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I mentioned in my introduction post that I want to do a complete walk through of the PeerFly publisher interface.  Well, a good place to start would be the publisher application.

Each person who wants to work with us at PeerFly is required to complete a publisher application before they are given access to our offers/links.  We have had over 50,000 people apply to become PeerFly publishers since December, 2008.  We require quite a bit of information from the user on the application because it helps us weed out fraudulent publishers.  We require a complete profile of each applicant (name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.) and each applicant is required to complete the following verification steps:

  • E-mail verification – a link it sent to the e-mail used on the application and the applicant must click the link to show that they own the e-mail.
  • Phone verification – an automated call is made to the applicants phone on their profile and they must enter the PIN given to them to show that is their phone number.
  • ID verification – the applicant must upload a copy of their state ID or passport so we can verify that the information they have provided on their application is accurate.

The application process is automated at PeerFly and you are not required to do a phone interview to be approved.  Our publisher application is located right on our homepage at

PeerFly Publisher Application

How can I complete a PeerFly application I started, but didn’t finish?

If you started an application, but never finished it or skipped a verification step you can login to your account and complete the rest of the application (you will need to complete the application before it will be reviewed) by going to PeerFly and clicking on Publishers in the red menu.

How long does it take for your application to be approved?

One of the number one reasons publishers call me is to check on the status of their application.  Typically, all applications are reviewed by our approvals team within 3-4 days of all the verification steps being completed.  Applications do not appear on our pending list until all verification steps have been completed.

Update: You can now view your expected wait time once you complete all the application steps.

Does PeerFly require a website to be approved?

No, we do not require that you own or operate a website in order for your application to be reviewed.  There are three slots on the application where you can enter website or landing page URLs that you own, but it is not required.

How can I expedite the application approval process?

The only way to speed up our application approval process is to e-mail Charlie and ask him to have your application reviewed ASAP.  Otherwise, it will be reviewed in the order it is received.  You can find Charlie’s contact information on our PeerFly contact page.

I think that pretty much covers the publisher application process at PeerFly.  If you want to be approved into our affiliate network provide honest and accurate information on your application and be willing to put forth and effort to make some money.  Otherwise, try somewhere else.

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