How to Pre-Pop Offers from your own Landing Page

I have been discussing pre-pop quite a bit lately. My last post listed quite a few new pre-pop offers we added to PeerFly and I’ve explained how to pre-pop the offers from PeerFly, but how can you pre-pop offers from your own landing page? This quick tutorial will explain how to use a form on your own offer landing page to collect the user’s email and then forward them to your PeerFly link with their email pre-popped. To really understand what is going on with this tutorial you will need to have some knowledge of HTML and PHP.

Adding a form to your landing page

I am going to assume that you have created a form before with HTML and PHP so I will not be going through and explaining every detail of getting this setup, but I am going to provide sample code.



Okay, so if you know HTML this should be nothing new. We have a simple 1 field form (input box) and a submit button. In this example I have named the inbox box name (name=”name“). You should also note that the form action and the form method.

  1. action=”go.php
  2. method=”get

This is important because the form is going to use the GET method to send the email to the next page, go.php.

Using the data from the form and pre-popping the offer

The code I am about to show you is the bare minimum to what you can do. All I am going to do is take the email that was entered on the form mentioned on the page above (your landing page) and send the user to my PeerFly link with his/her email already pre-popped. There is a lot more that you could do with this page. For example, you could use the PHP mail function to send the user a nice follow up email with a few more of your affiliate links in them.



All I’ve done in the code snippet above is grab the user’s email using the GET method ($_GET[’email’]). I then use the header function to forward the user to my PeerFly affiliate link and I’ve added the user’s email to the link using the $email variable at the end of the link.

I realize that this is a very vague example. This is simply to get you moving in the right direction. You can grab the source code for the two files mentioned above at:


I hope this helps those of my PeerFly publishers with questions about pre-popping from their own landing pages. Of course, if you still have questions you are welcome to post them below in the comments (it’s likely someone else has the same question) or contact me.

I look forward to seeing how this helps your campaigns!


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