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33 thoughts on POF Case Study: PinkWink

  1. So this is what your life has come to? Trying to get lesbians to click on your ad and sign up to a lesbian dating site? Your parents must be proud.

      1. I’m dead serious. What do you tell people you do for a living? Well, I, umm, i sit around all day in front of my computer trying to figure out how to make money off the lesbian dating scene.

        Google Adwords thinks your blog is about lesbian dating as well. I guess it is right.

    1. Joseph, are you mad because we make more money while we’re snoring than you do when you’re busting ass? You pist Bro? What are you doing on this blog any way?

  2. I asked this question in your last post,but did not get any reply…
    How did you make the banner at the very first of this post?

  3. Hi Luke,

    Nice case study. I just want to point here that majority of affiliates always missing a very important key when it comes to advertising on POF and that is the variable POF providing for us to use in our ad copies and I am sure that if affiliates will start to use them they will say a jump in their conversions rates and here I will name some of them so people can start to use them:
    {gender:default} –> Replaced by Male or Female
    {age:default} –> Replaced by exact age of the logged on user
    {state:default} –> Replaced by name of the state or province of the residence of user.

    An example about this we can write

    Title: Are you {gender:default} and {age:default}?
    We have perfect match for you {state:default}. Just click here to get started.

    Mahmoud Selman

  4. Was wondering, you didn’t talked about your bids for this case study. Also, did you bid the same thing for all login counts (or added .05$?0.10$?) the closer you were to LC50?

      1. Don’t you think you’d have gotten better results by raising your bids the newer the users were? Also…following your campaign and LC setup, PinkWink lc250 would actually be lc200-250, not 250+…So did you just skip the 200-250 and made it a 250+ lc?

      2. It may have had different results had I staggered the bids, but I was happy with the results I was seeing and didn’t change them. I wouldn’t suggest this for anyone looking to really scale/optimize.

        Yes, it looks like I skipped 200-250. Didn’t even notice that. lol 🙂

  5. Hi Luke, I tested POF over a two-three week period, not in the same target market and I tested starting where you were price wise and rising by nearly 50% and found it hard to monetize and also frustrating in the number of ads that were either rejected or had to be tweeked and resubmitted

    Obviously it must work for certain people because it funds the operating side of a site that’s run this way for years but I found it difficult to turn a profit on it.

  6. hey Luke, i Just wondered would you be willing to share what other targetting you used on this case study? I ask because I have a pinkwink campaign running on PoF right now and am getting hardly any impressions even though my bid is 51 cents CPM

  7. Well, even I have just started with POF ads. I didn’t break down according to logn count. Perhaps, I must try that out. Did you also changed the income or any other parameter?

  8. I’ve seen how you and others are making money with special offer dating, but in my case I have not I approve the ads.

  9. It doesn’t exist. You get redirected to Why isn’t this exposed online? I only find hits that make it seem that is real. If it once it’s not now.

  10. Good case study but if you only just made a profit with your experience what chance is there for us punters. Are there many people making good money with POF or would we be better off learning about other sources of traffic. It seems a good place to break into paid traffic but even after scaling up, how much potential is there to earn. thanks

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