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I am very happy and proud to announce that recently served it’s 2,000,000th impression. I released PeerFly Banners on April 19th of this year. So, over the past 200 days I the site has gotten 2,000,000+ impressions or around 10,000 a day. Not bad!

Future Updates for PeerFly Banners

I have a few updates that I hope to do to by the end of the year. They include (in no particular order):

  • Updated, easier to use interface.
  • Banner targeting by country (automatic).
  • Improved system so you can choose which banners you’d like to display or not display.
  • Login system so you can track your stats. Of course, you can track your total clicks on your PeerFly Reports page, but the ability to also track impressions and which banners are leading to the best CTR (click through rate).
  • WordPress plugin to make it easy to add PeerFly Banners to your WordPress blog.

I know that by making these improvements it will not only make the website/service better, but also help my publishers make more money, which is my goal with all of my projects.

Yesterday I released my latest project, PeerFly Proof, and I think that is going to keep me busy, but I will do my best to update PeerFly Banners as soon as possible! If you have some websites and you’re looking to test our PeerFly offers on it I definitely suggest you give PeerFly Banners a try.

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