Building a Social Media Empire: Step 3 – Consistently Post Great Content

Find and Post Great Content Consistently

We’re building a social media empire. If this is the first post of the series that you have stumbled on, please take a look through the first two before continuing:

  1. Find Your Niche and Create Your Accounts
  2. Build Your Page Audience with Facebook Ads

My Fan Page, Everything TIU, is growing nicely. Using my Facebook Ads for Likes strategy, I am currently averaging $0.03 per Like. I am only spending $3/day and I am already at 476 Likes.

The Page’s reach is growing and I am getting both engagement and organic Likes already.

Everything TIU FPTraffic Stats

The screenshot above is from the FPTraffic Stats tool. I am using FPTraffic to grow my Page organically and provide value to my new audience. You provide value through your content and in return your audience stays engaged. But, you need to consistently post great content.

Consistently Post Great Content

I already have enough content scheduled to post to my new Fan Page every day for the rest of the month.

If I left for vacation right now, my Page would continue to post great content consistently to my Fan Page twice a day every day for the rest of October.

How did I do it?

I used two different content tools with FPTraffic to gather awesome content that I know my This Is Us audience is going to love.

Tumblr is an awesome source of content for pretty much any entertainment niche. My focus on Tumblr was to find great quotes from the show.

FPTraffic Tumblr Search

All you have to do is click the images you find and FPTraffic will automatically schedule them to post to you Facebook Page.

I love to pull images from Tumblr, but my favorite source of image content is Pinterest. You can pull hundreds of images in a matter of minutes using the FPTraffic Chrome extension and Pinterest.

Pinterest Search

To find awesome photos to post to my new Fan Page, I just go to Pinterest Search and type in this is us. Pinterest shows tons of images as well as recommended searches (the buttons across the top).

With the FPTraffic Chrome extension, you can simply select the images you want to schedule (or select all of them) and then import them into your FPTraffic account and schedule them to post to your Facebook Page.

It’s really that easy. Within a matter of about 10 minutes using the Tumblr tool and Chrome extension with Pinterest, I have enough great content for an entire month!

FPTraffic Posts

So, FPTraffic will post this awesome content to my Fan Page every day and I’ll accumulate reach, engagement, and more fans. Easy!

I own FPTraffic so I’m obviously very biased towards it, but I created it years ago and continue to improve on it today because it allows me to easily manage and grow my Fan Pages.

FPTraffic is $10 a month, but you can sign up today and get a free 2-week trial. You just sign up and click the trial button. No other information is required.

I am going to boost some content soon to help get more engagement and drive new fans. I will write an article about that with an update on how my Page, my content, and my ads are performing.

It’s definitely encouraging to see engagement already with such a small audience and I am excited about the future on my Fan Page.

My next post will be about building up my Twitter so be on the lookout for that.

Let’s make some money!

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21 thoughts on Building a Social Media Empire: Step 3 – Consistently Post Great Content

  1. Hi! Thank you for your sharing.

    How do I ensure there’s no infringement of copyrights when taking photos from Pinterest and Tumblr?

    Thank you.

    1. There certainly can be. Depending on the source, you’re probably not very likely to be sued or anything but you will be infringing on copyright all the same. I would be very very careful with that – they may not sure but all it takes is a couple of reports to Facebook to shut down your page.

  2. Here’s maybe a dumb question, but are the likes you’re getting via FB ads actually active/interacting with what you post? I’ve spent a good amount of money in the past trying to build up FB pages but it always seemed a large % of the likes I got ended up not even seeing the things I post. And then I’ve seen things about how a large amount of likes that pages on FB get come from bot accounts based in places like Egypt and China and places like that… and it all just makes me pretty skeptical of buying likes (from Facebook itself!)

  3. Thanks for sharing this Informative Post!
    Engaging AD formats offers a great experience to audiences on facebook, It helps brand in connecting with customers.

  4. Hey Luke , This is absolutel amazing. I am just getting into affliate marketing. Some strong stuff. Please keep giving more. I like it!

    Thank you Man!

  5. Hey Luke
    It was great article , i really impress your tricks and tips .
    but i want to know how i can get traffic from tumbler with new account ,
    i shared many post there but still get 00 zero results
    please some more tips
    Thank you Luke

  6. Thanks for sharing your this so candidly. Posting great content is great but do try to make it original. I think screenshots from the show *should* be ok and meet copyright laws as long as you add something of your own to the post (i.e. a line or two of text). However, grabbing other people’s captioned images is not so cool, IMHO. And with tools like canva, it’s super easy to create your own. Either outsource on Fiverr or just spend an hour or two a month to create your own unique images, would be my advice.

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