Steps to Making Easy Money With An Adult Dating Offer and PPV Landing Page

PPV Campaign Steps

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The following is a guest post from my friend Bank. He’s very good at PPV marketing and if you’re interested in the steps to setting up a successful PPV campaign I think you will really enjoy what he has to say.

Many of you already know that adult dating is one of the best money makers in all countries. Although it’s not my favorite niche, I have also recently tried it and made around $4k+. This might not be “big” money especially for this niche, but for many newbies a $4k+ case study would be a good for them to learn from and help them start their next winning campaigns.

So, I’m going to reveal all steps I have taken in creating profitable campaigns in this space.

The topics I’m going to cover are:

  • How I chose the offers
  • How I selected the PPV targets
  • Direct Link vs Landing Page
  • The Bidding Strategy
  • How I determine and cut my losses with bad targets
  • The direct link results
  • How I create the PPV landing page
  • Split testing and optimization
  • The landing page results
  • How I scale up my campaigns
  • Conclusion

How I Chose The Offers

The first step I do is select a couple of adult offers from CPA networks. After I’ve researched the demographics of the audience for each offer, I chose only three of them that have the same target visitors. The payout for these three offers were around $3 to $5. All of them are SOI (Single Opt In) which only require people to submit their information with no need to confirm their account via an email address.

From my experience, SOI usually has a better conversion rate than DOI (Double Opt In) even though it has a lower payout. I always start with more than one offer because I don’t know which one is good until I send traffic to it.

How I Selected The PPV Targets

The next thing I did was choose the PPV targets. I started with only the top thirty adult related websites. All of them must have an Alexa Ranking better than 50,000 in the US (my offers are based in the US). The reason behind this is because I want to target those that have a medium to high amount of traffic. If the Alexa Ranking is higher than this, it usually has a low volume of traffic.

Ten of them were adult dating websites. Another ten were adult video sites. The remaining were adult chat rooms. These were three main target groups I was going to send the offer to. I decided to start from these three target visitors because I wanted to know which kind of target worked well with the offers I selected.

The best PPV target scraper tool!

Skrayp PPV Targets

Direct Link vs Landing Page

The next step was setting up the campaigns on the PPV network. For this case study, I started purchasing traffic from only 50onRed. If the offers and targets I selected give me conversions, I’ll expand the campaigns to other traffic sources.

Then, I created three direct link campaigns for three target groups. I wanted to see how the targets and offers performed without the landing page first. If the direct link method gives me a good result, I’ll scale up my campaigns using the landing page.

I didn’t test the campaigns using the landing page right off the bat because creating landing pages usually takes time and we don’t yet know whether the offers are good or bad. That’s why we should see the result from the direct linking first. If this method gives steady conversions, I’ll create landing pages in order to increase the conversion rate.

The Bidding Strategy

As I’m one of the laziest men in the world, I rarely check the bid price for my campaigns unless there is a target that gives me loads of money. So, I placed the bid price at the minimum for every single target.

After I let the campaigns run for a while and receive enough traffic to evaluate. I don’t determine whether the target is good just when I see the first conversion from it. Rather, it will be a good target when it gives a steady conversion rate and EPC.

If there is this type of target in my campaign, I’ll go to the PPV network and check the cost of the first position. If it’s less than the EPC of this target, I’ll increase the bid to the highest. Otherwise, bid it as high as you can where you’re still making a profit (less than the EPC).

How I Determine and Cut My Losses With Bad Targets

After I got the amount of traffic, I went to my CPVLab and checked the data. I’ll optimize my campaign by cutting losses first. Some targets were removed because they didn’t perform well.

The criteria I usually use to remove these targets are that if I spent half the amount of the offer’s payout and it didn’t give me a conversion, I’ll remove it. For example, if the payout is $3, I’ll remove the target after I’ve spent $1.5 on it and don’t get a conversion.

If there is a target that makes a conversion but still shows losses, I’ll keep it and test it again in the landing page campaign. It might work better and give me profit when the landing page persuades visitors to become interested in the offer.

The Direct Link Results

After I sent traffic to the direct link campaigns, I found a couple of conversions from two target groups. Another one didn’t receive much traffic. The conversion rate was around 0.91% while the EPC was $0.04. So, I decided to create landing pages to get more conversions.

How I Create The PPV Landing Page

The easiest way to create the PPV landing page is by copying other landing pages from BoxOfAds. You can spy on the landing page by just inserting the offer’s URL into BoxOfAds. It will return the many ways in which people promote the offer, including direct linking and landing pages. What you need to do is just rip off their landing page and edit the tracking code to be yours. I usually tweak some components on my landing page and run it with the original one in order to see which performs better.

If you can’t afford BoxOfAds, you may find a simple landing page on the internet and edit it by writing some code. If you don’t know how to code, my AffLanders might be exactly what you need. I have simple PPV templates in which you can insert your text and picture easily.

A PPV landing page doesn’t need to be complex. An attractive headline, photos, and eye-catching call to action could easily make you money. Remember that your landing page will be shown as a popup, which people are rarely interested in.

PPV Landing Page Adult

So, you need to make the information as short as possible in order to grab their attention quickly and make the page’s loading speed as fast as possible. No WordPress and be sure remove unnecessary detail.

For the dating offer, what attracts people’s attention easily is generally a picture of a sexy girl. Insert some short and interesting text into the headline. Make it big and eye catching. Combine it with an image of a sexy girl and a call to action button could work also. Create 2-3 landing page styles first in order to find which style performs well.

Split Testing & Optimization

I usually test two landing pages at a time because no one landing page is the best. There is always room to improve it, so we always need to split test the landing page. The landing page’s components I usually test are the headline, image, call to action text and button. These components are generally the first things visitors see when the landing page is shown.

Again, what we need to focus on is how to make visitors understand and interested in what we offer as fast as possible before they close the popup. Remove all those unnecessary things such as long details about the offer, long sub headline or flashing unrelated images from the landing page. If you want to insert the offer’s details, break it down into bullet points. Don’t make more than three bullets because, from my statistics, that will be too many.

Then, you can optimize your landing page by duplicating the one that performs best and tweak it a bit. Tweak only one component at a time in order to prevent confusion. For example, if you want to test the image, change only the image and keep all of the other components the same.

This is how I split test and optimize my landing pages. Even when I find one that performs well, I always create a new one to compete with the original one. Remember that the better the conversion rate, the more money you can make while spending the same amount of money.

The Landing Page Results

After many versions of the landing page were tested, the overall results was better than what I got from the direct link method. The conversion rate was 6.04% and the EPC increased to $0.18. As you can see, the landing page performs much better than the direct link method but the time, budget, and landing page ideas were required in the testing state.

How I Scale Up My Campaigns

When you find your winning landing page and target groups, the next step is to make more money from the data you’ve got. I usually scale up my campaign by adding more targets related to the campaigns. For example, if the dating chat room targets work very well, I’ll add more chat room websites to my campaign.

Another way to scale up your campaigns is to create your campaign in other PPV networks. In this case, I started purchasing traffic from only 50onRed. So, I’ll expand my campaigns to other PPV traffic sources such as TrafficVance and LeadImpact. These are the easiest ways to scale up your PPV campaigns.

Bear in mind that different PPV traffic sources might give you different results. Some targets may work well in 50onRed but might perform badly in TrafficVance. You still need to check and cut the loss-making targets again.


These are all the steps I use to create my PPV campaigns. What I did was choose the offers, select the targets, cut my losses, create a landing page, and scale the campaign. I usually do these when I launch new PPV campaigns. You can follow exactly what I have done to create your first winning campaign. Good luck!

Bank started working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. His favorite traffic source is PPV (Pay-Per-View). In 2013, he has started sharing his journey on his blog at and developed to help people create PPV landing pages.
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31 thoughts on Steps to Making Easy Money With An Adult Dating Offer and PPV Landing Page

  1. Great case study. When you are setting up the urls, do you put just the root or do you add other versions of the domain like,,, etc.? Thanks.

  2. I was surprised you ran only two competing offers. I generally want to have 3 as a base so I can get through changing the headlines, images, etc more efficiently. You’ll burn through more research cash, but I find you get better results. 6% conversion in the end was great though!

    My one question: You said it was a $4k campaign, was this profit or gross earnings?

    @Luke – Been stuck on your site for the 60mins reading everything Luke! I have been out of PPV/CPA for quite a while now, and trying to catch up on what’s working and what’s not, your site is a big help 🙂


  3. Stunning Case Study Bank.. I was wondering though, how much money do these PPV network require from new advertisers to ”invest”? I have read that they are alot ! Also, can you recommend other PPV networks that require less money for entry?

  4. @JayKay Dowdall Yup, I did a split testing on only two offers at that time because I thought both of them have very similar demographic. $4k++ was just a gross earning. The ROI was around 60%

    @jasan Let’s do it man!

    @Pavlos Giorkas I recommend you start with TrafficVance ($1000 deposit), 50onRed ($500 deposit), and LeadImpact ($1,000) first. They are the big name. I haven’t seen other PPV traffic sources have a better quality than these three.

  5. If the 4K is the gross earning, then what it is the profit.
    Its that so hard to tell ?
    Its not such a a great thing to put $3999 and get $4k

    1. It depends on the network and it depends on how you have the campaign setup. Trafficvance is fine with waist up landers and 50onRed has an adult section.

  6. Great case study. The tool you suggested for scraping related URLs for use in PPV is priceless. Wish someone would create a similar tool that I could use on my own webhost. Do you know of a stand-alone PHP script that scrapes related domains I can buy sir?

  7. First of all thanks a lot for the Whole steps and In -depth Guide for making money, Yo blog is really useful, I too use peerfly and have converted good, But tried on Adult offers as it seemed too confusing for me,,

    but its true that adult offers and dating campaigns have good payout as compared to normal ones, SO I will be now targeting adult traffic first on my Blog and then will implement the Adult creatives from peerfly..!!

  8. I went over to boxofads and they are pricey…but got a 3 day trial so when you say go there and rip off .a landing page….i basically have copied a few good ones keywords and urls but how can i swipt the whole landing page if i dont know html or any coding.>>> hurry up and answer me i only have 3 days to access their site…lol thank you …great post btw mandi

  9. How long can something like this possibly work? Things are pretty competitive now. If i went to 1 of 3 of these PPV networks, scanned top dating sites, became an affiliate, copied someone else’s lander…. chances are they’re multiple people running that same PPV network with the same lander as an affiliate for the same site. So now here we are multiple people promoting the same with the same pre-landers……. i mean how long is the window to pump out these things before your ROI goes into the negative? In theory this sounds extremely simple, but can it really be that easy?

  10. Such a nice case study Man.
    Just starting out and have only one question for now.
    What are the best offers/niches suited to Bing search traffic. Would Bing Ads supported offers/niches require landing pages?

  11. Thank you so much for your sharing this greate case study.
    – “After I’ve researched the demographics of the audience for each offer”
    May I know how do you determine the demographics of the audience for each offer?

  12. Hi Luke,

    I am new to PPV and I am doing direct linking so far.
    Building a lander and linking it to my domain name with Prosper202
    is not very clear to me. Is there any tutorial that provides a detailed
    step-by-step guidance?

    Thank you.

  13. Nice Case Study. One Question Though…

    You said that you cut targets when they reach half of offer. For ex: as you said if the offer paid $3 and you cut losses @ $1.5 spent, how do you know it hasn’t completely worked out?

    I usually hear 2x or 3x offer payout is necessary before cutting losses.

    I would love to hear your justification on this.

  14. Thank you, for this case study.

    How many targets do you normally start your campaigns with?

    And do you launch with Keywords, Urls or both?

    Last question would be what is the best way to get a lot of pop traffic from this network: bids, targets or traffic channels?

    Thank you for your time 👍

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