The ID on your PeerFly Application

One of the methods we use in our PeerFly Publisher applications to deter fraudsters from getting approved into our network is that we require each publisher to upload a photo copy of their ID. We are one of the few affiliate networks to require it and because of that, experienced affiliate marketers sometimes question it and some new publishers are uncomfortable providing that type of sensitive information. Well, it is a requirement and we will not review your application without it so here is some more information to help why explain it is required and what type of ID is acceptable.

Why is it required?

It all goes back to helping stop fraud. There is a lot of fraud in the affiliate marketing industry. Requiring all publishers to upload a copy of their photo ID has really helped stop most of those fraudsters from applying to PeerFly. Sure, some still apply and some try to upload fake IDs, but our compliance and approvals guys are very good at detecting fakes and stopping them from getting in.

By stopping fraudulent publishers from joining PeerFly we are able to keep our overall network traffic quality up, which makes advertisers happy and in return we are able to get higher payouts on our offers for our publishers and that keeps them happy as well. Don’t believe me? Take a look through our offers! 🙂

What type of ID is acceptable?

We try to be as lenient as possible when it comes to the actual ID provided. We know that the laws and types of ID distributed throughout the countries in the world are different, but you should have no problem providing one of the following:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Identification Card (state, military, school)
  3. Government issued National ID
  4. Passport

You must submit a color copy of whichever ID you choose.

How do I upload it?

When you complete the profile on your application you will be asked to complete the 3 verification steps. When you select the ID upload you will be presented with two options:

  1. Upload a picture from your computer.
  2. Use your webcam to take an instant picture.

If you have trouble uploading the image from your computer (the file type is not allowed or the image is too big) you are welcome to email it to me as an attachment and I will take care of it for you. Contact me for more information.

You can also take a picture of your ID with your webcam. Here is an example:

Upload your ID with your webcam

Your ID is securely stored on our server while your application is reviewed. You can find more information on the ID upload process on our PeerFly blog here. Please let me know if you if you have any questions.


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