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Did you know that many of the big name bloggers in the affiliate marketing industry make a chunk of their income from affiliate network referrals? I’m not saying that’s where all of their income comes from or even a majority, but many of them make a decent amount just off their referrals. Zac Johnson’s referrals from Neverblue have earned over $1,000,000! Tyler Cruz has also referred publishers to different affiliate networks and they have earned over $1,200,000 (according to The best part is once you refer someone to an affiliate network your work is done and, depending on how the affiliate networks referral program is setup, you could earn off them for every penny they earn from that point forward. Guess what the best part of all that is? PeerFly has one of the best paying referral programs out of all the affiliate networks in the industry!

Earn 5% for LIFE

When you refer new publishers to PeerFly you will earn 5% commission on everything they earn for the life of their account. Most affiliate networks only pay for 6 months to a year and typically that’s only at 2%. We appreciate your help in building our network.

We simply add the 5% on every lead your referrals generate to your balance for the day. You can view all your referrals and their account status at your Referrals page once you’re logged in to PeerFly. This page also shows you how much commission you have earned off that referral (PFID).

Referral Link and Banners

Your referral link ( is available on the Referrals page. You can find different sized PeerFly banners here. We are hoping to get some new referral banners up soon.

Start Referring Today!

We get hundreds of new Publisher applications every single day. All you have to do to start earning 5% of the earnings of all of those publishers is get your link out there and tell people about PeerFly. Last year we paid out 6 figures to our publishers JUST in referral earnings.

Of course, you must be an approved PeerFly publisher to get a referral link and use our referral program. If you have not applied yet, join PeerFly today. Yes, that page has MY referral link 🙂


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