Promoting Affiliate Offers with Bing Ads

Promoting with Bing Ads

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Over the past few months I have been experimenting quite a bit with Bing Ads. I have a lot of publishers at PeerFly that use Bing Ads and I have gotten quite a few questions about promoting on Bing so I decided to give it a try.

I used to promote offers on Microsoft adCenter years ago, but since Yahoo! merged with Microsoft to create Bing Ads I had not really messed with it much. Bing Ads seems a lot better than the old adCenter with a nice looking, easy to use interface and high quality traffic from Bing, Yahoo, and their partner search networks.

Another huge positive to using Bing Ads is that their compliance department is pretty lax and you should have no problem getting most affiliate marketing campaigns approved!

Create a Bing Ads Campaign

If you have created a search ad campaign using Google AdWords or 7Search then you should have no problem getting your Bing Ads campaign setup. The interface is simple and everything is explained well. There are a few things I would like to point out though.

Visitor Location

Bing Ads Location

When you are setting up your Bing Ads campaign you need to make sure that you click the Advanced location options drop down and select Show ads to people in your targeted location.

By selecting that option you are ensuring that people who see your ad when searching are located in your targeted location.

Bing Ads Keyword Tool

Bing Ads Keyword Tool

The Bing Ads keyword tool is pretty good. It has a nice research tool that will remind you of AdWords keyword tool, but seems to be even simpler. You can easily choose your bids for the various keyword options:

  • Broad
  • Phrase
  • Exact
  • Content

You’re also given bid suggestions which will help you get better placement in the results and more traffic.

Direct Link with a META Refresh

With my recent Bing Ads campaigns I have simply been direct linking to a few different PeerFly offers. I have mentioned before that I like to start my affiliate marketing campaigns simply by direct linking and seeing what kind of response I get from the advertiser’s landing page before going through the trouble of creating my own. A lot of the time I’ll know from direct linking whether or not the campaign is really worth pursuing.

Meta Refresh Code

With this simple HTML code you can easily create a redirect page which will go directly to your affiliate link. The benefit is you get to choose the domain you promote on (rather than just direct linking with your networks affiliate link) and even if your network affiliate link is blocked by the source you can usually get a meta refreshed approved. Bing and Facebook Ads are two examples of sources that will approve a meta refresh page even though they may have the network’s affiliate network you are trying to promote blocked.

So, that’s the basics of promoting an affiliate offer on Bing Ads. I am currently working directly with Bing so I can provide account representatives from Bing to anyone who is interested in promoting with their platform seriously. If you are interested please email me and I will help get you setup. I can also get a $50 coupon credit to any new advertiser wanting to give Bing Ads a try.

Let’s make some money!

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143 thoughts on Promoting Affiliate Offers with Bing Ads

  1. Thanks! Have you remember, recently we exchanged few mails where you adviced me to go ahead with Bing Ads … now you came up with nice post of it. How about the volume? its more than 7search right? They do accept non US advertisers?

    1. Bing has a lot more traffic than 7Search and it’s much better quality. They work with international publishers too 🙂

  2. Exellent!Exactly what I am looking for! Thank you, Luke! You wondering me again and again ( like a good old friend!) Have a nice day

  3. Hi Luke,

    Are you saying that Bing is really ok with direct linking? Everywhere I look, people seem to say that it’s not recommended anymore even with Bing.

    Is the coupon valid for publisher outside of the US/Canada?

    1. As I said, I haven’t had any issues. I believe the coupon will be valid for outside the US. Email me and I’ll forward you to my guy at Bing 🙂

  4. Been trying to use Facebook Ads for promoting Affiliate products, but failed. Lose some moneys and gain some experience out of the ads.
    Never try Bing Ads yet.

  5. Hey Luke!

    I “accidentally” set up a campaign with Bing, and after a couple of days of no monitoring it actually broke even.

    What I want to know is can I use the same Keyword subids that I use for 7search on Bing? If not, how can I track conversions using Peerfly’s in house system for BING?


    1. Happy to hear you’re nearly profitable on your campaign already. To pass the keyword simply pass {Keyword} as the first SubID (s1) on PeerFly 🙂

  6. I had heard we cannot direct link with Bing Ads. i was wondering if that was true or not and wanted to research it further. From the looks of your article I can use that meta-refresh page. Unfortunately I already have their $25 certificate, which I only have 4 more days to redeem. Great post though…thanks! I’m guessing there HAS to be better quality and volume on Bing than 7Search.

  7. Luke, great article as always!

    One question: what I’ve heard is that Bing ads is not too happy with e-mail submits, so what kind of offers are you running in Bing?

    Thanks again for your support!

    1. Yeah, email submits are a no-no, but there are plenty of other verticals you can try. I’ve tested some entertainment offers, work from home, and identity theft so far 🙂

  8. Awesome.. Been fooling around with bing the last week also.

    Question about the meta refresh.. Where exactly do you put that code? Buy a domain and slap it on there or?..

    Thanks Luke!

  9. Luke, I would like to hear more from you regarding the offers that you are promoting on Bing Ads.. please update the result.. is it successful or not.. thanks

  10. I am newbie, and this one sounds like alien’s talk to me 🙂
    “and even if your network affiliate link is blocked by the source you can usually get a meta refreshed approved.”
    Could you please point me in right direction to gain knowledge about it?

    1. Some affiliate network links are blacklisted by certain traffic sources (example: PeerFly links are blocked by Facebook), but with a redirect they may still approve your link.

  11. When would you resort to making your own landing page?

    Lots of clicks and no conversions? Clicks and some conversions?


  12. Great post, a friend told me that I could do this but I could not figure out how, I’m not used to working with Bing. So perfect timing for this article, Thanks!

  13. Hey Luke I am a newbie to CPA. Whats so bad about email submits or zip codes submits?. Is it because there might be some scrubbing?.

  14. Hi Luke,

    For offers that require credit card purchase, what would you consider an acceptable conversion rate in bing ads? Thanks for the help. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the post. I’m now going to try out bing but I’m confused by the meta refresh. If you have – does this go in the destination url field, as I thought the diplay url has to be the website which the user lands on..

    1. You can use it for both destination and display. If you want to use the url that the user lands on for display that should be fine too.

  16. Hey Luke, I’m new in this industry and I am interested in joining bing. So I was interested in asking you whether I can get a coupon code? Lots of thanks!

  17. What’s the best way to get intouch with Bing? They suspended my account for “security reasons”… doesnt seem to be an available contact at Bing expect for a number…was hoping for an email. ANy luck?

  18. Hi Luke, reading through this post and your response, do you recommend BingAds over 7search for someone who is starting on PPC? Secondly, what should be the minimum offer payout when working with BingAds?

    1. I don’t necessarily recommend Bing Ads over 7Search for beginners, but I think once you get the hang of search ppc with 7Search then Bing Ads would be a good next step.

  19. Hi Luke,
    Great Post, lots of great info!
    One short question.. Do they allow the promotion of offers such as Affiliate Buzz (movie site) promoting it with your own landing page/website? & keywords such as [watch movies online] ?

    1. Bing is all about search. They have a contextual network you can promote on, but most of the traffic is from search (Bing + Yahoo).

  20. Hey Luke, can I promote using Bing in Brazil? How can I get a coupon? Please send me one if you can..

    I’ll appreciate, thanks!

    Nice post! Nice job!

  21. Will this redirect keep the {keyword} data that Bing passes once a user clicks on the Ad and the affiliate link given from peerfly has s1={keyword} at the end?

  22. Hey Luke,

    Great Thanks, this meta refresh solved my direct linking issue (it seemed the CPA network’s affiliate link was prohibited in my case)!
    A question though: how can you track with this meta refresh redirect the parameters like Matchtype, Querystring, etc? How do you parameterize the redirect url (

  23. Hi Luke, great post by the way! As a ppc expert this seems too good to miss. Is it possible to get do this via your link & get the bonus if you already have another Bing account or is it for new accounts only?

    Looking forward to your response and keep up the good work!


    1. It’s primarily for new accounts, but I’d be happy to get you in touch with my friend at Bing Ads to help out and see what he can do for you 🙂

  24. If anyone needs Bing Coupons – get in touch!

    I have $700 bing coupons for $110.

    Hope you don’t mind the plug, Luke. I think its of value to the readers.

    Have a good 2014.


    1. Where are the coupons coming from? It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I do not believe selling Bing coupons is allowed.

  25. Great post I am trying to figure out how to track conversions using the bing tracking code so i can see when i have a conversion in my bing data. Can that be done?

  26. Luke, is it okay to use this method on FB these days? Or could this result to an FB ad account suspension? I am planning to promote an offer with a landing page that’s compliant to FB’s policies, i.e. “does not interfere with a user’s ability to navigate away from the page”

  27. Thanks Luke. I tried accessing my affiliate link and it’s redirecting to some random survey instead of the actual offer. Is this because the offer I was trying to promote isn’t available in my country? If so, I suppose I shouldn’t direct link via iframe/metarefresh offers that aren’t from US or FB reviewers will be redirected to surveys instead of the offer’s landing page.

    Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Yes, if you live outside of the offer’s Allowed Countries you will be redirected. You can still try to get your ad approved by reviewers. If it’s getting denied you’ll need to make your own lander.

  28. Hi, I too am having the redirect to random surveys, as I’m in the UK and the offer is for the US. Am I right in thinking the affiliate link will work correctly if a user in the US clicks on my ad?

  29. I am using Bing Ads to promote a health related offer and using direct linking to the offer landing page with a redirect from my site. So far no problems and I am getting a lot of clicks with 10% conversions..

  30. Hi Amazing Blog! So much info, i don’t know where to start. So i have a question. I’m signed up to a few affiliate companies. How do i know which offers i can use as direct linking through bing ads? I tried creating my first campaign, and then at the end it gave me a code , which i added back to the offer’s pixel code area….(am i doing this right?) it then said the offer didn’t accept that code (it was server to server offer) What’s that by the way? And how do i choose offers that are accepted through bing ads, with direct links to the affiliate offer?

  31. Luke,

    Kind of a newbie and trying to understand this method. I have hosting with Hostzilla and a domain ready to go. Do I put the Meta Refresh Code in a notepad doc and upload it to my public_html folder?

    Also, couldn’t I just do a temporary 302 redirect or cloaked forward and direct link on bing?

  32. Hi Luke, if I use a landing page to get the user email first with ebook gift and with text related with my CPA offer and of course hosted with my on domain. Do you think I could be banned in Bing and Facebook?, or what are the elements my landing page should have in order to be OK with Facebook and Bing editors?

  33. Hi Luke,
    I can create a campaign to promote and use the direct links on Bing from my network without need through a redirect?

  34. Hi Luke, if you get say, 10c CPC on Bing and a Peerfly conversion pays out, say $1, that means that you need 10% conversion just to break even. Should we be targeting the big $20+ payouts for this to be worthwhile? Or has my math missed something here?

    1. That’s correct. It really doesn’t matter what the payout is. Low payouts can work if you have a high CR. You just have to test 🙂

  35. Luke can we still use meta refresh method at Bing? Will it work for Adwords also? I want to run affiliate links over adwords. Do you have any suggestions regarding aff links? I am managing other campaigns with coupons at adwords.

    1. It’ll definitely work with Bing. Kind of doubt it with AdWords. They’re pretty good at detecting anything affiliate related and suspending it.

  36. I’m looking at starting Bing PPC (not email submits). I’ve written to my new affiliate manager. I hope he can help me out. Insurance and finance seem to look promising…..

  37. hi .I have a question regarding the meta refresh
    I use the meta refresh before bing approve my ads ?
    or after they review my settings ads

  38. Hi Luke,
    Great info about Bing.
    I am a newbie but very excited about Internet Marketing.
    I have a question. I would like to send my add to a landing page to collect leads and on submit redirect to my offer affiliate page. What I would like to know is can I put my landing page URL in the destination URL field in my Bing campaign? Will it work? Is the display URL useful?
    Deeply appreciate any help. Keep up the great work.


  39. hi luke,

    nice post. if i don’t own a domain but i have a site in, weebly and wix. can i use the redirect page method to promote cpa offers in bing?

  40. Hello Luke,

    Thanks for the tips. I have already tried 7Search following your tips but the traffic was a bit disappointing. I would like to give Bing Ads a try, so can you please arrange me a coupon code? What should be the minimum deposit for the coupon to work?


  41. Luke, As you said Bing no more accepts direct linking of Peerfly links for which You use meta refresh code.
    I have two questions here

    – How is meta refresh different from 301(temp or permamnent ) redirect from domain
    – Also if i use a tracker , then the destination url becomes tracker link and I do not directly enter Peerfly URL.Will they allow this ?

    But few of my campaigns are directly linked to other network links as of now

  42. I have Bing Ad coupons of $1000, $500, $100 values. Let me know if anyone needs to scale up the volume in Luke can you offer me an account in peerfly?

  43. Hey PPCRunner,
    how does it work with your Bing coupons.
    Do i need an new Bing account?
    How safe is it not get banned?


  44. Hi Luke,
    I have been trying the meta refresh redirect but the problem is on the Quality Score. QS is so low. How do you resolve this problem. Can you share a case study on how you were able to get over with this kind of problem? Thanks a lot in advance. Or if you could just package it as a downloadable product here in your site, that would be great.

  45. I am from Russia and I can not use Bing ADS, could you suggest could have such areas where the combined advertising in bing and anywhere?

  46. Hi Luke!
    Thank you so much for the information! It helped me a lot! This Planet need more people like you my friend!

  47. Hi Luke,

    Thank you very much for this really helpful post. I see that it is two years and two days old! Therefore, is the information included in the post still relevant these days in terms of direct linking with Bing Ads? That is really important for us to know, Luke, so please be so kind to let us know.

    Also, how about promoting offers with a landing page instead of direct linking? But when using landing pages, wouldn’t it be “user-unfriendly” so to speak if users have to make more clicks before actually finding what they wanted? Also, I heard that Google doesn’t like it when the user has to go to another page for the checkout step. How to make sense of all of these things?

    1. Using a landing page is going to get you much better results and traffic. You aren’t add hoops for the user to jump through, you are adding to the reason they want to make the final jump.

  48. Thank you Luke.

    Is the info in the article still relevant? Does Bing have any problem with direct linking OR landing pages?

  49. Hi Luke,
    Thanks for this helpful info. There’s an important point you should also add to this blog post, worth updating. There are currently many offers from vendors which have exit pop ups which interfere with Bing’s landing page policies. Those type of offers obviously cannot be used.

    It would be well worth your while advising vendors that landing pages with exit popups cannot be used in most PPC environments and ask them for a non exit-pop version. Otherwise they can be missing out on a lot of good leads

  50. Hello Luke,

    I have many clients using Bing coupons accounts for traffic. Some of them are using cloaker, direct linking & landing page. But still Bing ban their accounts. Do you have any suggestion that how to prevent this ban?

  51. Hey, I have a redirect plugin (WP Dynamic Links on one site and Pretty Link on another). Would these work as well as a meta refresh?

      1. Yeah, I tried it out and it worked. So anyone with WP installed can use Dynamic Links or Pretty Link to track and redirect their PeerFly url on Bing and get approved. 🙂


  53. Hi Luke

    Thank you for this great post. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Does the Meta Refresh still work with Bing Ads?

    2. Can I use a sub-domain with a Meta Refresh to the Direct Link? (This way I can use a single domain for promoting multiple offers) Are there any downsides in using a sub-domain for redirecting users to the affiliate links?

    Many thanks

  54. Hi Luke, great article.

    I have an offer that I would like to test through direct linking, but I also want to track how the ads and keywords I am targeting are performing. How would this work with Prosper 202?

  55. Hi Luke,

    In a previous article you mentioned Iframing web pages to act a as a direct link, do you see the meta refresh as a better option or is it that the Iframe option only needs to be used with fussy traffic networks? I would guess the loading times would be the same.

  56. I know advertising is not allowed so I will leave my skype contact, if you need help with getting bing coupons and other stuff, you may contact me on skype speedtechz.

  57. ok im lost….im trying to set up campaigns on bing and they keep getting disapproved. i see what code to put in to create redirect links but um whats next….do i need to buy a domain and hosting or what?

  58. Hi Luke. I’ve been working with Bing ads for a few months but now my account is blocked.
    I think it’s something to do with display url and redirects.
    If I get banned is that my PPC life over? How can I get a new account?

    1. I don’t believe you’re banned for life. You should reach out to them and explain that you do affiliate marketing and you will fix the issue.

      1. Thanks Luke. Another question if I may, I see you are using the meta refresh redirect, would using a 302 redirect from the domain manager be the same? Or as the 302 doesn’t actually land on my domain would this be a problem?

  59. If you direct link to a survey offer, how do you get the landing page url to match the url you use in your text advertisement?
    For instance, Peerfly has an iSurvey Canada offer.. Uh Oh, this is a bad example but I will forge ahead. I am in the US so my iSurvey Canada redirects to a restaurant promotion:

    How do I get a URL to put in my text ad so that Bing will accept it.

    Also, if it redirects to another URL, how do I get my text ad URL to match up with both the iSurvey Canada URL and the redirect URL

  60. Hi Luke. This is my first time commenting on your blog. Actually I used to work for AdworkMedia and I do better with content locking with onclick function.
    Actually I was finding it a bit hard to work on direct offers linking. I think I have gotten an idea with your post on Bing Ads and I would like to try it out. Please I am interested in the $50 Ads credit and I hope International publishers can have it as well?

  61. Hi,

    Will this kind of redirect work with Google Adwords?
    Is it possible to promote a Peerfly affiliate offer (loans&pay-day) on Google Adwords?


  62. Hi Luke,

    How are you?
    Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for you and your family!
    I have read your article and i found it very interesting!
    I would like to ask you the following questions:
    a/ Can i forward my af. link with a purchased domain?
    b/ What type of offers are converting good on Bing?
    c/ Should i target only US & Canada market?
    I am looking forward hearing of you.

    1. Thank you! Here are the answers to your questions:

      a) Yes, you can setup a custom tracking domain on PeerFly. There are instructions on the PeerFly blog here.

      b) We’re having the best luck with midlevel sales offers. You can see a list of our top EPCs (which is primarily what’s being pushed) here.

      c) It’s really up to you. That’s what I target, but it’s also what I know best. You should always be testing new opportunities though 🙂

  63. Thank you for the good informative articles that you are always writing. I have read the Bing ads article and would like to advertise on Bing. I have also register on the Bing Ads platform. However i find the new Bing ads platform a bit tricky to create an ad. Is there a resource you could recommend which can direct how to create an ad on Bing. Thank you.

  64. Hi Luke,
    I´m following your site for a couple of years and your content is very very good for me. Thaks a lot.

    I´m using your meta refresh code with bing ads but I can´t paste the FB pixel code to each visit I´m getting on my lander for to do retargeting to them. After 800 visits I have my custom audience in 0 people (In FB audience settings I´m using “url” “equals” and my subdomain).
    I pasted in header section first my FB pixel code, after LP script of my Prosper and after your code with meta data and refresh.
    Also I´m using a platform for my LP and I have done an A record from my subdomain to this LP on this platform. I’ll tell you this if this was a problem to paste my FB pixel.

    Best regards.

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