PopUp Domination + AWeber = Easy Email List

The money is in the list. It’s likely you have read this hundreds of times and it’s also pretty likely that you have not really pursued email list building. I was one of those people myself before I started blogging. Not long after I started this blog I realized that I was really missing out on a lot of traffic and a lot of opportunity for monetizing my traffic through building an email list. Everyone else with a blog about affiliate marketing was doing it, why shouldn’t I? So, I signed up for MailChimp and purchased PopUp Domination.

MailChimp Hates Affiliates

Not long after I signed up for MailChimp and set up my mailing list here on LPF, news started spreading that affiliates were getting banned that were using MailChimp. I assumed that since I was not really using MailChimp to promote affiliate products (just my affiliate manager newsletter) that I would be fine. WRONG! After about a month of using MailChimp they suspended my account without warning. Luckily, I contacted them and they allowed me to export my list, but it was still very scary. Obviously, I do not suggest using them. I transferred my list over to AWeber and have been happy ever since.

AWeber Loves Affiliates

AWeber, on the other hand, loves affiliates. In fact, I met a few of the guys that work for AWeber at their Affiliate Summit East booth last month. They promote their own affiliate program pretty hard. Even without it, AWeber is awesome.

AWeber has a fantastic, easy to use interface that makes it super simple to setup different mailing lists, forms, auto-responders, and to send out blasts. They also have a $1 trial for your first month.

AWeber features

So, AWeber is awesome. I’m sure you have been told that. Do you know how to really build up your mailing list and start making some money? I do and the answer is PopUp Domination.

Build Your Mailing List with PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination is an amazing WordPress plugin that will generate a modal pop up for you so when new users visit your blog their attention is drawn to a window asking them to subscribe to your mailing list. You have seen mine before and if you are currently subscribed to my Affiliate Manager Exclusive newsletter it’s likely you subscribed via my PopUp Domination modal window. It looks like this:

PopUp Domination modal example

It’s easy to say that PopUp Domination works that you should buy it, but do I have proof to back it up? I do 🙂

79.2% of all of my subscribers for this blog have subscribed to my newsletter using my PopUp Domination window.

That number is pretty awesome and it’s easy to see why PopUp Domination works so well. By using AWeber and PopUp Domination I am able to get new subscribers on a daily basis and in the past week alone I have made enough money from my list to pay for AWeber for several months. Building a list is essential in building your online presence and take it from someone who has been through it, start early and use the services that will allow you to build up your list long term. I wish I would have used AWeber from day 1 on this blog and through my other affiliate marketing efforts. I would have saved myself quite a few headaches and would have a much larger list. Luckily, I got it figured out now and over the next few years I should grow my list to over 100,000 targeted subscribers!

In conclusion, AWeber is an awesome email management service with great features and pretty good prices. PopUp Domination is $77, but it can help you build your email list through the roof and it shouldn’t take you very long to make your initial $77 investment back. Combined, they’ll be just what you need to build a great email list and start your career in email marketing. Give it a try and let’s make some money!


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