Can I promote PeerFly offers on YouTube?

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We have recently had a lot of publishers start to focus part of their affiliate marketing strategy on YouTube. YouTube is a great place to pick up some free traffic for your affiliate marketing campaigns, but we do have some guidelines that we require all PeerFly publishers to follow if they want to promote on YouTube and those are:

  1. The offer must have Social PPC listed under Allowed Marketing.
  2. You must own the rights to the video content you are promoting on.
  3. The offer must be related to the video content.
  4. You must use a redirect on your own domain if you are going to direct link.
  5. You are not allowed to post links in the comment sections of the video, just the description and in your video.

The offer must have Social PPC listed under Allowed Marketing.
This rule has been set in place because, although you are not technically doing pay per click advertising, it is still social traffic and in order to promote on social traffic our advertisers must agree that they want that type of traffic being used to promote their offer.

You must own the rights to the video content you are promoting on.
We cannot allow you to promote our offers on videos with content that you do not own. You will have to create your own videos or have videos created for you.

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The offer must be related to the video content.
If you’re going to promote an offer on a YouTube video than the offer needs to be related to the video. This will help keep the quality of the traffic up for the advertiser and at the same time should help increase your conversion rate. So, if you want to promote an offer for the new iPhone 4S, make a video about it. Don’t make a video about how to teach your dog fetch (although we do have some great dog offers as well).

Of course, if you have any questions you are always welcome to contact me or post them below.

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61 thoughts on Can I promote PeerFly offers on YouTube?

  1. I am confused about redirects? I will point it to my site then redirect to the offer? is this allowed? i want to be super sure on this. Thanks.

      1. Like having a page on my own domain then redirecting it to the affiliate link, so that the traffic will not come directly from youtube. Is this correct?

  2. LOL where have i been these times? all I know this has not been allowed lol. I will now start making my own video to YT, and redirect my own page to specific offers.

    Thanks Luke!

  3. Hi Luke, great post. I have a question, can I promote peerfly offers on other video sites besides youtube (e.g metacafe, vimeo, etc)?

    Waiting Your Answer


      1. Hi Google told me I can’t redirect. I know this response several years old. Can it still be done if so what site to use ?

      2. You can add whatever link you want to the description of your video. This is not talking about YouTube Ads. It’s talking about uploading a video to YouTube and advertising an offer in the description.

  4. Hi Luke,

    I try to learn fast. I did use YouTube to sell, it’s my favorite. But I’m new in CPA.

    Not sure about one thing… I can’t prevent people from all over the world to find and click my link ( with redirection of course ). Facebook Page has that ability to display page content only to the users from certain countries. As far as I know I can’t do something similar on YouTube. If for an example, advertiser wants only US visitors, and someone outside US click on my in comment section, which redirects him to advertiser page, he/she will get “Offer is not valid in your country”.

    I come to the point. Although there are some tips & tricks how to attract only US visitors, as my video get more and more visits and likes, it will be most popular and people outside US will find it easy searching on YT for certain keywords. That leads to a lot of unwanted visitors to advertiser page. Will that be a problem? Can I be blacklisted by an advertiser if let’s say 70% of visits are outside US and offer is valid only in US? Do you have any suggestion how I can filter traffic BEFORE I redirect user to advertiser page? Any HTML or PHP script, or maybe WordPress plugin? I can google but as I said I’m new in CPA field so I want to be 100% sure.

    1. You will not get blacklisted on an offer for sending international traffic because we redirect it. We have a system in place so that it won’t hurt you 🙂

  5. What about tinyurl -> my website -> offer ? Is this allowed? I plan to upscale this but don’t want to leave a footprint for competition (flaggers) and it’s cheaper than buying .info domains.

  6. Hi everyone, i am newly registered here. and i don’t know about work. please any one guide me abut work.
    Mr. Luke guide me please how can i be a good member of peerfly. Thanks.

  7. what if social ppc is allowed, followed the guidelines it says “Do NOT use Youtube videos to promote this offer.”. Can I still promote the offer using Youtube?

    1. No, if the offer specifically asys you cannot promote the offer with YouTube then you cannot promote the offer with YouTube.

  8. Hi Luke very good explanation on everything about youtube. I want you ask you do I need have web site for redirect offer with “com”,”net” or “org” domain or can I have free domain like “tk” or create web page on weably, squidoo or blogspot which is free servis for creating web sites and pages. I want do now that for sure so I do not banned from Peerfly if I dont have paid hosting and domain. Thanks

  9. Luke,

    I am the actual ‘registered’ member of Peerfly, but the highly relevant video I’ll be promoting my offer on is owned by my biz partner, & in HIS name. Would that be OK?

  10. Hey Luke,

    i have a short question on youtube comments i think it has not been asked yet by other people on i go over it next:

    am i allowed to mention my own domain on either youtube video comments or top comments to redirect people to my own page and from my own site…it shows up the cpa offer? the picture would be:

    1) my own domain on youtube comment or top comment – 2)people goes to that domain which redirects to my own site – 3) people are shown with the cpa offer on my own website page – 4) they are redirected to the advertiser´s landing page.

    is this method allowed??

    thanks a lot Luke and hope this question helps others out a lot as well!!


  11. Hi Luke, I’d like to promote an offer by using youtube. Well, the offer doesn’t allow Social PPC but can I promote it on YT by using a landing page under my own domain? Example: Youtube video description linking to My landing page –> Offer (aff link)

    1. Does the offer specifically restrict YouTube? In that case, no. Otherwise, I’d be happy to look at your video/landing page and let you know.

  12. hi luke you commented that you buy a hosting and asks me is if all of any category that deals with social ppc youtube the truth I can promote by following the guidelines

  13. Hi Luke,
    Can I comment on youtube videos (not mine) to redirect to my video which contain link to the offer in description section?

    Thank you.

  14. Trying to understand this correctly. For redirects… the is used only as cloaking. So it’s… youtube video->> cpa offer. So then, no one is really stopping off at, in fact they won’t even see anything on the at all. The is being used simply to take viewer directly from youtube video straight to cpa offer. Is this correct?

  15. Also it was mentioned that you should run any landing pages by your AM before using them for a cpa offer. Does this advice also apply to video creation? Does one also need to check with their AM first before posting a video, when the purpose of the video is getting attention for a (redirect via 1st of course) cpa offer?

    1. It’s always a good idea to discuss your campaign with your affiliates manager so you don’t have to worry about any creatives coming back to haunt you later.

  16. Hey,
    Ref rules and regs, I dont seem to get this one here:
    “The offer must have Social PPC listed under Allowed Marketing”.
    Can anyone help me see the light of day here please 🙂

  17. Hi Luck. Thanks for good information.
    I have some question.
    – Peerfly dont allow any type of commenting on any blog or website?
    – If i use original affiliate link when i promote offer, should it be fine?
    – Any good topic, article.. for what can publisher use to promote?
    Sorry for my english. Hope you understand.

    1. Commenting is usually considered spam. Original affiliate link? What do you mean for what you should use to promote?

  18. Hi Luck. Thanks all that good information, But I have A question:
    If I promote a Campaign in 7Search , Is this OK with this :
    Allowed Methods: Search PPC, Social PPC, Banner Display, Contextual
    Not Allowed: NO Incent, NO Classified Ads, NO Twitter, NO SMS, NO Email Marketing, NO Trademark Bidding, LIMITED Facebook Promotion, NO Co-Registration, NO PPV/CPV

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