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Are you advertising on Facebook? About a month ago I wrote an article on how I had gotten over 5,000 fans on Facebook in a week. Well, I am happy to say that I am still seeing good results on that campaign and still making money! So far I have made about $300 and have still spent less than $100 building my fan page. I now have over 7,500 fans.

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Building up fans

Although I am not getting as many clicks as I originally did, my fan base has continued to grow very nicely and my cost has stayed down. One issue you might run into after you purchase the WSO and build a successful fan page is what I like to call smashing your demographic. I have advertised to pretty much the entire demographic I originally was trying to reach. Because of that, my response is not quite as huge as it originally was. Now, I am trying to pick up the stragglers. The stragglers are the people who originally saw my ad and considered becoming a fan of my page, but thought better of it. With enough exposure, they will be mine!

Still getting penny clicks

As you can see from the image below, I am still getting clicks for about $0.015 each. I am not getting as many clicks, but they’re still cheap and I’m still getting fans dirt cheap.

Facebook Ads Summary

Do not miss out!

I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from my publishers that purchased Fanpage Commissions. I have a few that already have fanpages with over 10,000 fans and most are already showing some profit from their pages.

Other ways to monetize

I am working on a few different ways to monetize the traffic I am able to get from Facebook using the methods described in Fanpage Commissions including not using a fan page at all. I have been sharing this information with other people who are using the methods described and think we are on the right track. Hopefully I’ll be able to update you next month with even better revenue numbers 🙂

If you have purchased the WSO please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below. I’m hoping to get some testimonials together to show you how great this product really is. Also, if you have purchased the WSO and are interested in seeing the fan page I keep talking about just contact me and ask.

Start getting penny clicks today!

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13 thoughts on Penny Clicks with Facebook Ads

  1. Nice post!

    Fan pages are the new thing now especially with facebook rising costs.

    Were you advertising internationally with that campaign?

  2. Nice article Luke! I have banned from Peerfly because i tried to scam the company. Absolutely my fault. Anyway , Can you assist me a good Affiliate Network to work with?Thank you in advance Luke

  3. Hey Luke,

    Thanks for the nice comments about Fanpage Commissions. I helped Browie with this and our main worry was that no one would learn anything/ make money.

    Glad to hear you had some winners!


  4. Hi,
    I already complete to read all blog post. But i don’t accept Peerfly. Luke if you can do something for me.


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