The PPV Marketing Strategy That Works

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The following is a guest post by Antonio Janko, a successful internet marketer who decided to share some great information on PPV marketing and a special offer for his new PPV spying tool, Unfold Ads.

PPV marketing has been proved to be one of the most successful forms of online marketing among many advertisers and publishers. Although it looks like one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get traffic, a lot of marketers are still struggling with setting up their first profitable campaign.

For those who are not familiar with PPV marketing, check out Luke’s LeadImpact PPV Review. Leadimpact is one of the biggest PPV networks and I suggest you to start there if you don’t have an account on any other PPV network yet.

How To Make A Profitable PPV Campaign

I will go over each step of making a successful PPV campaign and also show you a tricky way that will allow you to basically skip all the steps and start running campaigns that are already profitable. But before that, let’s cover some basics…

First of all, let’s see what you need to make it happen. Here is basically all you need to set up a profitable PPV campaign:

  • PPV network account
  • Offer to promote
  • URL targets
  • Landing page

Some people might not consider a landing page necessary, but most of the time it will do better than just direct linking.

Pick The Right Offer

This is the first step, but it’s very important. It can be any offer from your CPA network or any affiliate network that allows PPV traffic. Try to find some offers that convert well. I would start by sorting the offers by network EPC. You can pick an offer from any category because PPV marketing allows you to target any URL or keyword you want. You may also want to check out the top converting offers that allow PPV on

Add Target URLs

After you’ve picked your offer, it’s time to find some good websites that are related to the offer you promote. I suggest you target URLs only. Regular keywords are not as precise as URLs so I suggest specifically targeting URLs. It is also important to target only very related URLs. You will get the best results if you target websites that offer the same thing as your actual offer that you are promoting.

Landing Page

Landing pages that generally work well are simple, short, easy to read and straight to the point. Most of them consist of an image, headline, some short text and a big call to action button. Your landing page has to fit in a popup ad window so be sure to use the right size (775x400px for LeadImpact). Check out my PPV marketing landing pages post to read more about that.

The Easiest Way To Make Money With PPV

Earlier in this post I told you that I will reveal a special tool that will allow you to pretty much skip the whole process of finding a good offer, making a landing page, adding target URLs and testing a campaign yourself. Well, this is exactly what I will reveal right now.

Get Access To Hundreds Of Live And Successful PPV Campaigns

Unfold Ads is a new premium PPV spying membership website that reveals PPV campaigns that are currently running by other advertisers. If you have ever wondered how some people make so much money with PPV marketing and how successful campaigns look like, then Unfold Ads is the best place to find that out.

Unfold Ads Features

This membership website reveals everything you need to make PPV campaigns. After you log in, you can see a directory of all campaigns that you can filter and sort by niche, country, network and running time.

Here is one screenshot to show you what it looks like:

Unfold Ads Interface

You will be surprised to see some campaigns that you would probably never think of and yet they do so well. You can easily detect which campaigns are more successful than others by comparing their running time.

How To Start Your Own Profitable Campaigns

With Unfold Ads is easy to start your own profitable campaigns almost immediately because all you need to do is to pick a campaign from the directory, take a look at it’s landing page, targeted URL and make your own campaign with your affiliate link of course. I don’t suggest you to steal someone’s whole campaign, but use it to get an idea on what works and what you should focus on. You can then play with it however you like and put your own twist on it.

Special Offer for readers!

Similar spying services are usually very expensive and not even available for general public. Unfold Ads is a pretty new project and it is currently opened for a selective group of people. The regular membership price is $97 per month.

For a limited time, readers of this blog can get an exclusive discount of 75%, which means you can get access for just $24.97/month instead of $97/month.

How To Start With Unfold Ads Immediately

You can start with Unfold Ads for just $24.97 (75% discount) using the coupon:


For that price, you will get a full, unlimited access to hundreds of PPV campaigns that you can use to start making money from the very first day.

Sign Up for Unfold Ads

You can also visit for more information. I hope you see the power of this and that you will use it to create a lot of profitable PPV campaigns. Try it now and go make some money! Feel free to post any questions you have in the comments.

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49 thoughts on The PPV Marketing Strategy That Works

  1. Thanks for the informative post and the generous offer….much appreciated! What I would like to know is the details of the “target url’s”. I have heard (I’m just starting to get into PPV) that people target 100’s of url’s and some event 1000. How many target url’s does Unfold Ads show for each campaign running?

    1. Hi, it’s Antonio from
      It is true that some advertisers target a lot of URLs or keywords so if there are multiple URLs that get traffic for one campaign, Unfold Ads will show multiple variations of that campaign with it’s own data and details.

      So there might be a few listings in the base that have the same name, but different targeted URL or keyword. That means that this is the same campaign that gets a lot of traffic from multiple URLs/keywords.

      The reason why they are shown separately is because you can then see all the details such as running time for each targeted URL/keyword specifically.

  2. I paid the 25$ for this and I can honestly say that it wasn’t worth it for me because with this plan they only offer a total of about 240 ads across their entire database. I think I’ll request a refund because I can easily find this many ads just by installing the ppv adware on a second computer/laptop. There’s far better alternatives such as boxofads etx.

  3. Thank you for this PPV guide and tool. I’ve started with PPV about a week ago and this tool will help me a lot. It looks fantastic!

  4. I’m thinking about trying this out, my concern is if there are only a few ads that are being monitored (or whatever you call it), then I think that may be a little limiting. As far as comparing this to I don’t know how many campaigns they have in their system, but it is $200 p/m which is a hell of a lot of money for a newer marketer to spend. I think I may try out the free trail for 24 hours on the Boxofads site and then sign up for this and compare. i’m sure the other one will have more, but the information should be close to the same i would think.

  5. @Pravir,

    as many URL’s as you can. Ideally 1,000 <. allows you to upload up to 5,000.
    that being said, you'll probably get 90% of the traffic from only a handful of URL's.

    If you have experience with Google (search/display) or Bing, expect to be disappointed with the PPV/CPV traffic. It's simply limited … try to spend (wisely) $500 a day. I don't think it's possible.

    In other words; if you're doing it as a hobby (i.e. part-time), feel free to play with PPV/CPV. I don't know any full-time IM who does PPV/CPV. It's simply a waste of time. They all focus on the largest networks.

    Mike Colella, CEO of, writes extensively in his forum about the challenges of different networks. Watch (a few articles are free) and read whatever you can from Mike. He's lightyears ahead of 99.99% of all IM's out there.

  6. This is a great offer! I signed up and already found some interesting campaigns that I would like to test for myself. I will try to set up some campaigns on leadimpact and hopefully make some money.

  7. Ihave a question and I know Luke will give an honest answer, unlike most of the guru’s in the IM niche. I want to do some PPV marketing, and I guess it is now becoming the big thing with all the Google problems. I have heard you can get results in PPV for as little as $200 and make some money. I have also heard to keep away from it until you can actually can afford to lose between $2500 to $10,000. I don’t want to throw away whatever money I have, but I can’t afford to lose in excess of $2,000 just to test something out. I would like to know if I’m just wasting my time trying to learn PPV or not.

    1. The minimum deposit for LeadImpact and Mediatraffic is $200. I think those are good networks to start with and they seem to perform pretty well with our offers. I recommend LeadImpact. Once you get a campaign profitable if you want to transfer your traffic to Trafficvance you will need a bigger budget ($1,000 minimum deposit). To get started though $200 is a good budget.

  8. Thanks for the offer Antonio. I want to join and take your system for a spin. One question: If I signup using Luke’s coupon my membership price will lock at $25 bucks, or that price is only for the first month?

  9. Antonio:
    I signed up for unfoldads deal and appreciate the pricing as compared to other “spy” type sites. I am assuming that it is pretty new as there are very limited number of campaigns running, like 200 in US and almost none elsewhere. Also, the only traffic network is Lead Impact and the collectives are like 8 or 9 showing. Will this be increasing? I’m sure there is more than 1 url that is being used on each of these ads but the system only shows one. Is there a way to determine if they are on other urls, networks etc. Please advise when the system will be improved and expanded. The pricing is really good, now if it can just be expanded I’m sure it will be an excellent tool in the future.

    1. This is a new website and the number of campaigns is increasing frequently. Currently there are more than 250 campaigns, majority of them are US campaigns but there are also campaigns for UK, Australia and Canada. As for the networks, there are campaigns from Leadimpact and Trafficvance campaigns will be added soon.

      Since this is a new tool, you can use this special offer and join for such a low price and you will never have to pay the full price.

      If anyone has any specific questions, please email me at: [email protected].

  10. I asked for a refund as unfortunately I didn’t find anything worth spying from the database of 200 ads. Most of them were just direct linking.

    5 days since I sent the refund request…still no response.

    Probably won’t recommend this service to anyone 🙂

    – Deep

  11. Is the coupon for $24.97 for life or just first month? I think I did see a coupon for $24.97 for life but don’t remember where..

  12. I registre in the software two month, I dont know how to use well the software, and every campain just one keyword or url . I don’t know how is the power of this programm. I MAKE many campain with the information, one month gone, I DONT get any result, what is the problem ?

  13. I found this a bit late but I am glad to see that coupon still works. Anyways, Unfold Ads looks and works great for my PPV campaigns. Thanks Luke.

  14. Hello luke, I’m in Colombia and I want to know if I can use the tool without problems? Or I will have problems for my IP to use the software? Thank you

  15. hello luke does unfold ads have data from direct cpv network because at moment cant afford traffic vance or lead impact pleas email me the response. I was about to set up a campaign on one of your offers i got all the kws for it about 200 or so now in this article you are saying get urls?

  16. Hi Antonio
    thanks for the informative post .
    i am about to get into ppv and i find that is very difficult to sign to cpa networks such Never Blue, Max Bounty,Mobooka or even peerfly with out you have any site or content to share. Is ppv campaigns demands a lot of expiriance?

  17. I copied some PPV campaigns from and they made me money.

    How can I make sure people don’t copy me? lol

  18. Please i want to know best tips on content advertising and if it converts.Also i’m new in ppv so tell me if 50onred converts and to guides to maximize ROI.At last how to build blog like this one.To me noted that my niche is health specially diabetes which is suitable for my medical specialty.Thanks

  19. Hello,

    Unfold Ads does not seems to be updated (Last Updated campaign => 2014…)
    And I have lot of issue on it (“error 500”).
    Is somebody know a good alternative??


  20. Do you have to have your own landing page for CPA offer on PPV? What is wrong with the landing page that the CPA offer has?

  21. Hi Luke. Do you use a third-party tracking tool when doing PPV campaigns? If so, do you use it to track views of pop ups or only clicks of the call-to-action button/link inside pop ups?

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