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Our Google Chrome extension has been officially released and is now available on the Chrome Web Store!


The other day I posted about our PeerFly Stats Firefox Add-on and today I want to tell you about our new (yet to be officially launched) Chrome extension.

Our Firefox add-on has been downloaded over 3,300 times and is used by hundreds of people every single day. After I released the Firefox add-on I immediately started to get requests from our publishers for a Chrome version. I started doing some research on Chrome extension development and it turns out it’s not that hard. Basically all it takes is a little HTML and JavaScript (I used jQuery). After a few days of coding and recoding, I had put together this:

Chome Extension screenshot

The extension is very easy to use. Click the link below to download and install. Once installed the PeerFly icon will show at the top right of your browser (as shown above). Click that icon and you will be prompted to enter your API authentication key. You can find that on our XML/RSS feed page.

Once your API key is entered you will be shown your stats for the past week along with:

I have been using Google Chrome for about six months now and I LOVE it. I have been using the extension for about a month now myself and have found it a very useful tool for quickly checking my referral count.

Please feel free to install it using the link below. I welcome your feedback and would appreciate it if you commented below with any questions or suggestions.

download Download and Install our Google Chrome Extension


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