My Projects



FPTraffic is my Facebook Page management tool. I launched it in August of 2013. It is my largest and most profitable project.

Nearly 25,000 people have signed up for FPTraffic and it currently manages about 1,300,000,000 Likes!



Skrayp is my PPV scraper tool. I launched it in October of 2014 and it has grown tremendously since.

Skrayp generates millions of URLs and keywords for members to use in their PPV campaigns every single month. Learn more in my review article.

PeerFly Offers


PeerFly Offers is my affiliate offer directory for PeerFly. It was the first project I launched back in 2010.

PeerFly Offers has been searched millions of times by hundreds of thousands of affiliates and currently has over 12,500 pages in Google’s index.

Luke Kling is my portfolio website with more information about me and my projects.

I reach millions of people every single month and it’s my goal to continue to increase that reach and make more money every single day.

PeerFly has shut down so this blog is no longer maintained.Join me on affLIFT