reports for both Prosper202 and your affiliate network.[[subid]]

would turn into

So, now we need to setup your Post Back Query String so that the Click ID is being passed as that first SubID. This is really easy. All you need to do is add whatever the SubID variable from your affiliate network is for the first SubID slot (s1 is the slot we used with PeerFly’s link above) and pass that variable at the very end of your Prosper202 global post back URL. With PeerFly, the variable is %subid1%. Our post back would be:


When PeerFly pings my post back URL it will change %subid1% into the Click ID that was originally passed by Prosper202! So, it’d ping:


And then Prosper202 would know that 12345 got the conversion!

CPVLab and Bevo Media are setup very similarly with one small difference so let’s take a look at them.

CPVLab Conversion Tracking

When setting up your affiliate link in CPVLab the most important thing to remember is to add whatever the SubID string is to the end of your affiliate URL. As with the Prosper202 example above (which you should read whether you’re using Prosper202 or not because the technical side works the same), I’m going to use a PeerFly link as an example.

When I add my PeerFly tracking URL to CPVLab I simply copy and paste it from PeerFly, but make sure to add ?s1= to the end of the link:

You have to add ?s1= to the end of your link or your clicks will not track properly!

  • Click ID Placeholder: ?s1=
  • Post Back Query String: subid=

Technically there is no Click ID placeholder with CPVLab because CPVLab simply passes the Click ID to the very end of your link (which is why we need to add s1=). The most common issue with CPVLab is setting up your post back URL.

The post back URL for CPVLab is simply your pixel link (ends with adclick.php). In order to make this link your global post back you simply need to add  ?subid= to the end of it. With PeerFly you would also need to add the first SubID variable (%subid1%) just like I explained with Prosper202. It would look something like this:


As long as you are passing the Click ID into the first SubID of your affiliate link (which is appended at the end of your affiliate url) and you add ?subid= with the variable from your affiliate network everything will track fine.

Bevo Media Conversion Tracking

Last, but not least, let’s take a look at Bevo Media’s conversion tracking. Bevo Media is probably the easiest simply because it’s hosted for you and everything is in one place.

When you are creating your campaign set it up the same way you would a CPVLab campaign and just add the Click ID placeholder to the end of your link. In the example I’ve used throughout this article it’d be ?s1=.

  • Click ID Placeholder: ?s1=
  • Post Back Query String: subid=

Once you save your campaign Bevo Media will give you the post back URL you should place within the affiliate network you are running traffic with. At the end Bevo Media appends &subid=. You will need to add the SubID variable after the = sign. For example, with PeerFly you’d just add %subid1% so it would look like this:

Once you place that post back in PeerFly or whatever affiliate network you are working with your conversions will show up just fine!

I hope you have a better idea on how you can setup and track your conversions with Prosper202, CPVLab, and Bevo Media now. Of course, if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below or email me. I have setup so many campaigns with all these platforms I could probably do it in my sleep!

Choose a tracking software, setup your campaigns, and let’s make some money!


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