PeerFly is NOT a Scam

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We get quite a few new people to the industry joining PeerFly on a daily basis and one of the questions I often get is Is PeerFly a Scam? Well, simply put, no. Of course, the people who are asking have no idea of our history or really anything about PeerFly so they’ll simply say “I Googled PeerFly Scam and found several articles about people not getting paid”. Anyone who is not new to the industry will know that these people are the ones who are completing the offers themselves or doing some other fraudulent activity and have gotten themselves suspended and then decide to post on all the forums about us PeerFly being a bad company, but someone new might not know that. So, here’s some information that I present that user with to help settle their nerves about working with our company.

Our Reviews on Affiliate Paying is one of the most respected sites in the industry when it comes to affiliate network reviews. PeerFly has 145 positive reviews on AffiliatePaying and is currently ranked the #3 network on the site. There are also quite a few proof of payment screenshots from our publishers on there as well.

PeerFly payment proof

Obviously I am going to be a little bias (I am the affiliate manager), but these are real PeerFly publishers simply sharing their results from working with our company.


We are also proud members of:


As I mentioned above, we are currently ranked the 3rd best affiliate network according to, but we are also ranked #1 on We were recently voted the 2nd best CPA affiliate network in a survey performed by OfferVault out of over 4,000 votes and also ranked one of the top 20 networks in Revenue Performance magazine.

I hope this helps settle the fears of any publisher worried that PeerFly is a scam. We are not. We pay out millions of dollars a year to our publishers and that number is going to continue to increase so you should definitely hop on board and join PeerFly!

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4 thoughts on PeerFly is NOT a Scam

  1. lol luke i would like to say people who are fraud, provide fraudulent leads definitely for them every network is fraudulent which do not tolerate any fraud , So yeah no worries about what those people say !! i know some of small network owners talking shit about other major networks just to get attention of some new affiliates lol

  2. Hello Luke,

    Your affiliate manager Corey Englaender (PeerFly) is scaming people. this is what he is asking on Skype
    “i need bitcoin and perfect money funds for exchange i will pay in paypal or western union if anyone have please contact me thank you”
    when i send him $400 bitcoin he refused paying me for $400 bitcoin. he said someone else used my account.

    may be Peerfly not scam but people on Peerfly defiantly are scammers…

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