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We have had the ability to pre-pop our offers at PeerFly for awhile and we have had pre-poppable offers before, but we have recently struck up a deal with some of our major e-mail submit advertisers to allow us to pre-pop all of their offers and keep the same payouts! This is great news for our PeerFly publishers!

What is a “PRE-POP” offer?

Pre-pop is short for pre-populate. An offer that allows pre-pop allows you to pre-populate a field on the landing page. With our offers at PeerFly you can pre-pop the e-mail address on some of our e-mail submits. I have included a list of our pre-pop offers below so you can see which ones allow it.

Why pre-pop?

Recently I have been talking about PPV a lot. With PPV, you are typically going to want to create your own landing page that is optimized for the PPV pop up window. Well, if the offer you are promoting can be pre-popped then you can include a form on your landing page to collect the users e-mail and then redirect them to the actual offer landing page with their e-mail pre-populated in the form. This will typically increase your conversion rate, which is always great.

How to pre-pop

With PeerFly it is very easy to pre-pop your offer. All of our offers that you can pre-pop have the tag [Allows Pre-Pop]. When you go to the offer page for one of those offers you’ll see the email= variable has been added to the URL string for your Long Link.

pre-pop email long link

Simply pass the users e-mail after that variable (ex: [email protected]) and it’ll be automatically entered into the e-mail form on the offer landing page.

What offers can you pre-pop?

We will be adding more and more offers you can pre-pop, but you can find a complete list at anytime on at our pre-pop list. You can find a similar list on PeerFly here. As I mentioned, they all have the tag [Allows Pre-Pop].

There are many advantages to pre-popping offers on PeerFly. If you have any questions about how to pre-pop our offers or if you need help finding offers please let me know!


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